Teacher:Sra. Luzardo

Teacher:Sra. Luzardo

Language B/ Spanish IV

Teacher:Sra. Luzardo



Course Overview 2016-2017

The goal of the Spanish 4-IB language class is to prepare students to be successful in the IB Spanish Language Exam (Senior Year). Students complete a thorough review of grammar and conjugations and build their proficiency in the areas of speaking, listening, writing, reading, and vocabulary. Students are expected to comprehend formal and informal spoken Spanish, develop a vocabulary for reading newspaper and magazine articles, as well as Spanish literature from the 17th to 20th centuries.

This course will support and prepare students for the first year of the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum requirements for Group 2 Language B (Second Language-Spanish), SL-HL. This class is conducted entirely in Spanish and all students are expected to actively participate in class activities. Instruction is presented in a rigorous immersion learning environment to prepare students for the challenging IB second language assessments. Through these experiences, students will gain linguistic knowledge, communication skills, and cultural awareness as well as develop an appreciation for the diversity of Hispanic culture through an exploration of the art, literature, film and music of the Hispanic world.


Social Objectives- Students should be able to:

· Respond to the complex demands of day-to-day communication

· Obtain, process and evaluate information from written and oral sources

· Express ideas clearly in the target language with accuracy and fluency

· Communicate and correspond with users of the target language in both formal and informal situations

· Express views and opinions on issues of general interest

· Express feelings

Academic Objectives-Students should be able to:

· Demonstrate accuracy and some variety in their use of the spoken and written language

· Understand and respond appropriately to the spoken and written language

· Enter discussions and express opinions

· Select appropriate register and style in conversation, writing and compose expository passages

Cultural Objectives-Students should be able to:

Through the study of a variety of texts and social interaction develop awareness and appreciation of the different perspectives of people from other cultures.

Discipline Rules:

  1. Be in room when the bell rings
  2. Bring all needed materials to class
  3. Be in your seat and ready to work when the class begins
  4. Show respect for your classroom and other people’s property
  5. Raise hand and wait for permission to talk or to leave the classroom
  6. Obey all school rules

*failure to follow these guidelines may result in one or more of the following consequences:

  • Verbal warning
  • Conference with me
  • Parental contact
  • Detention
  • Discipline referral

Expectativas de la clase

  2. Turn in homework
  3. If absent the previous day, check with classmates/teacher for missed work ( your responsibility)
  4. Get ready for class by taking out your supplies and starting on the warm-up immediately. DO NOT WAIT FOR THE BELL TO RING AND THE TEACHER TO INSTRUCT YOU TO GET STARTED ON THE WARM-UP.
  5. Complete your warm-up and wait for the teacher to give you a signal to begin class.
  6. Do not talk while the teacher is talking or giving instructions
  7. Make sure you keep the room clean by keeping trash off the floors. Check to make sure that you have all your supplies before leaving the room.

Required Spanish Class Supplies:

  • Binder ( 2 inches) with five tab dividers
  • 1 spiral notebook
  • Writing paper
  • Pencils and pens
  • Spanish/English dictionary

*Other supplies will be required during the school year. (glue, color pencils, scissors, etc…)

Spanish Binder Format

Five tabs dividers with these headings :

  1. References : Class Guidelines, syllabus with assignments , information …
  2. Warm –ups ( do now)
  3. Handouts
  4. Graded papers: Test, quizzes, classroom assignments, tareas, exit tickets
  5. Notes
  • Daily up-keep of your binder is essential.

Grading: A 100% - 90% B 89% - 80%

C 79% - 70%F Less than 70%

Major assessments (tests and major assignments)...... ……...... 50%

Minor assessments...... 35%

  • Class work , Pop-quizzes, Vocab. quizzes , homework……………… 10%
  • Grammar Quizzes, small projects …………………...... 25%



Homework will be assigned to reinforce classroom activities or new vocabulary. Please keep in mind that you are learning a foreign language, and that requires daily practice. Homework is due AT THE BEGINNING OF CLASS. Homework that is completed on time and indicates that you made an effort will receive credit.


• Please inform me if you know you are going to be absent

• You are responsible for checking on missed assignments

• In case of an excused absence, you will be given one extra class day to complete your work for each day you missed

• If you are absent the class day prior to the due date of an assessment or the day of a test assigned at least 5 calendar days prior, but are present the due date of the assessment/test, the assessment is due that class day

Late work and missing assignments:

  1. A student who does not complete an assignment will receive:
  • A maximum of 70 if the assignment is turned in after class
  • A 0 if the assignment is not turn in
  1. This policy applies to BOTH minor and major grades. It is imperative that you schedule make-up exams promptly when you have missed class.



If the classroom door is already closed when you arrive, you are tardy!

You will receive a detention unless you have a pass from a teacher, an administrator or the attendance office.

Uniform Code: You will receive a detention if you do not follow the North Hills School’s dress code as described in the Student Handbook.


Participation is a key element in Spanish class. Students are graded daily on effort, willingness to try in Spanish rather than depend on English following directions, attentiveness and preparation for class. A student is not penalized for mispronunciation or grammar mistakes during classroom participation

If you come to class daily, do all of your assignments on time and to the best of your ability, study for quizzes and tests, participate and be attentive during class, and ask questions about any confusing material, you will have a successful year in Spanish.


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