Top 11 Tennis Rackets for Beginners 2019 Review

Top 11 Tennis Rackets for Beginners 2019 Review

Top 11 Tennis Rackets For Beginners 2019 Review – Editor’s Choice Awards

Have you recently developed an interest in tennis and looking for the best tennis rackets for beginners?

If yes, then you are at the right place because we’ve got plenty of well-performing tennis racket recommendations for you.

As a beginner, your tennis racket must be easy to use, comes with the perfect blend of power and control and should be comfortable to play with.

When I started playing tennis many years back, I didn’t have the proper knowledge on choosing the right tennis racquet and had a hard time controlling it until I figured out t

11 Best Tennis Rackets for Beginners Review

That being said, you shouldn’t make the mistake of choosing the wrong tennis racket.

So, here are 11 of our top tennis rackets tailored for beginners.


HEAD is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality and durable tennis racquets and HEAD Ti S6 is one of their top-sellers. It is also the no.1 on our list. Even though it was introduced back in 1996, it still offers optimal performance to the beginners to this day.

It comes pre-strung right out of the box, and this is something every beginner wants. A lot of racquets have to be strung properly before they are ready to use. This saves you time and the additional cost of getting it string at a shop.

Its head features synthetic gut 16 silver with 61 pounds string tension which is ideal. Also, this head is oversized and has got the weight, allowing maximum transfer of energy. Its handle it very lightweight and allows the quick swing on the tennis court.

Because of the oversized head, it has a bigger sweet spot, and even if you don’t middle your shot, you’ll still get a pretty decent blow at the ball.

This racket will surely boost your confidence as a beginner player and will allow you to hit the shots more perfectly.


  • Features graphite and titanium build
  • Durable and comfortable to use
  • Bigger sweet spot, thanks to the oversized head
  • Comes pre-strung


  • The design focuses more on power and lightweight profile; this results in some vibration when hitting the ball

Babolat Drive 115

The Babolat Drive 115 is one of the best tennis racquets Babolat has ever created. It is lightweight and has a short backswing, making it easy to use for the beginners. If you want more maneuverability from your tennis racket, Babolat Drive 115 is your choice.

The head size is 740 cm (square) and is constructed from graphite. This size is fairly large and increases the sweet spot as well whereas the graphite construction adds more stiffness, making it easier for you to control your shots.

We really feel that the handle is what makes Babolat Drive 115 a great option to choose. It is comfortable, thanks to the Cortex and Woofer system used. Moreover, it has a balance point of 35.6 cm. In simple, the balance point is located in the blade, allowing you to smash the ball with more power.

Overall, it is a nice bargain, and the brand itself has been around since 1875 and is worth investing into.


  • Large sweet spot for accurate hitting
  • Lightweight handle
  • Better spin and power transfer
  • Woofer System for elliptic geometry


  • ExpensivePrince Textreme Tour 100T

If you are looking for a super-fast racquet which is loaded with controllable power, Prince Textreme Tour 100T is probably the best option to go with. They have also added a very strong yet lightweight material, also used in Formula 1 cars, to the shaft of this tennis gear and this results in more stability without reducing the maneuverability.

It also results in better transfer of energy from your swings. Also, the low stiffness rating of this racket allows you to string it up easily with any kind of poly you want and enjoy it to its full potential of playing on the court.

Majority of the buyers who have used Prince Textreme Tour 100T says that it helps to add double the power and spin and produce groundstrokes that will rattle your opponent. While it is tailored for beginners, even the advanced players can give it a try and still perform better.

Its weight of 11-ounce only makes it very easy to use and ideal for the beginners to improve their skills.


  • Fairly large head size
  • Large sweet spot for accurate hitting
  • Lightweight and comfortable to use
  • 7 points head light


  • Comes unstrung

Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Strung

Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Strung is a highly popular tennis racquet and is designed to have a perfect combination of both healthy balance and power that helps to improve your performance in the game.

It comes in two different models for the same price but with different distinct head sizes. The first is the Midplus with a 95 head while the other is Oversize with 110 head. Though the oversize head offers a large sweet spot, you will still get a great playing experience with the Midplus.

It comes pre-strung right out of the box and allows you to play right away. This makes it great for the beginner and recreational players.

Other than the basic features, it is one of the most powerful tennis racquets on the market and is specifically designed to make it easier to use. The technology used in its construction is remarkable and has a 10-point head heavy frame, it helps to generate a lot of power and give a nice swing on the ball.

