The Healing Codes 03.19.20091


The Healing Codes 03.19.20091

The Healing Codes 03.19.20091

Thursday Q&ATom Costello

Tom Costello: This is The Healing Codes question and answer teleconference. My name is Tom Costello and on behalf of The Healing Codes family I welcome you to this call. Tonight in this hemisphere it is March 19, 2009. Everything on this call is being recorded. This recording is available as a download from our website:

This question and answer call is one of several ways that we support our clients in the use of The Healing Codes so that you get the results that you want. We have coaching, either individual or group coaching, that is also a valuable aspect of the support we provide.

I would suggest that these calls give you an opportunity to ask questions about anything regarding the process about which you are uncertain. Remember this key concept. The Healing Codes are designed to reduce stress, reduce stress not increase stress. You are constantly seeking for ways that are more convenient, more comfortable, and less stressful for you as you do them. That literally will allow us to let go of things that no longer serve us. Any questions about doing the Codes – this is a great opportunity to ask about it. I’ll start right in on that in a moment or two.

Our disclaimer is that The Healing Codes are not intended to diagnose or treat any mental or physical conditions or their symptoms. The Healing Codes deal with “issues of the heart”. It is on those spiritual issues that we focus our attention. Additionally the opinions I express are my own opinions. If they serve you I’m pleased. If not, just let them go flying by.

During the call feel free to mute yourself by hitting *6. Then the background noises won’t be heard by anybody else. If you want to ask a question, make a comment, tell a story about your experiences, just hit *6 again, introduce yourself and I’ll recognize you and then you can talk away.

The first order of business I’m going to deal with the reaction of a person receiving The Healing Codes package initially. That is, they see this tremendous amount of information and it looks overwhelming. It’s not really clear sometimes where to start. Let me help deal with that.

The first thing you want to take into consideration is that you don’t want to try so hard to do the Codes perfectly. If you do the Codes, you are doing them right. Relax. Give yourself an automatic grade of 100 for just doing the Codes. There is no single perfect way to do them. If you relax as you do them you are doing them right.

That relaxation is really the key. You don’t want to add additional stress to your life. You just want to settle in and recognize that the additional energy being directed into the healing centers prefaced by your prayer or request which sets your intention, in my opinion. The focus, the Truth Focus Statement, is like giving building plans of a clear nature to a building contractor, your subconscious mind, your body, your innate healing spirit. They will know what to do next. You are delivering “building materials”, that is this additional energy being redirected into the healing centers. The body now will come out of stress. To me that’s a condition of “I don’t have enough energy. I can’t do this. This is overwhelming. This is a problem. I’ve got an issue.” All of a sudden this additional energy on a cellular level can start to shift and allow us to relax. What doesn’t belong to us naturally will start to move away.

Sometimes we recognize the changes in what I call “aha!” moments. That’s not a unique to me phrase – “Aha! Wow. That’s what I thought! No wonder I’ve been bumping into walls.” We can let those things go. It’s almost as if seeing them in a new light – and we are seeing them in a new light. That energy that we are redirecting is light. Our awareness is light. Our wisdom that we have now in 2009 is in fact different than when these images were created years and years and years ago.

Recognize that some of this stuff doesn’t occur consciously. Instead of getting an “aha”, (I didn’t really notice anything. Well, maybe I noticed that I’m a little more relaxed. I’m a little more peaceful. Maybe I’m breathing a little bit more comfortable, but I didn’t really notice anything.) What people do notice is that they find themselves thinking and acting differently. “Oh, I remember when this used to make me really anxious. Now it seems really ordinary or seems like fun. Be aware that you can have these manifestations in multiple ways.

It takes as long as it takes. In self improvement circles years ago when I first started getting involved in this stuff – some 35 years ago, people used the expression of the bamboo. A bamboo plant is famous for not growing. Doesn’t grow, doesn’t grow for weeks, months, even years pass. It doesn’t grow. It’s easy to become discouraged. All of a sudden it grows overnight by inches. Wow, what happened? Sometimes, like in a large building in New York City where I used to life, in order to put up a high rise, a very tall building, you are required to put in a very substantial foundation. If you are just putting up a shack you don’t need a foundation, but if you’re dealing with a significant issue, significant physical or emotional or spiritual issue you are going to want to make sure your foundation is in.

We don’t chase symptoms. We seek to deal on the spiritual, energetic level. How long that takes only the body and you know, and you probably don’t know consciously. Subconsciously you may know. Just recognize that what is happening needs to happen. What needs to happen is happening.

