United States Historyfall 2006 Goal 12 EOC Review

United States Historyfall 2006 Goal 12 EOC Review

United States HistoryFall 2006 Goal 12 EOC Review

1. The beginning of the collapse of communism inEastern Europe is most closely associated with the (12.01)

Afall of the Berlin Wall

Badmission of Warsaw Pact nations to theNorth Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

Cintervention of the North Atlantic TreatyOrganization (NATO) in Yugoslavia

Dformation of the European Union

Base your answer to question 2 on the chart below and on your knowledge of social studies.

2. The changes shown on the chart most clearlyreflect the (12.01)

Aeffects of the Cold War

Binfluence of the business cycle

Cfailure of United States military policy

Dreverses in political party control of Congress

3. In 1991, one of the reasons President George H.W. Bush committed United Statestroops to thePersian Gulf War was to (12.01)

Amaintain the flow of trade through the SuezCanal

Bfulfill military obligations as a member of theNorth American Free Trade Agreement(NAFTA)

Ccontain the spread of communism in the

Middle East

Dassure the flow of Middle East oil to the

United States and its allies

4.“Clinton Offers Economic Aid to Russia”

“U.S. Sends Peacekeeping Troops to Bosnia”

“U.S. Airlifts Food and Medicine to Somalia”

These headlines illustrate that United Statesforeign policy during the 1990s stressed (12.01)


Bcollective security

Cglobal involvement


5. • OperationDesert Storm (1991)

• Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003 – present)

These events involve attempts by the United

States to (12.01)

Aprotect human rights in Europe

Bprotect its interests in the Middle East

Cdeliver humanitarian aid to Africa

Dcontain the spread of communism in Asia

6. A major goal of the women’s movement over the past twenty years has been to gain (12.02)

Afull property rights

Bthe right to vote

Cequal economic opportunity

Dbetter access to Social Security

Base your answers to questions 7 and 8 on thetable below and on your knowledge of social studies.

Participation in High School Sports

School Year / Boys / Girls
1971-72 / 3,666,917 / 294,015
2003-04 / 4,038,253 / 2,865,299

7. The data included in the table suggest thatsince 1971 (12.02)

Aboys are losing interest in participating insports

Bparticipation in sports by boys and girls isnearly equal

Cgirls’ participation in sports equals that ofboys

Dgirls’ participation in sports is increasing at afaster rate than that of boys

8. Which development contributed most to thechanges shown in the table? (12.02)

Apassage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

Binclusion of Title IX in the Education

Amendments of 1972

C the beginning of Head Start programs in the1960s

Dincrease in the number of nonpublic schoolssince the 1970s

9. The Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade(1973) was based on the constitutional principle of (12.02)

Aprotection of property rights

Bfreedom of speech

Cright to privacy

Dfreedom of religion

10.“Influence of Political Action Committees Continuesto Rise”

“Republicans and Democrats Spend over $100 Millionin 2000 Presidential Election”

“Senate Passes Campaign Finance Reform Act”

What is the central issue of these headlines? (12.02)

ARepublicans and Democrats spend equalamounts of money.

BAmerican citizens pay high taxes to supportpresidential campaigns.

CMoney has a strong impact on the Americanpolitical process.

DCandidates spend much of their own moneyon political campaigns.

11. The federal government enforced the antitrustlaws in court cases against Microsoft in an effort to (12.02)

Aincrease business competition

Bnationalize important industries

Cimprove public trust in corporate leaders

Dgenerate more investment capital

Base your answer to question 12 on the tablebelow and on your knowledge of social studies.

Federal Debt, 1970-1988

(billions of dollars)

Year / Debt
1970 / $380.9
1975 / $541.9
1980 / $909.0
1982 / $1,137.3
1984 / $1,564.6
1986 / $2,120.5
1988 / $2,601.1
1990 / $3,206.3
1992 / $4,001.8
1994 / $4,643.3
1996 / $5,181.5
1998 / $5,478.2

12. Which practice of the federal government hascontributed most to the situation shown in the table? (12.03)

Ataking steps to reduce growth of the grossdomestic product

B raising taxes to try to reduce inflation

Cspending more money than is received inrevenues

Dlowering taxes during election years

13. “. . . Our decision about energy will test the character of the American people and the ability of the President and the Congress to govern. This difficult effort will be the ‘moral equivalent of war’ – except that we will be uniting our efforts to build and not to destroy. . .” – President Jimmy Carter, Address to the Nation, April 18, 1977

President Carter put these ideas into practice by (12.03)

Ahalting construction of nuclear power plants

Bincreasing imports of foreign oil

Curging the development of alternative fuel sources

Dimposing a price freeze on all petroleum products

14. A major policy of President Ronald Reagan’sadministration was to (12.03)

Areduce defense spending

Blower federal income tax rates

Cend desegregation of public facilities

Dpromote regulation of small businesses

15. President Bill Clinton supported the North

American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)primarily as a way to (12.03)

Anormalize trade relations with Cuba

Bstimulate economic growth in the UnitedStates

C restrict the flow of drugs into the United States

Dincrease the United States trade deficit

Base your answer to question 16 on the cartoon

below and on your knowledge of social studies.


