Thermoelectric Device Testing

Thermoelectric Device Testing

Thermoelectric Device Testing

We offer comprehensive thermoelectric device testing services of thermoelectric devices for both heat pumping or power generation applications. We can test devices up to 70 x 70 mm and of any thickness on our top-range testing apparatus. We offer testing under various conditions as decided by the customer and we can obtain both the electrical characteristic and the thermal behaviour. We also offer testing of multiple stage systems where any number of thermoelectric device can be cascaded (thermally in series).


The devices can be loaded with up to 2200 N of clamping force. The heater side can provide up to 1000 W of thermal power and it can exceed 600°C. The “cold” side can sink thermal energy at temperatures from -20 to 70 °C.

The test specifications are decided together with the customer and they can be adjusted to particular customer requirements.

All data are measured by calibrated instruments and corresponds to experimental data points obtained by automated test procedures. A final report documet is included with the data pack.

Power Generation (TEG)

We can test thermoelectric generators (TEGs) under constant thermal power or constant temperature, depending on your requirements.

Constant Temperature Difference Test

During the duration of this test the temperature difference is maintained constant, at the value selected by the customer, by a PI controller. The reference cold side temperature can be fixed at any value between -20 and 70 °C.

The test starts at open-circuit and measures the data points when the temperature difference is within tolerance from the desired value. The electrical current load is increased by a step which is selected by the customer. When the temperature difference is within range data are measured. The same procedure continues until short-circuit current is reached.

Constant Heat Test

During this test the heat applied to the hot side of the TEG is maintained constant at the value required by the customer. The electrical current load is progressively changed from open circuit to short circuit. At each subsequent load point the steady-state temperature difference changes. Therefore, after each load change enough time is allowed for the system to reach thermal steady state. This test procedures runs for a considerably longer period of time.

We can also provide simulated results for a complete constant-heat characteristic at any input thermal power.

Heat Pumping (Peltier Cooling or Heating)

We can provide a combined thermal and electrical characterisation of Peltier modules over a range of test conditions. The test system operates to maintain a constant temperature difference while varying the input electrical power to the Peltier over a range of temperature differences across the device up to 70°C.

Our testing capabilities include: constant hot face temperature (Th) of up to 70°C using a fully automated heater/chiller unit; constant cold face temperature (Tc) varied using an electric heater block. The Peltier electrical power is varied using a DC power supply and the mechanical pressure on the Peltier device is automatically compensated.

All instruments and test procedures are customisable for characterisations of the Peltier device in constant voltage, constant current or constant power mode. The test procedure generates curves for heat removed from the cold side (Qc), heat sunk by the hot side (Qh) and coefficient of performance for heating/cooling (COP).