Tricks to Set Secure Windows Password

Tricks to Set Secure Windows Password

Windows Password Recovery

Tricks to Set Secure Windows Password

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One of the problems with password is that you forgot Windows Password. In order to not forget it, you simply use words like dog’s name, son’s nick name; birth date and other give you a clue to remember what your password is. The most important thing in computer security is to set a strong Windows password that prevents cracks by modern computer programs. For one reason, it will keep your business information safe from PC hackers; for another reason, it will protect your privacy even if your laptop is stolen.

In fact, setting a strong password and NOT forgetting Windows Password is not contradictory. Here I would like to share some tips about how to set a strong enough password and how to do when we forgot Windows Password, you can use as many as permitted.

How to Set Secure Windows Password?

  1. Set your password at least 12 characters long; of course, the longer the better if permitted.
  2. Use a mix of upper case letters, lower upper case letters (in most computer system, upper and lower case letters are not equal), numbers and special characters (for example: #$%, but some computer systems don’t allow special characters in passwords).
  3. Don’t use words that can be found in dictionary or on your social networking page. And other common words like nicknames, pets, birthday, and street names are suggested to not use. Avoid number sequences like “123456” or “111111” as your password.
  4. You should change your password at least every 30 to 60 days. And never re-use a password for at least a year.

How to Reset Windows Password?

Setting a strong password is 100% correct. But how should you do when you forgot Windows Password? That would be the easiest way to reset Windows Password with Windows Password Recovery.

Here is the tutorial about how to reset it:

Step 1: You need another computer which can access as administrator. Download Windows Password Recover, setup and run it by following the wizard. Remember to insert a blank CD.

Step 2: Choose the recovery mode, and tick “CD/DVD” and specify your device.

Step 3: Click “Burn” to finish burning a Windows password reset CD.

Step 4: Insert your CD to the computer you can’t access to and boot it. You will enter the interface of Windows Password Cracker under Win PE.

Step 5: Choose the Windows installation to be processed, and type the new password you desire. And confirm by clicking “Reset”.

Step 6: The reset will be active after you reboot your PC.

Thanks to this utility, you will never worry when you forgot Windows password.