When a person gets The Healing Codes package – I’ve had people say to me, “Well, it’s going to take me a couple of months to read through this and then I’ll be ready to start.” I go, “No, no, noooo…. You don’t want to do it that way.” This is the way you want to do it. Find the Manual. Flip through it to find the pictures that show you how to hold the positions. If your physical condition is very weakened you’re going to want to look at the resting positions. But under normal circumstances look at the regular hand positions and practice them for 90 seconds. Point your fingers at those healing centers. (Right now my hands are pointing at the Bridge). Move through the positions: Bridge, Jaw, Adam’s apple, Temple. Then just mix them up.

Your fingertips are like little flashlights shining from a position about two and a half inches, three inches, two inches, somewhere in that area. There is no perfect distance. That’s what you are shooting for. If you get anywhere close to that distance you’re doing it beautifully. “I can do this.”

I suggest that you take a position. Right now I’m sitting at a desk in a hotel room. I have my elbows propped on the desk. I’m not holding my arms up. They are just resting on the desk. I have my hands pointing at one healing center, another, another. I just lifted my head a little and a little bit more. I could do this for hours if I wanted without any kind of physical effort because I’m not holding my arms up.

In your situation if you’re not using a desk or a table I recommend you use pillows on your lap, in a recliner, on a bed, on the floor, on a chair or sofa. Prop your elbows up so that you’re not holding your arms up. There’s no tiring of the muscles in the shoulders and arms because they are supported by pillows, a desktop or table top. Just move your fingers and hands as you need to to point to specific healing centers.

You’ve now taken a maximum of 90 seconds.

The next thing to do is flip to Day number one of Twelve Days to a Changed Life. We call that Unforgiveness. As I mention frequently, this single category, to me, is miracle making. We make ourselves prisoners by not forgiving people in our past for past events. Primarily we make ourselves prisoners when we don’t forgive ourselves or our Creator. Those, to me, are the two biggies. You’re definitely going to want to handle parents, aunts, uncles, siblings, peers, girlfriends, boyfriends, ex-spouses and all of that. When you’re ready for the big ones you’re going to forgive yourself for anything and everything and you’re going to want to forgive your version of God for anything and everything.

Those are very common challenges. “No, I’m totally right with God.” Depending on your childhood experiences when you prayed for rescue from difficult situations and Jesus or God didn’t walk through the front door like you expected, and you developed an attitude – “You don’t show up when I want you.” They may not show up the way we want, but they do show up. Over time you will recognize this truth. You will be able to look at past events that you perceived as damaging, traumatic, tragic, upsetting, on and on, and you will develop an ability to adopt a new point of view. You will create a new reality about those events and they will turn into blessings.

People who hear that sometimes go, “That’s nonsense.” But in fact when you look deeper, look deeper, look deeper, you will find a blessing in there. If it were an oyster, you will find a pearl. Under that pressure, in a different metaphor, you will find a diamond created by that pressure, by that stress. It’s a question of digging deeply.

My opinion and my belief is that, “It is all good.” It is all good. Now it’s a question of our individual recognition or realization of that. If you’re open to it I suggest that could be a tremendous key to your freedom.

Day number one, you can extend up to 90 seconds practicing the hand positions. Turn to Day 1 and for just a few seconds practice the steps in Code number one. You can make those hand motions. That will take you 10-15 seconds tops. Say a prayer/request. It can be one that we have outlines. That’s a suggestion. It’s only guidelines. It’s not like a church experience that you may have had like I did where you had to memorize a prayer and say it word for word. You didn’t care about the meaning. You just needed to use the words in the proper sequence. We’re the opposite. The words don’t matter. It’s the meaning that matters.

You can say stuff like, “Dear God,” or however you would phrase that. “Dear God, help me to know the truth so I can heal. Amen.” That’s perfectly fine. It could be shorter than that. “Dear God, please help me. Amen.” It can be elaborate. I think it’s better to be more feeling and less wordy, but you’ll develop a sense of that for yourself. Say that prayer/request. The request is for people who have a bad attitude right now, “Me and God are not getting along that well. I’m not going to talk to him or her or it any time soon.” Over time you’re going to heal that. It’s like a refrigerator saying, “I’m mad at that outlet. I refuse to plug in to that outlet.” Okay! That may work for a short period of time, but after a while we’re going to realize that’s not an effective refrigerator.

In the mean time, a prayer/request; ask for what you want. That sets the intention. Say it aloud. Sound is a very powerful thing.

Know what the ideal condition is, not the problem we’re trying to get rid of, but the condition that you want to experience. The focus on that condition you want to experience – what it feels like, smells like, tastes like, looks like, sounds like – not the words but the feeling. It’s more of a picture than a string of words on a piece of paper. Even though we have guidelines for Truth Focus Statements, make your own.

