Villa Rica High School

Villa Rica High School

Bienvenue à Français I


Villa Rica High School

Course: French 1

Teacher: Mrs. Jennifer Miller (Madame Miller)

Telephone: (770) 459-5185


Course Description:

French I is all about fundamentals. We will learn how to get to know each other, as well as beginning conversational skills, basic verb conjugations, how to discuss likes and dislikes, and various other pronunciation skills and vocabulary. We will focus on six themes/units, which will involve reading, writing, listening comprehension and speaking in the present tense.


This course is graded on a points system. Each assignment will vary slightly but the general guidelines are as follow:

Homework: 5 to 25 points (depending on assignment)

Quizzes/Dialogues:30-50 points (generally three per unit)

Projects:100 points (generally one per unit)

Tests:100 points (one per unit)

SLO/Post-Test:100 points (20 % of final grade)

Warm-ups/Participation:50 points weekly (Extra credit possible)

It is very important to get help BEFORE taking a quiz, test, or exam if you are unsure of a concept or idea.


Homework is an essential part of learning a language. It is important to practice the skills you learn inside of class at home. Homework is generally graded for completion. We will go over the assignment the next day (in class) to allow you to have an opportunity to ask questions and identify concepts you may need a little more in-class practice/instruction with. Because we go over the answers to the homework in class- Homework will NOT be accepted late! The only exception made is for students who are absent the day the homework is due. In this case, homework is due upon the student’s return to class. If you do not have your homework assignment with you or completed when I come around to check it you will be responsible for filling out a “Missing Assignment” sheet from the front of the room and attaching it to your homework assignment. If you turn in the homework assignment with the correct answers from class you will get partial credit.

Test and Tutoring Policy:

You will be allowed to retake any test or quiz that you fail in this class (with the exception of the semester exams). In order to retake a test you must sign up for tutoring so that we can go over the concepts you missed on the first test/quiz. For chapter tests I will hold specific tutoring sessions for students who did not pass the test. For quizzes, you must sign up for tutoring and have your own questions. You may not retake the test the same day you stay for tutoring. You will then be given a different version of the test/quiz that you failed. The time limit for re-takes is ONE WEEK after the test has been entered into the gradebook.

Participation Grade:

Participation is essential when learning a new language. Each week you will be responsible for earning euros(participation points). You can earn euros by answering questions in class, being on task, and asking thoughtful questions during a lesson. If you earn extra euros, you will earn extra credit on your weekly participation score. This is a great way to help boost a struggling grade.

Absentee/Make Up Work Policy:

If you are absent from class it is YOUR responsibility to get any work missed during your absence. You may ask me about missing work (only after you have asked a classmate) at the beginning or end of class- NOT while I am teaching or helping another student.

Any missing grade will be entered into the gradebook as a zero until the work is made up. You have three days to make up any missing work. If the work is not made up within the three day time frame it will stay a zero.

If you are absent the day before a test/quiz you are still responsible for taking the test with the rest of the class during test day. The same is true for group or individual projects. You are responsible for the work from the minute it is assigned. If you are working in a group, you need to exchange contact information!

Cheating/Translator Policy:

I have a ZERO tolerance for cheating. This includes using a translator (or native speaker) on ANY assignment (including homework). If you are caught cheating you will receive a zero for the assignment and I will call home. If you are caught cheating more than once you will receive a zero, a call home, and an office referral.

Word Reference is the only tool that should be used to lookup a word or two and only on occasion. If you pay attention during class and put in effort to learn your vocabulary you should not need the help of a translator to complete the assignments for this class.

Hallpasses/Restroom Use:

You will be given three passes for each nine weeks. These passes are to be used anytime you need to leave the classroom. This includes trips to the office, media center, locker, nurse, restroom, etc. Once you use all of your passes you will only be allowed to leave the room for emergency situations and if you do not have a pass you will be required to serve a 15 minute detention. Do NOT ask to leave the room while I am teaching or helping another student.

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