The ______ Leadership of Governor Ellis Arnall

The ______ Leadership of Governor Ellis Arnall

Name: ______Period: ______
Slotted Notes:
Georgia Studies / Part 1
Topic: Unit 8/The Growth of Georgia After World War II
How did the transformation of agriculture affect Georgia? / After World War ______, Georgia experienced tremendous ______and transformation in several ways:
  1. Changes in ______.
  2. The growth of Atlanta.
  3. The “______” leadership of Governor Ellis Arnall

What changes occurred in agriculture in the post-war period? / Changes in agriculture:
  • ______were no longer needed because of:
The New Deal’s ______
  • A new invention….. ______
  • ______became focused on fewer but ______farms.
1945 – GA had ______farms averaging 105 acres large
1969 – GA had ______farms averaging 500 acres large
  • Farmers reduced the number of ______and turned to a new product:
______= 1/3 of farm output by 1970.
  • Thousands of displaced farmers had to find work elsewhere...

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What factors drove the growth of Atlanta in the post-war period? / After WWI, Atlanta became a ______.
In 1940, ______of Georgians lived in ______areas. By 1976, ______lived in or
near ______...and ______was the largest thanks to:
A. William B. Hartsfield
B. Ivan Allen, Jr.
William B. Hartsfield – a champion and pioneer of advancements in ______throughout his career.
In 1925, he helped purchase the racetrack that became Atlanta’s first ______. It was named ______in 1971. Today it is the ______!!!
He directed the building of Atlanta’s ______system.
Was mayor of ______from the 1930s to the 1960s.
Ivan Allen, Jr.
Became mayor after ______, and served from ______.
Built Atlanta’s Memorial Arts cultural center ($13 million).
Built Atlanta’s Civic Center ($9 million)
Brought in Atlanta’s three major professional sports franchises: the ______
William B. Hartsfield = ______
Ivan Allen, Jr. =______
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What impact did Ellis Arnall have upon Georgia? / The “Progressive” Leadership of Governor Ellis Arnall:
  • Served as ______of Georgia from 1943 – 1947.
  • Considered one of the most ______and effective governors in Georgia history
  • In a major surprise victory, the little known Arnall defeated the legendary ______
______for Governor in 1943.
  • Unlike Talmadge, who often ruled Georgia like a ______, Arnall promised a “______” and made several important changes:
1. ______– Arnall’s TOP PRIORITY; he removed the Governor from
the University of Georgia’s Board of Trustees and restored UGA’s______.
2. Lowered the voting age to ______.
3. Abolished the ______in Georgia
4. Revised the state’s ______
5. Paid off the state ______.
6. A champion of ______reform, ending many practices such as the ______
Arnall = ______
What are five of Governor Ellis Arnall’s major achievements? / What do you remember about…Ellis Arnall?
Time Period / Colonial / Antebellum / Post War / WWWI

Name ______Period _____

In three sentences, summarize explain why goods and services have changed over time:

Time Period / Colonial / Antebellum / 20th Century / Modern Georgia
Means of Trade

Goods and Products: Coming and Going

After completing the chart, use maps to help you determine how each of the following

goods/products should move from Georgia to international markets and from international

markets to Georgia.

1. Coca-Cola:

500,000 crates of 2liter bottles of Classic Coke

From Marietta, GA to Singapore, China

Transportation systems used: in order of use:

2. Empty crates:

100,000 hard sided, will not bend, fold, or stack in each other.

From manufacturing factory in Bainbridge, GA to Bath, Maine

Transportation systems used in order of use:

3. Seafood:

3 picnic size coolers packed with fresh caught GA catfish.

From Warm Springs, GA to London England.

Transportation systems used in order of use:

4. Olives:

100,000 crates from Sienna, Italy to Homerville, GA.

Transportation systems used in order of use:

5. Fabric:

5 bolts of Tartan plaids from Edinburg, Scotland to Atlanta, GA.

Transportation systems used in order of use:

6. Building materials:

6,6000 sheets of sheet rock

From Home Depot in Tifton, GA to Moscow, USSR

Transportation systems used in order of use:

7. Mail:

50 letters from Sapalo Island, Georgia to Sierra Leone, Africa.

Transportation systems used in order of use:

8. Coal:

10,000 lbs.

From Appalachian Plateau of GA to Copenhagen, Denmark.

Transportation systems used in order of use: