The 3 4 Rectangle Is Placed on the Graph with Point P at the Origin and Line Segment Placed

The 3 4 Rectangle Is Placed on the Graph with Point P at the Origin and Line Segment Placed


Use the graph and the rectangle below to answer this question.

The 3 × 4 rectangle is placed on the graph with point P at the origin and line segment placed on the positive x-axis. What are the coordinates of point R?



In the trapezoid below, the measure of angle A equals the measure of angle D. Also, the measure of angle B equals the measure of angle C.

What is the measure of angle A?


3. Which figure appears when a coin is standing on edge and spinning in place?


4. Rich's lawn mower uses 1.2 gallons of gasoline for every hour of operation. He cut the grass from 6:30 to 8:30 on Tuesday evening and from 6:15 to 8:45 on Wednesday evening. How much gasoline did he use in all, on those two evenings?

4.5 gallons
5.4 gallons
5.7 gallons
54 gallons

5. Glen's father has no tape measure but needs to estimate the area of a room to purchase carpet. All he has to measure with is string. If he wants to estimate the size of the room in square yards, he should use string as long as which of the following?

the width of his hand
the length of his foot
the distance from the floor to his head
the distance from his nose to the end of his outstretched arm

6. A faucet leaks at the rate of 2 ounces per minute. Approximately how many gallons of water will be wasted in one day?

10 gallons
20 gallons
100 gallons
200 gallons

7. Rhonda has a bag containing 5 green marbles, 7 blue marbles, and 4 white marbles. How many white marbles must she add to the bag so that the probability of drawing a white marble is ?


8. 140 students signed up for football. At the first practice 5% were absent. How many students were absent?


9. Mount Katahdin, the highest point in Maine, is 5,267 feet above sea level. A part of Casco Bay is 246 feet below sea level. What is the difference between these two levels?

4,979 feet
5,021 feet
5,503 feet
5,513 feet

10. A Fun Run was advertised as 7.5 km long. When measured, it was found to be 7.44 km long. How much longer does it need to be to match the advertised length?

0.06 km
0.49 km
0.6 km
0.94 km

11. Shanelle and Chin are playing a new board game using green and yellow chips. Each green chip is worth +1 point. Each yellow chip is worth -1 point. If Shanelle has 7 green chips and 25 yellow chips, which is her score?


12. Which statement is true about the quotient of a whole number divided by a positive proper fraction?

The quotient will be greater than the whole number.
The quotient will be less than the whole number.
The quotient will be about the same as the whole number.
You cannot tell without knowing the value of the whole number.

13. Which of the following shows the numbers ordered from least to greatest?

0.31, 0.04, 0.6, 0.007
0.007, 0.04, 0.31, 0.6
0.6, 0.31, 0.04, 0.007
0.007, 0.31, 0.04, 0.6

14. Round 462.796 to the nearest hundredth.


15. What does the 2 stand for in the number 96.2134?

2 ones
2 tens
2 tenths
2 thousandths

16. Which number represents the portion of the three bars that is shaded?


17. If x = 3 and y = 5, what does 3(4y - 2x) equal?



Use the table below to answer this question.
Day (d) / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
Result (r) / 3 / 5 / 7 / 9 / 11

Which of the following equations represents the relationship between d and r in this table?

r = d + 2
r = d - 2
r = 2d - 1
r = 2d + 1

19. If y = 4x + 6 and x = 4, what is the value of y?


20. Andy is planning a 12-mile bike trip. In planning his trip, he uses the equation r = , where t represents time and r represents rate. If the amount of time Andy needs to travel the 12 miles increases, what happens to his rate?

His rate increases.
His rate decreases.
There is no change.
Not enough information is given.

21. The soccer team scored 3 goals in each of their first two games, 7 goals in the next game, and 2 goals in each of the last four games. What was the average (mean) number of goals the team scored per game?


22. A painter is to mix green and yellow paint in a ratio of 4 to 7 to obtain the color he wants. If he has 28 liters of green paint, how many liters of yellow paint should be added?


23. Erin flips a fair coin 6 times. On the 6th toss, what is the probability that her coin will land on "heads"?

You have to know what happened on the first 5 tosses.

24. Which of the following graphs most likely shows the rate of speed of an athlete who first swims for 20 minutes, then runs for 20 minutes, and finally cycles for 20 minutes?

25. Kara made this year's garden wider and longer than last year's. Which of the following is true?

The area of the garden has increased but not the perimeter.
The perimeter of the garden has increased but not the area.
Both the area and the perimeter have increased.
Neither the area nor the perimeter has increased.