The Greek Israel Chamber of Commerce & Technology Have the Pleasure of Inviting You To

The Greek Israel Chamber of Commerce & Technology Have the Pleasure of Inviting You To

Under the patronage of the Hon. Mr. Ali Yahya the Israeli Ambassador to Greece with the Israel – Greece Chamber of Commerce in Israel and Vaturi Gr. for Clean Tec Development, we have the honor of inviting you to the conference:

"Sustainable Development and Clean Energy Opportunities for Israel and Greek Markets"

Which will take place in the Titania Hotel, Panepistimiou 52, Athens, on Tuesday 18 March 2008

The conference will be hosted by the Deputy Greek Minister of Commerce, the Hon. Israeli Ambassador to Greece. Mr. Ali Yahya, and Mr. Panagiotis J. Papastavrou - Chairman of HEPO - Hellenic Foreign Trade Board.

With the cooperation of the Greek Embassy in Tel Aviv, the Israeli Export Institute and other Israeli and Greek organizations such as Planet S.A. and Millennium Electric Ltd., MSS Millennium Cyprus the Vaturi Clean Tec Group are organizing a Greek-Israeli conference in Athens which will be based on clean energy technologies such as advanced solar systems for desalination, bio-fuels advanced energy saving systems in buildings, solar towers and more. The main goal of the conference is to promote business cooperation and the sharing of knowledge between Israeli and Greek stakeholders in this area.

The conference aims to achieve greater international trade cooperation between the two countries. In addition, its aim is also to reduce GHG emissions by offering greener and cleaner technologies a platform for investments in these technologies. It will give companies and other stakeholders from both countries the opportunity to contribute towards sustainable development.

The conference will be followed by a reception with clean technology products and sustainable programs. All companies that intend to exhibit at the conference are asked to contact Mr. Asher Vaturi: .

In addition to the conference, bilateral meetings between Israeli and Greek stakeholders will be organized for March 20.

The conference language is English. Please find enclosed a conference program and registration form on the conference website:

For further information, please contact Mrs. Rita Levi, GICCT: Phone: +30.210.6755667 or or

Conference Agenda Draft

Tuesday, March 18 2008

Time / Topic
9:30-10:30 / Registration and welcome
10:30-11:00 / Opening session: Chairman: Adv. Gila Liber-Golan - Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce Israel - Greece.
  • Deputy Greek minister of commerce1
  • The Hon Israeli Ambassador to Greece. Mr. Ali Yahya
  • Mr. Panagiotis J. Papastavrou- Chairman of HEPO - (Hellenic Foreign Trade Board).
  • Mrs. Ronit Golovaty, Israel Export Institute

11:00-13:00 / Morning session. Chairman Mr. Asher Vaturi, ICTAF
  • Introduction for Greek-Israeli business cooperation: the experience so far, Mr. Vassili Paissios President of the Greek Israeli Chamber of Commerce
  • Overview of the Greek clean energy market, Mr. Papastefanakis/ Markos Damasiotis, Cres
  • Alternative energy solutions in Israel: Technology and business trends, Dr. Ofer Alon president & CEO Green Energy Group and Mr. Joel Weill , M&S
  • Lesson learned from the privatization of the Greek Electricity market and the development of renewable technologies, Panagiotis Panotopoulos - PLANET S.A
  • Renewable sources and international environmental law: Some points of convergence and divergence, Adv Christina Folman, The Levinson Environmental Law Firm
  • Technological transfer of clean energy system as a tool for regional development, IRC Athens (Hellenic Innovation Relay Centre)
  • Energy efficiency measures throughout on-line automatic fouling mitigation of industrial heat exchangers, Chemi Sugarmen, C.Q.M

13:00-14:00 / Lunch
14:00-15:15 / Afternoon parallel panel sessions
A. Applications of advanced solar technologies, Chairman: Mr. Ami Elazari, Millennium Electric
  • PV System Pay Back time: a comparison between Normal PV ,PVT and PVT CO-generation Mr. Ami Elazari & Mr. Doros Droushiotis, MSS Cyprus
  • Solar air condition systems, Joe Gamliel, GJ Electric Solar Inc.
  • Solar desalination, Avraham Ophir, IDE Technologies

B. Financial tools for implementing clean energy projects, Chairman: Mr. Menashe Zelica, LimaTrade
  • Business model for investing in clean Tec technologies, Dimitrios Kanellopoulos, Public Power Corporation S.A.
  • Comparative investing policies in green Tec, Ernst & Young (Greece)
  • International emission trade international market and the development of clean energy technologies, Dr Noam Gressel, Asif Technologies
  • Building your company's Environmental Corporate Responsibility, Liad Ortar, ARKADA

15:15-15:30 / Coffee break
15:30-16:45 / Afternoon parallel panel sessions (cont.)
B. Applications of advanced renewable technologies, Chairman: Dr. Papastefanakis, Cres
  • Integration of renewable energy systems in national electricity generation, Dimitrios Kanellopoulos , Public Power Corporation
  • Distribution of PV solar systems in developing areas, Mr. Alon Tamari, Solar Power Ltd.
  • Solar Tower , Professor Samuel Alhasid, Israeli Technion

A. Energy and sustainable development, Chairman : ELIAS MESSINAS
  • Clean energy perspective in regional development of rural areas, Dr. Ronit Marton, DMR
  • Energy consumption monitoring in municipal buildings via the internet, Nikos Tourlis, LDK
  • Policies and strategies of sustainable development in Athens, ELIAS MESSINAS , Int'l Assoc. AIA ARCHITECT

1 - Not confirmed yet

Wednesday, March 19 2008

Field trip to the solar village in north Athens, wind park, Greek national hydrogen project, and Cape Sounio.

Wednesday, March 19 2008 (evening)

Conference reception honored by the Israeli Ambassador in Greece.

Thursday, March 20 2008

Bilateral meetings.