Teacher Recommendations (Can Be Current Teachers Or Teachers from Last Year)

Teacher Recommendations (Can Be Current Teachers Or Teachers from Last Year)

Vex Robotics Team

So you want to be a part of the VEX robotics team? AWESOME! Vex and the VEX competitions are an amazing experience. Basically, we will form two teams with 6 students on each team. The teams will review the current VEX challenge, and then start designing. They will each build their design and test it out several times. In November/December we will attend at least one competition. Depending on the outcome, we could advance to a state competition or even Worlds.

Being on a VEX team is a commitment. We will need to meet at least once each week after school to design, build, test, rework, and get ready for competitions. We might even meet more than once a week as we get close to a competition day. We will attend at least one competition, which will be on a Saturday and it will most likely last all day. This can be a problem for students who are active in school sports because it can potentially mean missing one practice a week to come to VEX practice. We can’t have members who do not attend our weekly practices because we need everyone contributing to our engineering design process so that we can be successful. We can work it out with your coaches, but if you are planning to play a sport each quarter, this might not be for you.

If you are interested and think you can make the time commitment, please fill out the application on the next page and return it to Mrs. Marlatt by Monday August 22nd. If you aren’t selected for one of the teams, no worries. You can apply next year and let Mrs. Marlatt know if you would still like to come and learn how to use the VEX robots.

Name: ______


Teacher Recommendations (can be current teachers or teachers from last year):

  1. ______
  1. ______
  1. ______

This team will have to work hard to complete their robot before the competition. It will require continual attendance at the team meetings as well as at the competition. Meetings will be once a week until November and then most likely twice a week until competition, depending on team needs. Please answer the following questions:

  1. Are you planning on playing sports in the 1st, 2ndor 3rd quarter (cross country, girls softball, football, soccer, basketball or wrestling)? List the sports you plan to be involved in: ______
  2. Are you on any other teams/groups that have regular meetings that might get in the way of participation (OM, other non school groups/events)?


  1. Which days work best for you to have meetings from after school until 5:15 (circle all that apply)


  1. Tell me why you want to be a part of this team.


Parent permission:

I give my student permission to participate in the VEX robotics team. I understand the time requirements and will help to make sure my student participates in all activities.

Parent name: ______Parent Signature: ______

Email address: ______