Visit This Site to Answer the Next Questions About the Netherlands

Visit This Site to Answer the Next Questions About the Netherlands

Nations of EuropeName______

Preface. With all of the nations in Europe, it would take ALL semester to cover each in-depth. Though larger, powerful nations like Britain, Germany, and Italy have been our focus, there are definitely important things to know about Europe’s less imperialistic countries!

Benelux Nations


Visit this site to answer the next questions about the Netherlands.

  1. In many countries, what is the Netherlands known as?
  2. What is this name actually referring to?
  1. What does the name Netherlands literally mean?

As you read, the Netherlands are very low-lying lands, and struggle to keep the sea from claiming their dry land. Read more about their efforts to do that here in order to answer the next questions.

  1. (Paragraphs 1-3) How was Flevoland created?
  1. What is a polder?
  1. What were windmills originally used for?


  1. Visit this site to list the three languages of Belgium, and the percentage of people that speak each:
  1. What is the significant relationship between Brussels, Belgium and the European Union as a whole?


  1. How big is Luxembourg? (Total area in square miles)
  1. Though it is a tiny country, what is so unique about Luxembourg’s per capita income (this is how much money the average person makes per year)? How much is it?

The Alps States


  1. Austria used to be joined to what other European nation?
  1. These two were one country from 1867 until ______.
  2. What event would have caused their split? (You should know this without looking it up, but do so if you need to)


Switzerland is famous for many things. Visit this siteto see what.

  1. View the #1 thing Switzerland is known for. What was created here? When?
  1. Choose 3 more things from this list and summarize IN YOUR OWN WORDS why they are famous for these items.




Scandinavian Peninsula

Scroll through this article to learn more about the nations of Scandinavia. Look for answers under the heading of the country discussed; these questions do go in order through the article.

  1. What 5 countries are generally considered to be Scandinavia?
  1. Denmark is made up of 400 ______
  2. Norway is the ______most country in Europe.
  3. What is the largest of the Scandinavian countries?
  1. Read here to see what is banned in Sweden?
  2. Do you think this is a good thing or a bad thing? Why?

Iberian Peninsula

  1. Read here to see what percentage of the Iberian Peninsula is occupied by Portugal.
  2. Visit this site (first paragraph) to see what faith conquered the Iberian Peninsula:
  1. map of the iberian peninsula iberian peninsula mapsWhere did these people come from?
  1. What did these people name the Iberian Peninsula?
  1. Summarize what the Reconquista was:

BONUS- Research this question and answer it in 5-7 sentences (one paragraph).

Why is Greenland icy and Iceland green? (Describe their climates and how they got their names.)