To All Our Affiliates/Members

To All Our Affiliates/Members

CIRCULAR NO.06/2017 Date:-30/06/2017



A meeting was convened by the Indian Banks Association on the 5th June, 2017, for the submission of Common Charter of Demands by the constituents of the United Forum of Bank Unions. The charter of demands for the officers were finalized by the four Officers’ Federation – AIBOC, AIBOA, NOBW and INBOC. Com. D.T.Franco Rajender Dev, General Secretary, AIBOC, Com. Dilip Saha, the President, Com. Y.Sudarshan, the Chairman of the AIBOC with other leaders submitted the comprehensive Charter of Demands. The Charter of demands for the Workmen also was submitted on the same day.

The Management representatives were led by S/Shri. R.K.Takkar – Chairman, Negotiating Committee, MD & CEO of UCO Bank, Smt. Usha Anantha Subramanian – MD & CEO of Allahabad Bank, Prashant Kumar – DMD & CDO, SBI, V.G.Kannan – CEO, IBA, B.Raj Kumar, Dy. CEO, RBI, K.S.Chauhan, Sr. Vice President, IBA on behalf of the Indian Banks’ Association and received the Charter of Demands submitted by both the Officers and Workmen Unions.


  1. Wage revision should take into account Risk, Responsibility, Accountability and Transfer ability of officers. Revised Basic Pay at par with Central Government Officers on the same principles of 7th Pay Commission.
  2. Revision of improvement in pay scales by merger of DA upto 31.10.2017.
  3. Special Allowance, with DA as on 31.10.2017, to be merged with the existing Basic Pay.
  4. Revised DA formula with provision for automatic merger and improvement in Compensation against price rise.
  5. An allowance equal to amount of last drawn Increment should be granted every year after reaching maximum in the scale.
  6. Date of sanction of annual increments should be on 1st January and 1st July every year.
  7. The present embargo in regards to the sanction of stagnation increment, automatic movements and PQP in respect of those officers who have opted out of promotion should be removed.
  8. Upward revision of HRA commensurate with market rent.
  9. Substantial increase of CCA for all centres.
  10. Post Allowance to be enhanced and paid once in 3 months, for every quarter.
  11. Closing allowance to be enhanced and paid once in 3 months, for every quarter.

12. Improvement in transportation of charges at the time of transfer and two months’

salary to compensate incidental expenses on transfer.

13.Payment of lumpsum amount on transfer to meet the education expenses of children on account of transfer.

14.Review and rationalization of halting/boarding/travelling expenses / Hill area allowance etc.,

15.Introduction of incentive for rural and other sensitive/difficult areas.

16.Improvement in special area allowance and special compensatory allowance for N.E. Jammu, Himachal and terrorist infected areas.

17.Introduction of Commercial Banking allowance as prevailing in the Reserve Bank of India.

18.Improvement in Leave Fare Concession and monetization of LFC – The entitlement of mode of travel should be made as air travel to all the officers, and executive class for senior executives and restoration of LFC abroad within domestic entitlement.

19.Special Provision for Women Employees with regards to placement and postings, provision of crèche facility /flexi timings/work from home, child care leave with salary as applicable in Central Government etc.

20.Introduction of 5 days banking.

21.Working hours for officers should be defined and regulated, in terms of ILO Norms.

22.Definition of Family should include the parents, father-in-law and mother in-law, brothers and sisters, divorced or deserted to be treated as members of family for the purpose of LFC, HTC and Medical facilities. The income criteria for dependents to be increased.

23.The Provident Fund should be at the rate of 12% of the total salary and allowances.

24.The Gratuity should be paid at the rate of one month salary and allowance without any ceiling.

25.Roll back to the existing pension scheme to all those who are in NPS.

26.Record note of 25.05.2015 should be implemented in Toto. Revision in Pension, Family Pension at 30% of last drawn pay and the Principle of One Rank One Pension.

27.Encashment of entire leave at credit should be permitted on resignation.

28.Improvement in all leave facilities / introduction of the concept of leave Bank etc.

29.Roll back of Mediclaim Insurance for serving officers and retirees, removal of anomalies etc.

30.Review of loans and advances to staff. The Road Tax on vehicles should be paid by the Banks on inter-state transfers.

31.Review of Disciplinary Rules Procedure. Risk allowance should be introduced to provide cover to all the lending risks to all sanctioning authorities at all grades.

32.Present ceiling of 3% of net profit for welfare to be increased 3% of gross profit without any ceiling for staff welfare activities.

33.Categorization of Branches to be done uniformly for all Banks by IBA & RBI.

34.Massive recruitment of Officers, assistants and subordinate staff required.



A meeting with the Management of the Bank was held on the 22nd May 2017 wherein the following issues pertaining to the officer’s community were raised, apart from the issue of mandate.

  1. Compensation for having worked on:
  1. 25th, 26th March (holidays) and late sitting on 30th & 31st March (extended hours under instructions from RBI).
  2. Compensation for having worked during the period of demonetization.
  3. Compensation for working Sundays and Holidays on a regular basis.

2.Anomalies in personal allowance and Fitment.

3.Pending monetary issues like leased accommodation rentals etc.,

4.Withholding of stagnation increments etc., on refusal of promotion / opting out.

5.Issues in CDS (Career Development Scheme)

6.Issues related to Merger.

7.Shortage of Manpower, single officer branches, categorization of branches etc.

8.Further simplification of Transfer Policy.

9.Improvements in the area of Disciplinary Proceedings and a proper accountability policy.

10. Anomalies in respect of 6th bipartite retirees.

11. Issues pertaining to RMRO’s, CRE’s and Specialist Officers.

The above issues are only indicative and not exhaustive.


1. / Mandate for the 11th Bipartite Wage Revision / The Mandate is under consideration
2. / Enhancement in leased accommodation rentals / The issue will be reviewed based on internet data on rent.
3. / Adequate and uniform compensation for late sitting and working on holidays and weekly off days / DMD & CDO advised that our approach is that people should have proper working hours and have work-life balance. Working on holidays/Sunday should not be a routine practice unless exceptional circumstances.
He further said that Circles / other establishments have their own long drawn practice for compensation in case of working on holiday/weekly off days. He also instructed all CDOs to:
  1. Stop such practices of calling officers on Sundays or Holidays for work. If called then the officers should be adequately compensated.
  2. CDOs to take up the matter with respective RBOs.

