UCLA Interdepartmental Program for Neuroscience

UCLA Interdepartmental Program for Neuroscience

UCLA Interdepartmental Program for Neuroscience

Neuroscience 199/198 Poster Presentation Guidelines

All neuroscience majors completing Neuroscience 199A/ B or 198A/B for their research capstone are required to present at the Neuroscience Poster Day on Thursday, June 1, 2017.

Guidelines for abstracts and posters can be found on the UCLA Undergraduate Research Center’s website (see links below). Keep in mind that thedates/deadlines on this website refer to the UCLA Science Poster Day. However, you can use these guidelines as you prepare for Neuroscience Poster Day. Neuroscience Poster Day is a separate event with a different date and abstract submission deadline. Details are provided below.

Please be aware that all students must present their own research. If you are working in a laboratory with more than one NSIDP student, each of you must have your own unique presentation, even if you have been working collaboratively on a joint project. Make sure that you can explain what part of the project was yours, and how it fits in with the overall project as a whole.

Neuroscience Poster Day

Thursday June 1, 2017

4:00pm – 6:00pm

California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI) Lobby

Abstracts due:NO LATER than 5pm Friday ,May12th, 2017

-Use Google form on neurosci.ucla.edu

Students may start setting up their posters starting at 3:00pm before the event. More details and instructions will be sent out leading up to Poster Day. Make sure you receive these updates by subscribing to the Undergraduate Neuroscience Listserv. You can email to be added.

Abstract Guidelines and Poster Instructions

IMPORTANT!These links will send you to Science Poster Day’s abstract/poster guidelines. Remember, Neuroscience Poster Day is required and is a separate event. These guidelines for Science Poster Day are simply a resource we think will help you prepare for Neuroscience Poster Day.


Students should consult their faculty mentor early in the quarter on how to write an abstract and create a poster. Six weeks before Neuroscience Poster Day is not too early!In addition, workshops are offered throughout the quarter to prepare students for the academic rigor of developing a poster and professionalism expected for presentingresearch. While the workshops provided by the Undergraduate Research Center are tailored to students presenting at the UCLA Science Poster Day on May 23rd, the information regarding how to write abstracts and create posters are directly transferrable to neuroscience majors participating in Neuroscience Poster Day on June 1st.

NeurosciencePoster Day Workshop

Thursday, April 27, 2017

4:00pm – 5:00pm

1st Floor Gonda Conference Room (1357)

Guest Speaker: Dr. Stephanie White

Undergraduate Research Center Workshops

Workshops are offered throughout March, April, and early May. Visit the following link for dates:

NOTE: If you are not graduating until Spring/Summer 18, you have the option to participate in the BRI Fall 18 Poster Day or Spring 18 Neuroscience Poster Day. This is a good option for junior standing students who plan on continuing their research over the next year. You must present at least one Neuroscience Poster Day to receive credit for the Capstone requirement.

Additional questions? Contact:

Megan Lebre, Neuroscience Undergraduate Counselor

1506D Gonda Center