Tri-State Organic IP Video Program Session II

Tri-State Organic IP Video Program Session II

Tri-State Organic IP Video Program Session II

Organic Weed Management

March 15, 2007

Additional Resources

Organic Weed Management

Ten Steps Toward Organic Weed Control (Univ. of Vermont)

Weed Management in Organic Cropping Systems (Penn State)

Canadian Organic Growers Organic Field Crop Handbook - Weed Management

Weed Management for Organic Crops (Pub. 7249) (Univ. of California)

Organic Weed Management Web site (Cornell Univ.)

The New Farm Weeds Page

Integrated Weed Management

Cultural Practices in Vegetable Crop Weed Management Programs (Bull. 888-00) (The Ohio State Univ.)

Integrated Weed Management: “One Year’s Seeding…” (E-2931). (Michigan State Univ.)
112-page book reviews what is known about weed biology and ecology and how that knowledge can be used in effective weed management systems. To order, visit

Cultivation and Implements

Cultivation Equipment for Weed Control: Pros, Cons and Sources (Univ. of Vermont)

Steel in the Field: A Farmer’s Guide to Weed Management Tools (Sustainable Ag Network)
128-page handbook describing implements and how to use them.

(for viewing on-line)


Vegetable Farmers and their Weed-Control Machines (Univs. of Vermont and Mass.)

Weed ‘em and Reap (Oregon State University)

Weed Identification

Weed Identification (University of Illinois) (Web site)
Key to 172 broadleaf and grass weeds; includes photos.

Common Weed Seedlings of Michigan (E-1363) (Michigan State Univ.)
Dichotomous key to seedling broadleaf and grass weeds with photos of seedlings, important features for identification, and often a plant at a later stage of vegetative growth or in bloom.

Common Weed Seedlings of the North Central States (NCR 607)
Key and color photos for identification of weed seedlings. Similar to E-1363 from MSU, but in pdf format.

Weed Identification Guide (Virginia Tech.)
Photos and descriptions of weeds at the seedling, vegetative and flowering stages; key to grass weeds.

Annual Broadleaf Weed Identification (NCR Pub. 90) (Univ. of Minn.)

Annual Grass and Perennial Weed Identification (Univ. of Minn.)

Weed Seedling Identification (Univ. of Minn.)

Annual Grass and Perennial Weed Seedling Identification (Univ. of Minn.)

Penn State Weed Fact Sheets (Cornell Univ.) Index of pdf files.

Pigweed Identification Guide (Kansas State Univ.)

Weeds of the North Central States (NCR Res. Pub. 281 and UIUC Bull. 772)
Botanical descriptions and line drawings of weeds in the North Central Region. This is an on-line version of the print publication.

N.J. Agricultural Weed Gallery (Rutgers)
Photos of weeds, typically an established plant or flower in the field; indexed by common and Latin name; includes an index of thumbnail images.

Compiled by L. Maynard and V. Morrone. 3/5/2007.