To Ensure the Cleanliness, Safety and Security of Newport Mind S Premisesto Meet the Needs

To Ensure the Cleanliness, Safety and Security of Newport Mind S Premisesto Meet the Needs

Newport Mind


Title / Caretaker
Responsible to: / Finance Manager
Pay: / NJC Pt. 19 £18,746 pro rata actual £7599.73
Hours: / 15 Hours
8am to 10am and 5pm to 6pm Monday to Friday


To ensure the cleanliness, safety and security of Newport Mind’s premisesto meet the needs of the staff, volunteers and services users of Newport Mind.


  1. Help provide a safe, clean, warm environment for the staff, volunteers and services users of Newport Mind.
  1. Ensuring the building is maintained to a high standard undertaking simple repairs, replacing fixtures and fittings and for larger jobs or specialist work making arrangements, with prior authorisation, for contractors and tradespeople to attend to complete larger or specialist work.
  1. Ensuring the security of the premises and act as custodian of Newport Mind premises.
  1. Ensuring that the building is opened punctually and adequately heated and prepared for its users including the provision and arrangement of tables / chairs and any necessary equipment.
  1. The activation / de-activation and resetting of any alarm systems.
  1. Ensuring that all electrical appliances are switched off and unplugged after use and correctly stored away if necessary.
  1. Ensuring that all windows, doors, and gates are closed, locked and secured at the end of each day or after usage.
  1. Ensuring the overall cleanliness of the premises particularly toilets, washrooms, food preparation areas and work surfaces.
  1. Ensuring the safe and secure storage of cleaning agents and other potentially hazardous materials.
  1. Ensuring there is an adequate supply of soap, towels and toilet tissue in toilet areas and that any hand drying equipment is functioning properly.
  1. Carry out weekly inspections of the building to ensure Health and Safety compliance using the checklist provided.
  1. Ensuring that the immediate surrounds of the building are clean and free of litter and debris and reporting any obvious defects that might constitute a hazard.
  1. Open the building each morning and ensure it is adequately heated for users. This includes the arrangements of chairs and tables in the various meeting rooms & groups spaces.
  1. At the end of each day ensure all electrical items are switched off and stored safely and that windows and doors are secured.
  1. Ensure that any waste is disposed of correctly and appropriately, including confidential waste and recycling.
  1. Ensure the cleanliness of the building by following the cleaning timetable, including the ordering of the necessary provisions required to achieve this, e.g. soap, toilet tissue, handtowels.
  1. Be a key holder for the premises and a contact point for the security company.
  1. Ensure that regular maintenance is carried out by third parties, i.e. the security entry system & the lift.


  1. To work in line with, and to support the delivery of, thevision, mission, values and goals of Newport Mind and to be a champion for Newport Mind at all times.
  1. Adhere to and work within all the policies of Newport Mind and the policies contained within the employee handbook.
  1. To actively participate, engage with, and respond to, the Newport Mind supervision, external supervision and appraisal processes.
  1. To attend and positively contribute to Newport Mind and other relevant meetings as required.
  1. To attend andpositively contribute to Newport Mindtraining as required.
  1. To actively contribute to a positive, supportive and constructive working ethos, relationships and environment with Newport Mind, partner organisations and other organisations.
  1. To contribute to making Newport Mind a greener workplace.
  1. To support and contribute to our overall aim of the participation people with experience of mental health problems, including within Newport Mind and to be committed to working alongside people with experience of mental health problems, as colleagues, (paid & unpaid) experts and campaigners.
  1. To be flexible, adaptable and undertake work to support the aims of Newport Mind.

Criminal Records Bureau Check

Because of the nature of this job, it will be necessary for the appropriate level of criminal record disclosure to be undertaken. Therefore, it is essential in making your application you disclose whether you have any pending charges, convictions, bind-overs or cautions and, if so, for which offences. This post will be exempt from the provisions of Section 4 (2) of the Rehabilitation of Offenders 1974 (Exemptions) (Amendments) Order 1986. Therefore, applicants are not entitled to withhold information about convictions which for other purposes are ‘spent’ under the provision of the Act, and, in the event of employment being taken up, any failure to disclose such convictions will result in dismissal or disciplinary action. The fact that a pending charge, conviction, bind-over or caution has been recorded against you will not necessarily debar you from consideration for this appointment.


Thisactsasthe selectioncriteriaandthe more of the criteria that you demonstrate that you are able to meet the greater your chance of being invited to interview. On the application form please use each point that you are able to meet as a heading and then explain how you meet the specific criteria.

  1. Experience in general caretaking and cleaning duties.
  1. Experience of working with the public.
  1. Experience in using mechanical cleaning equipment and machinery.
  1. Experience in the operation of heating / lighting / alarm systems.
  1. Direct or indirect experience of mental health problems.

  1. Awareness of the role of Newport Mind and the services it provides within the community.
  1. Awareness of the way that third sector organisations operate.
  1. Awareness of the importance of health and safety requirements particularly cleanliness and hygiene.
  1. Awareness of the need to protect children and vulnerable adults
  1. Ability to work alone and unsupervised.
  1. Ability to organise and manage own workload.
  1. Ability to establish work priorities.
  1. Ability to communicate well particularly verbally and in written form.
  1. Ability to act upon initiative and to deal with unexpected problems.
  1. Ability to show good practical skills and undertake simple electrical, mechanical and plumbing repairs in the building as well as replace fixtures and fittings such as light bulbs.
  1. In the course of your employment you may handle confidential personal information concerning staff or service users. You must not read, discuss, disclose or pass on any information unless it is pursuance of your legitimate duties. This extends beyond your employment with Newport Mind.

Equality and Diversity
  1. Able to identify, understand and respond to the differential impact that disadvantage, inequality, stigma and discrimination have on individuals, communities and groups.
  1. A demonstrable commitment to equality of opportunity and a positive approach to diversity.
  1. A demonstrable commitment to working alongside people with mental health problems or experience of mental health problems as colleagues.

Specialist Knowledge
  1. Willingness to be flexible in meeting the needs of people with mental health problems and the needs of Newport Mind as appropriate to the role.
  1. A commitment to the ethos and values of Mind and Newport Mind.
  1. Availability and ability to access Newport Mind premises quickly.
  1. Willingness to work flexible and anti-social hours.

WewillconsideranyreasonableadjustmentsunderthetermsoftheEqualities and Human Rights Act,toenableanapplicantwithadisability(as defined under theAct) to meet the requirementsofthepost and to attend an interview.

TheJob-holderwillensurethat Newport Mind's policies are reflected in all aspects of his/her work, inparticularthoserelatingto;

(i)Child Protection and the Protection of Vulnerable Adults

(ii)Equalities and Human Rights