16. What is the main idea of this cartoon? (12.03)

AThe global economy is on the verge ofcollapse.

BRich nations should help poor nationsimprove their economic conditions.

COne nation’s economic problems affect manyother nations.

DEach nation controls its own economicdestiny.

17. Since 1980, most new jobs in the United Stateshave been in (12.03)


Bheavy industry

Cservice industries

Dcivil service

18. The loss of jobs in manufacturing industries has been caused by the introduction of (12.03)

Aradio and television

Bautomobiles and airplanes

Cautomation and computers

Dimproved medicine and space travel

Base your answer to question 19 on the cartoon below and on your knowledge of social studies.

19. The cartoonist is critical of computers mainly because (12.03)

Aimportant personal records are frequentlylost

Bpersonal information may no longer beprivate

Ccomputers are becoming more difficult to use

Dcomputer technology becomes obsolete tooquickly

20. Social scientists use the expression “the grayingof America” to describe the (12.04)

Aaging of the nation’s population

Bdeclining political power of older Americans

Cpossible failure of the Social Security System

Dincreasing number of babies born to oldercouples

21. A major goal of the Republican Party since the1980s has been to (12.04)

Aincrease welfare benefits

Bincrease the size of the federal workforce

Creduce defense spending

Dcut federal taxes

Base your answer to question 22 on the graphbelow and on your knowledge of social studies.

22. Information provided by the graph shows thatbetween 1988 and 1993, there was an increasedneed for candidates of major political parties towin the support of (12.04)

Aethnic minorities

Bsenior citizens

Cindependent voters

Dthe labor vote

Base your answer to question 23 on the cartoon below and on your knowledge of social studies.

23. The point of view expressed in this cartoon is that (12.04)

APresident and Mrs. Clinton have made Chicago their new home

BPresident Clinton supports adoption over abortion

CRepublican issues should not be part of the Democratic National Convention

DDemocrats sometimes support traditionally Republican issues

24. Which statement about the impeachment trials ofboth President Andrew Johnson and PresidentBill Clinton is most accurate? (12.04)

AThe House of Representatives failed to votefor articles of impeachment.

BOnly President Johnson was convicted andremoved from office.

COnly President Clinton was convicted andremoved from office.

DThe Senate failed to convict either president.

Base your answer to question 25 on the cartoon

below and on your knowledge of social studies.

25. This cartoon from the disputed presidential

election of 2000 suggests that the winner might (12.04)

Alack strong popular support for his programs

Beasily win reelection in 2004

Csucceed in fulfilling his campaign promises

Dbe unable to claim victory in the electoralcollege

26. The main goal of affirmative action programs is to (12.05)

Aenforce racial segregation laws

Bsecure equal voting rights for African


Cprovide affordable child care

Dpromote economic gains for minorities and women

Base your answer to question 27 on the cartoon

below and on your knowledge of social studies.

27. According to the cartoonist, the United States has (12.05)

Aan ethnically diverse population

Ban overly restrictive immigration policy

Ca national requirement that high schoolstudents learn foreign languages

Da census report printed in languages that arespoken in the United States

28. During the 1990s, an increase in Mexicanimmigration to the United States was caused bythe immigrants’ desire for (12.05)

Agreater political freedom

Bbilingual education

Cbetter economic opportunities

Dreligious freedom

Base your answer to question 29 on the cartoon below and on your knowledge of social studies.

29. What Native American Indian viewpoint does thecartoonist support? (12.05)

AIllegal immigrants should not be allowed tosettle on Native American Indian reservations.

BEuropean settlers took Native AmericanIndian land.

CGovernment efforts to restrict immigrationshould be supported.

DNative American Indians support government efforts to stop illegal immigration.

Base your answer to question 30 on the cartoon

below and on your knowledge of social studies.

30. Which issue is the central focus of this cartoondrawn after September 11, 2001? (12.06)

AIs there a need to give up some civil liberties to protect the nation?

BShould the United States reduce oil importsfrom the Middle East?

CDoes the United States need fewer limits onimmigration?

DShould the United States abandon the Constitution?