Overall, it is light as a feather and gives you maximum power and control. The Hammer Technology used in its construction really makes it great and worth investing.


  • Very lightweight
  • Large beam width with a heavy frame for significant power
  • Pre-strung and ready to play
  • Perfect for beginners and intermediates


  • Little stability and increased vibration

HEAD Liquidmetal 8 Prestrung

Say hello to one of the most popular tennis racquet, HEAD Liquidmetal 8 Prestrung. It comes with a promising power, control and comfort all in a single model. It is made out of special and high-quality materials that help to improves its power output and energy.

It uses the liquid metal technology which is unique. This technology allows you to transfer maximum energy in every swing. Moreover, it also prevents the racket from deforming or even contracting which is pretty common.

Another benefit this technology provides is the Total Sweetspot Construction. It also gives it a unique design and increases the torsional stability.

The liquidmetal titanium used in its constructions helps to enhance the rigidity of its surface and results in optimal strength and stiffness.

Overall, it comes with great comfort and control with NoShox dampening system, Integrated String Dampenes and HydroSorb grip all integrated to gives you the best experience.


  • Advanced Liquidmetal technology to increase power output and energy return
  • Total SweetSpot Construction for better shot control
  • NoShock system, String Dampener and HydroSorb ventilated grip
  • Perfect for beginners and intermediates


  • Not for the advanced player
  • Power output is not as great as advertised

Babolat Drive Max 110 Strung

Just when you thought that big brands don’t come for a small price, you were wrong because the Babolat Drive Max 110 Racquets Strung is the most affordable tennis racquet on the market.

It weighs only 9.2 oz. And is extremely stable and lightweight. The balance and power combination is also perfect and comes with a solid strung swing weight. You will also love its flex and beams which measure out at a constant 27mm along the length of 27.5” frame.

Unlike most of the tennis gears out there, it has an extra length which gives you a powerful swing every time. The added power will definitely rattle your opponent, and the increased stiffness in its rod makes your shot more accurate.

At the net and serving, it gives you a lot of maneuverability and is perfect for all tennis players. It has an exceptional feel and touches, and the added length gives you great drive.


  • Features Cortex System
  • Absorbs vibrations and gives a more enhanced feel
  • Integrated with elliptic geometry
  • Prevents twisting and increases power


  • String tension may not be ideal for all beginners

Prince Warrior 100L ESP

Prince Warrior 100L ESP is every beginner’s choice and that because of its unique Extreme String Pattern technology making it user-friendly. It has a great maneuverability, power and spin which gives you strong hits on your every swing.

Its string pattern is 14 x 16, and it helps to generate a very easy spin. This allows the players to get their shots to bend and bite whenever and however they want to.

Its main catch is its weight which is extremely light, but this doesn’t sacrifice its durability at all. Moreover, it has a great sweet spot as well and an overall comfortable feel which makes it easy for you to play on the tennis court.

Though it is light in weight, it still helped in those rattling groundstrokes. This is possible because of the perfect balance between the power and stability of the racket.

The enhanced maneuverability of this racquet will allow you to react quickly and easily get into the position for your next shot.

Overall, it serves nicely, feels very lightweight and comfortable to use and is designed for beginners only.


  • The perfect combination of power, comfort and spin for baseliners
  • Large head size with large sweet spot
  • Ideal weight for a comfortable use
  • Comes pre-strung


  • No drawbacks

Babolat Pure Drive

The Babolat Pure Drive Racquets is all-time bestseller and comes with a great mix of power and control. If you want a racket that has everything perfect for a beginner, this is the racquet you need.

It is designed for all types of players, whether beginner, intermediate or advanced. It has a highly responsive sweet spot, thanks to the FSI technology. This sweet spot is slightly shifted towards the top of the racquet, allowing the players to hit the ball nicely and accurately.

Because the most important aspect of any racquet is its feel, the Babolat Pure Drive Racquets weighs at the perfect ounces and feels very strong on the court. Also, its head size of 100 inches is quite larger than what a traditional racket would have.

The moment you pick and use it, you can tell how easy it is to use and swing. Overall, it comes at a very reasonable price and delivers an amazing power from the baseline.


  • Durable and lightweight
  • The perfect combination of power and balance
  • Offers a nice and unstoppable swing on the ball


  • Comes pre-strung and you have to take it to the shop to get it strung

HEAD MicroGel Radical Head

HEAD MicroGel Radical Head has been around for many years and is a great tennis racquet for beginners. It features MicroGel technology that allows the racquet to easily absorb the shocks from the ball and evenly distribute throughout its frame. As a result of this, it will improve the feel and comfort and prevent vibration as well.

