The School of Computer Science at Reykjavík University

The School of Computer Science at Reykjavík University

To all the Students


The School of Computer Science at Reykjavík University

As a further development of the partnership agreement between CCP and Reykjavík University (2013-2018)

CCP Games ( ) and the School of Computer Science (RU) hereby issue a


The internships are aimed at offering selected students the opportunity to spend a period as an intern at CCP Games.

CCP Games and RU offer up to 6 students a year an internship at CCP Games. Students enrolled in the BSc, MSc, or PhD programs in the School of Computer Science can apply. There are two track options to choose from, one is Basic, where you can get 12 ECTS credits and no stipend or advanced track where you get paid and can get 24 ECTS units.

CCP is looking for an intern to work as a Game Designer on a new game in our Reykjavik studio. We are looking for candidates with a blend of strong design skills, creativity and the independence needed to create something wonderful and new on a small team.

Responsibilities Include:

Design and implement game systems with maintainability and correctness

Work closely with other team members to determine appropriate systems and solutions

Work closely with other team members to find great and inspiring solutions

•Required Experience/Skills:

Ability to prototype and work within Unreal 4

Ability to communicate clearly and work effectively with others

Must pass the CCP Design Assessment/Interview


  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Employee Cards for consumer discounts

Time Commitment:

  • 40 hours per week
  • 1000 - 1600 core hours
  • One course allowed during internship

Require Documents:

  • NDA - Created by the employer for protection
  • University Internship Agreement - Created by the university to cover responsibilities of the university and employer
  • Work permit - Only for Non-EU citizens (Takes around 3 months)


12 weeks - No Stipend

The Basic internship is targeted towards the software developer who is interested in getting a taste of real-world development, but cannot commit to extended durations or larger projects.

Fluent in English

BSc students apply to 12 ECTS if they want to follow this track.


7 Months - 1000EUR Monthly Stipend

BSc students apply to 24 ECTS if they want to follow this track.

Students must submit project or thesis work according to the normal rules and deadlines at RU.

Applicants must:

1. Fill in the application form enclosed to this call,

2. Submit a CV in English

The filled application form and the accompanying CV must be emailed to by 15th of April 2015.

CCP Games and RU will choose the recipients of the scholarships according to a common selection process. The selection results will be sent to the applicants by email.

Reykjavík, 6th of March 2015

DR. Yngvi Björnsson, dean

School of Computer Science


Application Form

Internship at CCP Games





HOME ADDRESS:______CITY:______




Is a student in:

 BSc in Computer Science

 BSc in Software Engineering

 BSc in Discrete Math and Computer Science

 MSc in Computer Science

 MSc in Software Engineering

 PhD in Computer Science

applies for an internship within the agreement between CCP Games and SCS

Chooses to apply for the following activities (BSc level students may tick more than one box):

[ ] Internship alone – no credits awarded at RU

[ ] Work corresponding to two UROP projects - 12 ECTS

[ ] Work corresponding to BSc Final Project - 12 ECTS

[ ] Work corresponding to BSc Final Project and two UROP projects – 24 ECTS

[ ] Work corresponding to one Independent Study (T-749-IDPS) – 8 ECTS

[ ] Work corresponding to two Independent Studies (T-749-IDPS) - 16 ECTS

[ ] MSc Thesis work

[ ] MSc Project work

[ ] PhD Research work

Expected departure period:

[ ] Fall semester 2015

Expected period:

 ] 4 months

 ] 7 months

Area(s) of specific interest):


Please indicate how you believe an internship at CCP Games would help you in your further studies and what you expect to learn from the experience: