This Is What My Peer Yanilda, Wrote About the Article

This Is What My Peer Yanilda, Wrote About the Article

I need the same expert Julia Moran who IS DOING my assignment ID # TTs260615_295234_48 , now I want you to please make some comments in my peer Yanilda , BASED IN WHAT SHE WROTE IN THE SAME ASSIGNMENT THAT YOU ARE DOING FOR ME IN ORDER #TTs260615_295234_48 . Name of the assignment “Anne Fausto-Sterling. The Five Sexes: Why Male and Female Are Not Enough.”

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This is what my peer Yanilda, wrote about the article:

Anne Fausto-Sterling. The Five Sexes: Why Male and Female Are Not Enough.

Response to Anne Fausto-Sterling, The Five Sexes: Why Male and Female Are Not Enough

In Anne Fausto-Sterling’s essay titled “The Five Sexes: Why Male and Female Are Not Enough,” she discusses the importance of the recognition of the five sexes that actually exist. Fausto-Sterling claims that Western society has excluded hermaphrodites from the sexual identity categories. The five biological sex are, male, female, true hermaphrodite (one ovary one testicle), female hermaphrodite (Ovaries, no testicles), and male hermaphrodite (testicles no ovaries). Hermaphrodites are intersexual individuals. Back in 1969 there was a rate of 4 percent of intersexual newborns. There are hermaphrodites that practice hermaphroditism, having sex with females and males, example of Emma, who had more pleasure with females than males. Fausto-Sterling, also pointed out that in Scotland one hermaphrodite servant that was identified as woman, was murdered after impregnating her master’s daughter.

I think hermaphrodites are humans that deserve respect. I think that Western Society shouldn’t exclude their existence by having stuff for male or female specifically. One thing that caught my eyes is true hermaphrodites, Fausto-Sterling said in her essay that is by theory possible but practically impossible for one hermaphrodite to impregnate him/herself. If it was it possible I think it would have been cool in my standards cause their children who have 100 percent his/her DNA.

Cecil Adams talks about one intersex bunny that got alone in a room and when their owner came back that bunny had already conceived 250 little bunnies, and they found ovaries and testes infertile but still they worked. However, she says that pregnancy doesn’t happen often in intersexual humans (Adams 2009).


Adams, cecil

2009 Can hermaphrodites get themselves pregnant? The Straight dope 6/29/15