Terms and Conditions the Hunting Agency

Terms and Conditions the Hunting Agency

Terms and conditions – The Hunting Agency

What is the Hunting Agency?

The Hunting Agency (THA) is a UK-based company promoting ethical, sustainable hunting across a variety of geographical locations. THA is owned and operated by Rupert ‘Roo’ Ellis who is a UK-registered Firearms and Shotgun licence holder who is recognised as a ‘mentor’ by local UK Police Authorities, to guide and supervise novice hunters in the art of deer stalking. In addition, Roo is a member of the British Association of Shooting and Conservation and a sponsoring member of the Namibian Professional Hunting Association. . We do not offer sole-agency terms within any of our current locations and only work with reputable, established professional hunters who are members of their local Hunting Association.

How will we promote you?

We market ourselves and our clients through predominantly web-based advertising and promotion although this is complimented by targeted media advertising where appropriate. In addition, we endeavour to make ourselves available to prospective visitors through touring and localised PR activities and look to provide a personal, friendly service to prospective hunters the world over. In addition to our agency website ( we also own and operate the ‘Safari Search Engine’ ( which we will use to market and promote our clients online.

Our Service

We will act on behalf of our outfitters in a transparent, professional manner and will act with integrity at all times. We will liaise with each prospective client, discuss and agree their expectations and personal requirements before taking their booking and deposit and will maintain contact with those visitors in the time leading up to their safari and will continue to provide post-safari support once they return home!

Deposits and Payment

We will work with our Outfitters rates and terms and will collect a deposit equal to 50% of the total anticipated tour cost, plus VAT at your local rate, at the time of confirming a booking. We will retain our percentage and will forward the balance to you once the funds have cleared our bankers. We will instruct the hunting client of your payment terms for the balance at the time of confirming the booking with them and will provide copies of this correspondence for the outfitter at the time of booking.


We charge a standard 15% commission calculated on the total booking price of the hunting tour excluding local VAT. Any additional trophies taken during our client’s visit with you will also be subject to this commission although we believe that the relationships that we are looking to forge with professional hunting outfitters will be such that these additional sums can be dealt with informally as future bookings are made via our agency.

Cancellations and Refunds

We will endeavour to work with each outfitter’s terms and conditions although when it comes to cancellations and refunds, we do have a specific policy designed to reassure our European clients of our integrity. Therefore, while we will take a 50% deposit based on the anticipated cost of the desired tour, should the client cancel within 3 months of the first day of the commencement of their Safari, then we will extend a full refund less a $500 USA administration charge – this will be split 50-50 between THA and the Outfitter.

In the event of a cancellation, or if you have a free window in your bookings or any special offers that you may want to promote, please let us know as we will be delighted to make a feature of this on both THA website and the Safari Search Engine!

Personal visits from THA

In order to enthuse about our outfitters and their activities, it really helps to have first met and hunted with them – after all, our clients will want to hear from us what your company can offer them and what it’s really like! As you will appreciate, we are hunting enthusiasts too, that’s why we’re in this business, and so it will give us great pleasure to visit with you and get to know your business on a first-hand basis. Hopefully we will be in a position to make that visit with paying visitors and kill two birds with the same stone, although it may be appropriate for us to visit independently should that facility be available and appropriate.

Payment information and International Banking

It would appear that in order for us to make payments to you directly, the information that we need from your bankers is as follows:

Bank name / Bank Address / Bank Account name and number / Swift Code / IBAN details PLUS for many international transactions we will also need your intermediary Bank Information – again this will come with a Swift Code and an ABA number – your bank will have this information.

Our Banking information is as follows:

Lloyds TSB Bank Plc, Rowcroft Stroud Branch code 30-98-29, A/c name = RFJ Ellis t/a The Hunting Agency no. 3439835, BIC - LOYDGB21056, IBAN - GB50 LOYD 3098 2903 4398 35

If you have any questions, please feel free to call, email or fax us at any time – thank you!

The Hunting Agency, PO Box 151, Stroud, Glos, GL6 8XT, England, UK

Mobile. +44 (0) 7909 888333 Fax. +44 (0) 870 872 0307

e-mail: web: