T1 Checklist for Clients

T1 Checklist for Clients

Tax Year Name

General InformationYesNo

  • First time client:
  • Provide the following:
  • Social insurance number
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Have you changed your:


-Marital Status

(Married, Common-Law, Widowed, Divorced, Separated, Single)

-Mailing address from last year

-Phone number

  • Do you and your spouse live apart?
  • Do you have any new dependents?
  • Do you own any foreign property in excess of $100,000 Canadian?

(Including cash, stocks, trusts, partnerships, real estate, and other property)

  • Would you like to use direct deposit for any refund amounts?
  • Will any dependents turn 19 during the year?
  • Are you providing in-home care for a parent or grandparent over the age of 65 or an infirm dependent relative?  
  • Are you or any of your dependents disabled?
  • Have you received information on the registered disability savings plan?
  • Have you applied for the Universal Child Care Benefits for children under 6?  
  • Have you applied for Canadian Child Tax Benefit for new dependents?


  • Individuals over 18 may deposit up to $5,000 per year into a Tax-Free savings account?  
  • Have you over-contributed to your RRSP or your TFSA; penalties may apply?  
  • Did you receive any personalized tax information from CRA?
  • Are you a US citizen or a green card holder?

Revenue InformationYesNo

  • Did you receive any Notices from CRA for reassessments?
  • Did you have any employment income (T4’s)?
  • Do you earn any commission income?
  • Have you received any pension income or retiring allowances in

the year?

  • Have you considered splitting your pension income with your spouse?
  • Did you receive any Employment Insurance payments?
  • Did you earn any interest or dividend income (T5’s)?
  • Did you earn any income from a trust (T3’s)?
  • Do you own any strip bonds or coupon bonds?
  • Did you have any other investment income?
  • Do you own any rental property? Please provide the address.
  • Have you sold any investments, shares (including switching products in a mutual fund), or real estate in the year? Please provide the details of each sale transaction including original purchase price, sale price, and cost incurred for the sale.
  • Do you own shares or debt of a privately controlled corporation?
  • Did you transfer or sell shares of a privately controlled corporation? Please provide the date, original purchase price, and purchase price.  


  • Did you transfer farming or fishing property to children or grandchildren in the year? Please provide the date, original purchase price, and transfer value.  
  • Did you have a 1994 election on farm property?
  • Are you receiving any alimony, separation allowance, or child maintenance payments?  
  • Were there any transfers of property as a result of separation?
  • Did you cash in any RRSP’s?
  • Are you self-employed (i.e. run your own business or are you a member of a partnership)? What type of business is it?  
  • Have you received any scholarships, fellowships, or bursaries?
  • Did you (or will you) receive a retiring allowance or severance pay?
  • Did you receive a T10 slip for a Pension Adjustment Reversal?
  • Did you receive any retroactive lump sum payments?
  • Do you have any other sources of income(i.e. stock option plans, professional fees, director fees)?  

Expense InformationYesNo

  • Did you purchase any RRSP’s?
  • Are you involved in the RRSP Home Buyers Plan or Lifelong Learning


  • Are you a first time homebuyer?
  • Are you between 65 and 70? If so, you are eligible to elect top stop

paying CPP on employment or self-employment income if you are

receiving CPP benefits.

  • Have you paid union dues or any professional fees in the year?
  • Did you incur any child care expenses to earn income?
  • Was any interest paid on qualifying student loans?
  • Have you changed residences, more than 40km closer to work or school?
  • Did you pay any alimony, separation allowance or child maintenance?


  • Do you pay for a Safety Deposit Box?
  • Have you paid interest on money borrowed to purchase investments?
  • Did you pay back any Employment Insurance in the year?
  • Did you or your dependents incur any post secondary tuition fees?
  • Did you or your dependents move to attend post secondary?
  • Did you have significant medical costs in the past year?

(includes: Blue Cross Premiums, Travel Insurance, Mileage to Specialists,

Prescriptions, Dental, Glasses, disability support expenses, etc.)  

  • Did you make any donations or political contributions this year?
  • Did you make any installments to CRA?
  • Did you have any employment related expenses (e.g. supply goods)?
  • Did you have any of the following self-employment expenses:
  • Advertising
  • Bad debts
  • Convention expenses
  • Disability modifications
  • Insurance
  • Interest and borrowing charges
  • Health insurance premiums
  • Home office
  • Square footage of home office
  • Mortgage interest or rent
  • Property taxes
  • Home insurance
  • Annual utilities (heat, power, water, sewer)
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Leasing costs
  • Meals expense
  • Office expense (telephone, fax, internet, stationary, tools)
  • Professional membership fees


  • Did you have any of the following self-employment expenses (cont’d):
  • Professional service fees
  • Salaries paid
  • Travel
  • Automobile
  • Do you own or lease?
  • Lease costs per month
  • Interest cost per month
  • Kilometers driven for business purposes
  • Total kilometers driven for business purposes
  • Fuel expense
  • Car insurance
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Parking expenses
  • Equipment purchased
  • Any tools acquired by an apprentice vehicle mechanic (apprenticeship grant eligibility)?  
  • As an employee, did you acquire any tradesperson’s tools?
  • Did you have any adoption related expenses?
  • Did you acquire any public transit passes?
  • Did your children under the age of 16 incur costs for programs of

physical activity or arts program?

  • Did you have any business research and development expenses?
  • Did you incur any clergy residence costs?
  • Did you have any investment counsel fees?

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