4. / Payment of lodging expenses to Defence Representatives for attending enquiry proceedings / Presently, we are paying Halting allowance in lieu of lodging expenses as per IBA guidelines. However, the issue will be taken up with IBA again for their opinion/view.
5. / Officers on ICT who get higher entitlement of Furniture, on repatriation should be allowed to continue the same. / We are examining the issue and appropriate view will be taken.
6. / Monetization of leave Fare Concession / We have monetized facilities except Lease Accommodation and Medical Reimbursement. Smart Compensation Package from JMGS-I to MMGS-III has since been circulated which also includes monetization of LFC.
7. / Shortfall in 10th Bipartite Settlement / Federation advised that the matter will be appraised in a separate meeting.
8. / Work from Home concept for officers / Policy for Work from Home has since been approved and circulated. More areas are being looked into to include for work from home.
9. / Housing loan scheme-Reduction in eligibility criteria from 5 years to 2 years. – inclusion of solar panel in the HBL project cost / Reduction in eligibility criteria has been approved.
-The issue will be examined in line with public housing loan.
10. / Reimbursement of cost of spectacles.
-Make it part of Medical / The proposal has been discussed a number of times. There is no provision for reimbursement of cost of spectacles in SBIOSR. Therefore, DMD & CDO advised to treat the issue as closed.
11. / Circle Transfer Policy to be formulated as per Model Transfer Policy guidelines approved by Corporate Centre / The guidelines for improvement in Model Transfer Policy is being worked out.
12. / Withholding of increments under running scale and stagnation for officers opting out from promotion exercise / The issue has been discussed number of times and there is no scope for change in present guidelines as there as there is a court verdict in this regard (Madras High Court).
13. / Conversion of RMRO’s / CRE’s into general cadre for optimum utilization and review of the promotion policy in line with general officers
- Enlargement of duties / RMROs/ CREs are specialist category officers working in the specific areas. At this Juncture, conversion is ruled out. The Bank shall come out with clear career progression and transfer policy for RMROs/CREs.
14. / Rectification/clarification of Personal Allowance and Fitment formula from clerical to JMG / Matter will be discussed and looked into.
15. / Implementation of Compassionate Appointment Scheme Government Guidelines / In terms of GOI guidelines/advisory, the scheme has been implemented.
16. / Enhancement in permanent transfer allowance and transportation charges.
- Periodical review is pending / Our Bank is paying higher transfer allowance in comparison to other Banks.
17. / HRMS – Unable to put through entries of reimbursement of mobile handset in I FAMS and Entertainment expenses. / The issue has been resolved and may be treated as closed.
18. / Issues related to Career Development Scheme (CDS) – KRA’s and its impact on officers’ morale. / The bank is open for any suggestion. CDS related Grievances will be resolved. CDS is the system where efforts has been made to differentiate among the people. There is a provision for review of budge mid-term and 3 best out of 4 will be taken into consideration for promotion.
19. / Issues arising out of Demonetization.
- Need based compensation should be given
- 50 days worked
- No storage of notes & are lying in the branch
- Lot of notes in currency chest. Issues of fake notes etc.
- Joint custodian’s a/c is being debited
- 19 suspension taken place / The issue has already been discussed. The matter is being looked into and Bank is open for all types of suggestions.
20. / Acute shortage of officers at branches and posting of additional officers for branches manned by single officer. Posting of adequate clerical staff & maintaining a fair officers- clerk ratio. Special recruitment drives to be undertaken for appointment of clerks and officers. / Manpower planning is going on. Recently, 2300 PO vacancies have been declared. All recruitments / promotion will be done as per Manpower Requirements given by the Circles.
21. / Issues pertaining to Medical Officers-Benefits & facilities. / The issue is being examined.
22. / Undue delay in making relief arrangements for officers who are under inter circle transfers and subsequent pending Reliefs of ICT at Circles
- Some Pendency is there / The issue is being examined.
23. / Fair Accountability Policy to be evolved and simplification of disciplinary / The issue will be examined.
24. / Pending appointment of Officers Director on Board of the Bank. / Recommendation already sent to GOI.
25. / Issues related to Merger of Associate Banks
- Let the circle management talk to the circle association / Will be sorted out at circle level.
26. / Improvement in Superannuation Scheme
a) Removal of anomaly of 6th bipartite retirees vis-avis 5th bipartite retirees.
b) Pension Revision of retirees under 5th and 7th Bipartite Settlement.
c) Improvement in Commutation Formula.
d) 50% of the last drawn pay as pension without any limit. / a) & b) The pension committee set up by GOI submitted its report. The matter is under consideration of GOI.
c) & d) – No such proposal at present
27. / Interpersonal Relationship at some Circles, not conducting CNC’s /RNC’s on time etc., not adhering to agreed norms on transfer immunity etc. / Although it is a Circle level issue, the management representatives of the Circles have been advised in this regard in the meeting.
28. / Repatriation of 19 Trainee Officers of 2014 batch of Kolkata Circle who were posted to NE Circle / These officers are appointed as Trainee Officers in NE Circle. Therefore, they may be considered for repatriation as per ICT policy.
29. / Undue Pressure for cross selling
- Create separate verticals / We need to increase our cross selling to increase other income. At the same time, there should not be any misspelling. Other issues relating to cross selling is being looked into.
30. / Improvements in Mediclaim Insurance for retirees.
- Renewed on the same line / We will examine the issue at the time of renewal.

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