Thomas Paine Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Thomas Paine Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Greater Philadelphia UU Cluster

January 7, 2017

Thomas Paine Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Meeting Minutes

Attendees: 10congregations were represented

Chalice Lighting and Opening

Read the Cluster Covenant

Congregational introductions and announcements

  • UUCDC – in February minister starts 3 month sabbatical
  • Pat Infante (CERG primary contact) has returned from sabbatical
  • USG – all invited to participate in Martin Luther King Jr Day events; in February minister starts sabbatical for 6 months
  • Pottstown – planning 50th anniversary
  • WC – new minister; also have Martin Luther King Jr Day events
  • Restoration – both ministers have ordination this spring
  • MLUC – relaunch capital campaign
  • TP – in 50th anniversary year
  • Buxmont – Rev Rak interim minister
  • CH – March discussion group

Oct 29 BLM training debrief – how was it?

- Over 60 attendees; 8 congregations; 4 ministers

- folks wanted more

- inspired

- Restoration – very happy with it

- MLUC – positive feedback on content and Cluster being visible

- UUCDC – voting in January to put up BLM banner

- Jubilee has been launched as a result

  • MLUC hosting on March 3 - 5
  • Treva Burger volunteered to be primary contact; Rosemary White volunteered to assist
  • JB volunteered to assist with MLUC logistics

Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Mon, Jan 16)

- several congregations have activities. Please email them to Amy, so she can add them to GPC website, in order to show the things GPC congregations are doing for this day

- Restoration – POWER actions and USG events

- UUPLAN doing surveys and lobbying

- WC – conversation @ Charles Melton Center in WC on Mon, Jan 16

* Amy – update GPC webpage with info

Women March on DC (Sat, Jan 21)

- Amy created a webpage on GPC website to capture info on what GPC congregations are doing

- Montgomery County Democrats – bus leaving from K of P

- WC – providing buses

- NOW has buses

- Metro pass link for DC (2 ½ miles; RFK stadium website)

- MLUC has a “community matters” group – share info

* Amy – update GPC webpage with info

* Amy - give JB info on UU Philly cluster social justice facebook group

Faithify Campaign (Philly advertising)

- Marylin said the Faithify project was a success! Raised over $5,000. 6 ministers engaged in developing the creative (i.e. poster)

- Unfortunately, after SEPTA had already approved the creative before embarking on this project, SEPTA decided at the last minute to change their mind. SEPTA is not accepting creatives from non-profits.

- The Ad company that had been advising Marylin was just as shocked as Marylin. They offered an incredible discount to have the creative on Newsstands throughout center city Philly – comparable size; greater visibility. Same number – 10 posters.Can choose newsstands near SEPTA stations.

- Feb 6 – March 5

- group agreed with using newsstands

* Marylin will email donors to let them know and offer refund

*Everyone take photos of UUs standing next to the newsstand creative and post on your congregations’ websites and GPC website (Amy)

*Everyone capture visitor numbers to see if increase in visitors in February. Add question to your visitor form.

- consider another ad campaign in June? Need to keep message going

- Chalice Lighters – requires affirmation from congregations’ Boards (maybe do a Billboard?)

*Future ad campaign committee: Marylin, Jerry, Carla

Planning for GPC leadership training (March 25)– what would you like to learn?

- consider volunteerism also?

- finding people willing to serve on Board; once on, they feel like there is a lot more to do than thought

- way to have effective nominating cmt – excited to be on cmt; cmt does more leadership development

- develop skills for succession – readiness to move into positions

- UUCDC new effort – leadership community to develop folks with interest but who aren’t ready to serve yet (piloting new model this year)

- membership orientation

- assimilation into congregation – find things for new members to bring them in (e.g. West Chester – has groups; each group does everything on a designated day)

- responsibility of membership needs to be communicated

- post-election strategies

- meetings across congregations (e.g. Presidents, which CERG is already doing via monthly Zoom conf calls); possibly Board trainings from CERG

- Knowledge management – maybe Cluster could be a resource? Stewardship Lab (Pat mentioned); Media collaborative; others

- strategies with youth – consider shorter time period volunteerism ideas

- how best share resources?

- Training – invite Nominating Cmt and Board to attend (include current and aspiring leaders) and office leads

*Reps advertise in your congregation

MLUC Labor Day Weekend Outing (Sept 2-4)

- Peter McDowell presented on the MLUC Labor Day Weekend Outing, in which all GPC congregations are invited to participate

- Sat afternoon to Monday 3:00 pm

- Camp Canadensis (new location)

- around $150 per person, will have family rates; still working out the details

- around 100 people have attended in recent years; would like more

- MLUC administrates the event


Activities update


1) Amy continues to send monthly GPC announcement; please check that it is getting into the OoS and enewsletter

2) Please add events to the Google calendar

Community Building

1) Amy send email to ministers re GPC – no response

2) Need Congregational representatives: Buxmont, Dorothea Dix, First U, South Jersey, Well Springs

Denominational Affairs

1) Organize live streaming events for UU GA in June


1) Advertise March 25 Training

2) Advertise Jubilee

3) Register for UULI courses

Social Justice

1) Participate in Martin Luther King Jr Day events

2) Promote congregations’ social justice events – e.g. check out GPC Social Justice Google group and UU Greater Philly Social Justice Facebook group

Mark Your Calendars

Jan 16 – Martin Luther King Jr Day

Jan 21 – Million Women March on DC (and Philly)

March 3-5 – JUBILEE at MLUC

Mar 25 – Leadership Development training

May 20 – Meeting + New Hope Pride Parade

June 24-25 – UUA GA – live streaming events

Sept 2-4 – MLUC Labor Day Weekend outing


Next training:

Sat, March 25,9:00 – 12:00 (meet and greet at 8:30) Lay Leadership Develoment