Ums Girls Soccer

Ums Girls Soccer


Try-out Information

  • Try-outs will be held after school on September 8th and 9th from 3:15-4:45pm at the fields behind the LowerMiddle School. You must attend both sessions to be considered for the team.
  • All players must try-out in order to play for the team. There may be players who do not make the team, depending on the number of players that try-out.
  • Players must be equipped with a pair of cleats, sneakers, shin guards, soccer socks, and a water bottle. Goalies should be equipped with a pair of goalie gloves and a jersey.
  • All interested players should sign up with Coach Reed (UMS) or Coach Hickman (LMS) before the end of the school year, or email the coaches of your interest before try-outs next year.
  • The skills that will be evaluated during try-outs are as follows: Dribbling skills and ball control, Passing and Receiving skills, Shooting, Movement and positioning off the ball, Offensive/Defensive skills, Speed and endurance, Ability to be a team player, and knowledge of the game
  • Goalkeepers will be asked to try-out for both field and goal positions. All skills evaluated for field players will be evaluated for goalies as well as the following goalkeeping skills: Ball handling skills (catching, diving, deflections), ability to lead and command, Distribution skills (Throwing/punting/goal kicks), Desire to defend the goal (aggressiveness and confidence to win the ball)

Summer Preparation

  • Players should prepare for try-outs over the summer by practicing the skills listed above. Try to go for a run at least twice a week and play in games or with friends as much as possible.


  • In order to play for the team you will need a sports physical done by your doctor prior to the first day of try-outs. Paperwork must be turned into the school nurse before try-outs.
  • Paperwork can be picked up at either the LMS or UMS nurse’s office that will be needed to be completed by your doctor and your parents before you can try-out.
  • Paperwork may be submitted to the UMS School Nurse prior to June 23 (all current grade 7 & 8 students) or to the LMS Nurse (all current grade 6 students). Between June 24 and August 1 all completed forms must be submitted to the High School Nurse Monday-Friday (9:00 am – 1:00 pm). You must be cleared to play by the nurse’s officeto participate in try-outs.

General Information

  • The season will last from the first day of try-outsuntilthe end of October.
  • You can play for the school team even if you are playing for a travel or club team. The coaches will excuse a player to miss school practice for another team’s practice. If possible, we ask that the player attends all school games.

Practice Information

  • Practices will officially begin on September 8th.
  • Practices will be Mondays through Fridays from 3:15-4:45pm unless it is a game day.Practices are locatedbehind LMS at the fields over the path bridge.

Game Information

  • Home games will start at 4:15 pm at the same fields we have practice.
  • Players will be bused to away games. Buses will leave UMS at 3:15pm to depart for away games.
  • Players must take the bus to the games with the team but may go home with a parent from the game after signing out with the coach.
  • If a player misses practice the day before a game, they will not be permitted to start the game, unless otherwise excused for school-related instances.

Contact information:

UMS Girls Soccer CoachUMS Boys Soccer Coach

Justine HickmanJim Reed

908-752-0183 (cell)908-310-3700 (cell)

609-466-7604(school phone)609-466-7603 (school phone)

(email) (email)

All sports information can be found on the coaches’ webpages and on the District Athletic Website: click on the Departments tab on the district homepage, then select Athletics.