Literally you could open the Manual and in three minutes be doing The Healing Codes. Again, to reiterate, do it in a physically comfortable position. If you don’t have full use of your arms and you can’t move them into those positions, visualize them. Look at those positions and say, “I know what fingertips pointed at the Bridge looks like.” Just imagine that. The intention setting in the prayer/request is very powerful. Then relax about it. One of the first things you’re going to wonder is, “Am I doing it right? Is this perfect? Should I be sitting still? Is this the right pillow?” Don’t try so hard to do the Codes perfectly. Relax into it.

If you’re like me you’re going to want to spend multiple days on Unforgiveness. But, if you’re more normal, spend one day on Unforgiveness and the next day do the same routine with Harmful Actions. The third day, do the same routine with Unhealthy Beliefs. On the fourth day go to Love, then Joy, then Peace, Patience and so on.

If you feel like you want to stay on a given day and work on it more deliberately, go for it. You are the boss. What you have in front of you are the guidelines. You are the boss. It’s your life. You are creating this new, modified version, but you’re doing it. You have that ability, you have that right and you have that responsibility.

Vicky, did that help?

Participant: (Vicky) Somewhat. I’m looking at the little book, the little thing.

Tom Costello: The pocket guide.

Participant: Yes, the Pocket guide. Can you use that with the same steps?

Tom Costello: Absolutely.

Participant: I was confused. I was thinking about Dr. Johnson being healed from ALS. I’m thinking you look for an illness and find what to do. I was confused about what The Healing Codes was.

Tom Costello: Okay. The Code is those sets of hand positions, that sequence, “Point here. Point there. Point there.” That’s what it is.

Participant: Do you have to do one or two? There are Codes one and two

Tom Costello: I would recommend doing one in the morning and depending on your schedule, later doing code number two. Then doing code number one, later doing code number two. It depends on your sense of urgency. If you could get into the state of “I want to” rather than “I have to” – those have different levels of stress involved in them. A “want to” is more fun. A “have to” is stressful because you are required to do it. There is a loss of freedom insinuated in that.

Let me just tell you what Dr. Ben did. Ben did not do introspection. He did not go looking for memories. He did not go digging around looking for childhood experiences that debilitated him. He didn’t do that. What he did was The Healing Codes anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours a day. He never missed a day.

Now, I think there’s another factor in there that Ben doesn’t mention, but I’ve seen it in other people. I say, my opinion, is that it’s there in Ben as well. A sense of purpose. Ben had, or has maybe 5 or 6 or 7 children. When he was diagnosed his youngest child was about 4-5 years old, his daughter. He had children in high school, maybe even in college. He’s got daughters that want to play basketball. He’s got this little one. He’s got those who are trying to graduate from high school and get into college. He’s going, “I’ve got people to feed. I’ve got a family to support! I’ve got things to do. I’m not going anywhere. No way!” That purpose, I believe, activates the ultimate intention which is our desire to heal, to live, to fulfill that particular purpose.

Participant: I was wondering what he did. What you’re saying is he did the simple Day One and Day Two?

Tom Costello: Yep.

Participant: He did them longer than recommended.

Tom Costello: Yes, he did. For your purposes and for everybody else, what you’re going to want to do is no matter how long you do a Healing Code, be sure you have these fundamentals in place. Drink plenty of good water. Breathe. Breathe. Get quality rest. Rest is when a lot of maintenance in the body occurs. You’re not using your energy to move around and do this and do that. Eat decent food, whatever that means to you. Move as well as you can – stretching, walking, whatever is appropriate to your physical condition. That helps the lymphatic system clean metabolic wastes out of the body. When you relax and the cells come out of self-protection and move into the growth mode, they will release the waste products that they’ve been holding on to.

Participant: If people are challenged and can’t exercise like that, what do they do?

Tom Costello: Can you move at all?

Participant: Yes. I have limited mobility and I do a recumbent stepper which you sit in and pump.

Tom Costello: That’s cool.

Participant: I’ll be treated for Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever in a week which is hopefully the root of all my problems – they’ll use massive antibiotics.

Tom Costello: Okay. You are definitely going to want to look at probiotics. Area you familiar with that as a concept?

Participant: Yes. I take them a few times a day.

Tom Costello: Good for you. Breathing – because the lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump. It’s not like the circulatory system which has the heart doing the pumping. The lymphatic system relies on the expansion and contraction of the lungs and on the expansion and contraction of muscles. Taking deep breaths helps the cause. Not only does it oxygenate you, but it facilitates the working of the lymphatic system. Okay? Thanks for being on the call, Vicky.