So, if you are looking for a great control, this is the tennis cleat you need right now.

Its head size is 98 squares inches which are ideal for a great sweet spot and accurate hitting. It also comes in a 107 square inches’ model which is perfect for the beginners.

Both these models have a 27 inches’ long shaft and come pre-strung with a perfect combination of weight and balance. The string pattern is great, measuring 18 x 20 which is quite dense and gives a nice spin and energy transfer to the ball.

Overall, it is a nice choice for beginners, intermediates and advanced players who love control and power at the same time.


  • Exclusive Head Micro Gel which distributes the shock
  • Large head size for a perfect sweet spot
  • Dense string pattern for more energy transfer
  • Lightweight


  • The grip is not good

Head Graphene Speed Lite

I personally love the Head Graphene Speed Lite for its larger head size. It is among the fastest tennis racquets with a very lightweight feel, thanks to its 9.2 oz. Weight. While it is extremely light, the company has maintained its durability and solid feel.

It has been nicely designed to distribute the weight to the top and bottom of the frame, leaving the mid-section very light and allowing for a quick swing.

One drawback it has, despite the larger head size, it has a small sweets pot, and most of the shots hit outside the spot may create some stability issues.

When it comes to serves and returns, you will feel the energy transfer that this racket provides. Even at such a low weight profile, it serves and returns like a professional level tennis racquet. The only problem you’ll have is when not hitting the ball at the sweet spot, rest it is a beast.

It feels like a feather in hands and allows you to make a quick reaction on every shot. The overheads are also solid but as long as you hit the middle of it.

Overall, it comes with a nice blend of power, control and spin and is perfect for the beginners. Its main features are its outstanding maneuverability, power, firm feel and large head size. If you want to improve your middle shot on the court, Head Graphene Speed Lite is the tennis gear you need right now in your hands.


  • Exceptionally quick and very responsive
  • Comes with a solid feel at its baseline and gives a nice shot on the ball
  • Lightweight and easily to handle
  • Large head size for better shots


  • Comes unstrung
  • Small sweet spot

Prince Premier 105L ESP

The Prince Premier 105L ESP is an excellent tennis racket with great maneuverability. Its light weight head gives you a nice swing and also ensures more responsiveness. The 14 x 16 string pattern results in a huge spin potential, featuring a Double Bridge technology that helps to reduce the frame vibration while playing.

It also uses ESP technology, providing 30% for a spin as compared to a traditional model and the exclusive EXO3 technology ensures 54% bigger sweet spot, giving you more accurate shots and also comes with a full cover for maximum protection.

Its double bridge technology has been integrated on the top of its throat. As a result of it, the vibration is reduced to maximum and gives you a comfortable feel. The EXO3 is actually the string suspensions, which makes use of large holes and offers a large hitting area. This gives you a hitting feel, and when combined with the vibration dampening technology, you will get a super brisk shot.

Finally, the ESP offers aggressive string pattern, resulting in 30% more spin as mentioned above. It gives you higher net clearance which offers more consistency and heavier penetrating shots.

Overall, we love its flat serves which depend a lot on its string bed and helps to produce a better response. This racket actually has a high success rate on the market due to the multiple advanced technologies used in it. A lot of beginners found it to be very user-friendly and helpful in improving and polishing their tennis playing skills.

If you are looking to take your game to the next level, Prince Premier 105L ESP is your product to choose.


  • Extremely lightweight with a super-solid feel
  • Responsive and quick
  • Comes with three unique technologies to make it a great option for the beginners
  • Extremely affordable


  • No drawbacks

How to Choose Tennis Racquet For Beginners

As a beginner, you must have proper knowledge on how to choose the right tennis racquet that will help you get better at your game and improve your skills.

Below, we have shared some of the key factors which that every beginner should consider.

Head Size

The head size of your new tennis gear should be large, so it allows you to hit the ball more accurately. Large head size tends to have a large sweet spot, and this makes the ball hit the center of the racquet every time.

Moreover, a large sized head means more room to hit the ball and giving you more accurate shots every time. This will naturally build up your habit hitting the ball in the middle correctly.

As a beginner, a large head size will help you enjoy your game and quickly improve as well.


As a beginner, you won’t have too much power in the natural swing of your hand, but a racket which helps to transfer maximum energy into the ball can help a lot. This depends a lot on the head size.