Used Equipment Sale

Used Equipment Sale


A Grand Opportunity to turn Old Fishing Equipment into
New Money and help the Friends of the Grand River at the same time.

To be held at

Belwood Lake Conservation Area at the:

Grand Opportunities

Fly Fishing Forum

Saturday, June 03,2017

Everyone has some old fishing equipment collecting dust somewhere. Why not pass it on, help the Friends of the Grand River and come away with some extra cash as well? Here is how it works:

On June 03, 2017 The Friends of the Grand River will host their annual Fly-Fishing Symposium, Grand Opportunities, at Belwood Lake Conservation Area. As part of our fund raising efforts, we will provide a venue where you can offer your retired but serviceable equipment for sale to other fly-fishing enthusiasts.

We are looking for rods, reels, waders, float tubes, nets, vests, accessories, fly tying equipment, books or anything else of interest to fly fishers.

Drop your equipment off, with the registration form filled out, between 8:30 and 9:30 am. The sale will start at 10:00 and go until 3:30. All unsold equipment is to be picked up between 3:30 and 4:30. Equipment unclaimed by June 30, 2017, becomes property of The Friends of the Grand River.

You will receive 80% of the sale price collected from the sale of your equipment. The remaining 20% will go to The Friends of the Grand River to support our many environmental, research and educational programs or you can donate the entire amount.

Please dig out your old stuff and bring it along to Hampton Barn. You will be recycling, filling your

pocket with cash and helping us to help our Grand River.

For more information contact:

Larry R. McGrattonVoice: 519-843-3102Email:

To speed up the process on the day of the event, you should pre-register your desire to attend and the equipment you intend to offer for sale. Fill out the attached registration form and email it to the above address before June 01, 2017. We will have price tags ready for your stuff when you arrive.

Registration Form

Please fill out this form and email: by June 01, 2017, so we can prepare for your participation. Then bring this form with your equipment on the day of the sale.

Name: / Address:
City: / Postal:
Phone: / Email:

Please list each item you intend to offer for sale. Include the price you would like to receive and the minimum price you will accept. As we are working on commissions, we will attempt to get the best price for your offerings, but we may need to do some bargaining. If we are unable to obtain the minimum price you list, the item will not be sold and you may retrieve it at the end of the day. If you really do not want the stuff back, then list “Best Offer” as the “Minimum Price”.

Item Description / Asking Price / Minimum Price

I have read and understand the terms of the sale as outlined in this brochure.