The Odyssey - Study Guide

The Odyssey - Study Guide

(pgs. 895 – 964)

Test Date:______

Please bring notebook paper and a pen/pencil for the test. Use this study guide with the book to help prepare.

1) Character Matching

In the space provided write a brief description of each of the following characters.

Odysseus- Eumaeus-

Penelope- Philoetius-

Telemachus- Eurycleia-

Athena- Apollo-

Antinous- The beggar-

Eurymachus- Amphinomus-

Circe- Scylla-

Calypso- Charybdis-

Helios- Polyphemus-

Polites- King Alcinous

Tiresias- Hermes-

The Sirens- The Lotus-

Eurylochus- Aeolus-

2) Multiple Choice

The answers to the following questions will prepare you for the multiple choice section of the test.

-Why has Odysseus left Ithaca in the first place? What happened there?

-What is the danger of the Lotus Flower? What does Odysseus have to do to save his men?

-Why can’t Odysseus kill the Cyclops? What is his plan to escape from the cave?

-What does Odysseus do as he leaves the Cyclops? What are the consequences of his actions?

-What happens to Odysseus’s men in Circe’s house? How is Odysseus able to resist her magic?

- How do Odysseus’ men become immune to the Sirens’ singing? Why is Odysseus tied to the mast?

-What advice does Circe give concerning Scylla and Charybdis? Why doesn’t Odysseus tell his men about them?

-Why does Zeus destroy Odysseus’s last ship? Where does Odysseus end up after this and how long is he there?

-Who is the first person to meet Odysseus when he reaches the shores of Ithaca? What information does he receive from this person?

-How does Odysseus disguise himself?

-What is a suitor? How many of them have taken control of Odysseus’ palace?

-How does Penelope finally decide to choose a suitor? Explain the rules that are involved with this.

- Who are the lead suitors? Describe their personalities.

- Which three characters does Odysseus reveal his true identity to? How does he prove who he is?

-How do the suitors attempt to make up for their crimes against Odysseus? How does Odysseus respond to their requests?

-What are the key to victories for Odysseus and his men during the battle in the great hall?

-What is the test that Penelope gives to Odysseus?

3) Essay

-A major theme in The Odyssey is hospitality (being helpful to people in need if you are a host or a guest). Explain how this theme is important to the story.

- What are the strengths and weaknesses of Odysseus? Think of events from anywhere in the story to support your claims. Is Odysseus a true hero or not?