The End of America

The End of America

Iran Sets Us Up




Howard Bloom


Amara Angelica

“War is deception”, said Mohammed.And Mohammed did more than pontificate. He acted. Hecommanded 65 military campaigns and became known as "Mohammed the Conqueror". What's more, Mohammed is the model all men must follow to achieve truth and justice. Which means righteous men must make war. And righteous men must pull the wool over the eyes of their enemies.

No one knows this better than the rulers of Iran.In theearly2000s,Iran sent us a string of alleged Iraqi defectors, defectors who gave us precise information on the nuclear weapons component manufacturing facilities scattered around the Iraqi landscape and on Saddam Hussein’s bioweapons labs hidden in refrigerated trucks. These “informants” gave us vivid eyewitness accounts of the weapons of mass destruction that Saddam Hussein could mobilize within 48 hours to attack Britain and the US.

Iran channeled these defectors to the White House, the Pentagon, the CIA, and congress through a lobbyist with a two-decade-long track record of relationship-building in Washington--Ahmad Chalabi.

Thus Iran luredthe United Statesinto doingseven things:

  • Knocking Saddam Hussein out of power, somethingIran previously tried at a cost of 8 years, $1.9 trillion, and a million lives. Training phony Iraqi defectors, by contrast, can be done in a few weeks and costs a pittance.
  • Making Iraqvulnerable to a "democratic"takeover by the onlypolitical partySaddam could not wipe out--the Shiite mosque network, which is conveniently controlled by Iran.
  • Shipping--at our own expense--roughly 200,000 American troops and a large number of naval vesselsinto easy missile range of Iran.
  • Discrediting ourselves in the eyes of the world.
  • Overextending our military.
  • Nearly bankrupting ourselves.
  • And making us doubt future claims of weapons leveled against us, claims like this one.

Next Iran waved a nuclear flag in our face for a year--doing it with theatrics, pictures, speeches, dances, the whole nine yards. This accomplished three things:

  • It tempted us toconsider a preemptive strike, motivating us to move, once again at our own expense, three carrier groups and one assault-ship group—roughly 35 vessels…and sometimes nearly four times that number--within range of Iran's missiles.
  • It humiliated us publicly, made us look murderous and powerless, and rapidly raisedIran's standing in the pecking order of nations
  • And it gave us the impression that Iran is still at least two to ten years away from having a nuclear weapon.

Meanwhile, Iran was a major financierof the nuclear efforts of A.Q. Khan and the Pakistanis, who perfected what they called "The Islamic Bomb"--a miniaturized, warhead-ready device--in 1998. The working arrangement between the Iranians, Khan, and Pakistan?Iran purchased every kind of bomb-making equipment and know-how Khan was able to produce. Iran used what it bought to build its own nuclear bomb-making facilities. Which means there's compelling evidence that Iran has been building a nuclear warhead stockpile since at least 1998.

Iran also perfectednuclear-capable missiles with a 1,200 mile range. Itrefined its short and medium range missiles in combat by getting Hezbollah to provoke a war with Israel in Lebanon. In that war Hezbollah, an Iranian proxy group, test fired 4,000 missiles on towns like Haifa and Tsfat. And at war’s end, Hezbollah claimed it had 20,000 of these missiles left. Was this typical Arab exaggeration, or a demonstration of the fact that Iranwas operating a successful missile-mass-production industry?

In addition, Iran purchased Russian Sunburn missiles, missiles that zigzag over waves at 2.2 mach and are designed to carry a warhead with the power of six Hiroshima bombs. This missile is an aircraft carrier killer. But it's just one of many anti-ship missiles the Iranians have in their possession.

Iran’s missiles can nearly rip a medium-sized ship, a destroyer, apart if they are tipped with conventional weapons.But if they are tipped with nuclear warheads, they can melt America’s biggest vessels—our aircraft carriers and massive assault ships--down to the waterline.

Now imagine the next move. Iran tempts the US into a minor preemptive attack, one in which we are restrained by what Iran's founding father, the Ayatollah Khomeini,called with contempt "your 'humanitarian' scruples", scruples Khomeini informed us “are more childish than reasonable." This justifies Iran in counter-attack. That counterattack is achieved with nuclear missiles, missiles that wipe out the torso of our military, the 200,000 troops in the Middle East. Missiles that also wipe out a third of our navy.

The words of the Qur'an and of Mohammed orderbelievers todefeat their foes by sowing diarrheic terror in the hearts and bowels of their enemies. To achieve this goal,Iran also incinerates Israel.

America ceases to be a superpower overnight.Europe, cowed and terrified, does a Neville Chamberlain and slowly becomes Eurabia. And the Iranian IslamicRevolution becomes a global force, a big and a frightening one.

But don't the Iranians fear a US nuclear retaliation. No. Why? Asone of Iran's leaders, former president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, saidabout Israel, a nuclear attack on Iran’s enemies would wipe those enemies out. But a nuclear attack back would just make one scratch on the 13,500-mile-wide world of Islam. What’s more, any Iranians killed would go straight to paradise. Life in Iran is hard. The average Iranian’s income has shrunk by over 20% since the mullahs took over. But paradise is, well, it’s paradise.

What happens if Iran decides not to exercise its nuclear option? Iran may use its uranium-and-missile-waving face-offs with America to establish hegemony over the Persian Gulf, control over 66% of the world's oil reserves , control over the sea lanes through which 40% of our oil travels daily, control over the world's economy via a stranglehold over oil prices, and the first step toward a role as the Middle East’s new land superpower once we grow exhausted in Iraq, approach Iran with "diplomacy", and say yes to Iran’s eventual kindly offer to take Iraq off our hands. Iran will then pacify Iraq as an Islamic Revolutionary power following the truths of the Ayatollah, the same truths Hezbollah follows today. This will give Iran a puppet government and a de facto province that increases its size 27% , bulks up its population by 42% , nearly doubles its oil reserves , and whose military adds manpower—complete with US weapons and training--to the Iranian combat and doomsday machine.

We have been weakened by the picadors. Now it’s Iran’s nuclear red flag, its toreador-like waving of nuclear deeds and nuclear disinformation, that could deal the blow of death.