Sustainer of the Year Award

Sustainer of the Year Award

Pat Gustke

Sustainer of the Year Award

2017 Nomination Form

Award Description: Each year, the Pat Gustke Sustainer of the Year award is given up to three League Su8stainers who embody the League’s Mission. Winners display a sustained commitment to their volunteer work and serve as inspirational role models for all members of the League and our community. Sustainers may be nominated for a single community contribution or the total scope of their volunteer involvement. The winner(s) will be honored at the Spring Sustainer Dinner on May 18, 2017, and presented with a cash stipend for the organization of the winner’s choice. Because this award honors volunteer efforts, time spent in paid positions will not be considered. The Nomination Form is also available on the JLSJ website.

Nominees will be evaluated on the basis of the written information submitted with this nomination. A maximum of three pages of written support materials may be included (i.e. a letter of support from an organization in which the Sustainer is involved, printed news articles about the Sustainer’s accomplishments, etc.) Prior Pat Gustke Sustainer of the Year Award Winners are not eligible.

Chair: Margaret E. Nanda

2017 Committee Members: Mary Danna, Tricia Niederauer, Jean Rummelhoff, Lexie Schroeder







Year joined the Junior League of San Jose (JLSJ or other Junior League):

Positions held in JLSJ as a Sustainer (if applicable):

Nominated By:



COMMENTS: To be completed on a separate sheet

1. Describe the nominee’s volunteer activities and community involvement. Please provide specific examples of how her actions are building a better community.

2. How do her creativity, dedication, leadership and abilities inspire and nurture those around her? Please provide specific examples.

3. How has her League training and experience influenced her continued service as a volunteer?

4. What additional information do you feel is important in considering this nominee?

You may attach up to 3 additional supporting pages of documentation.

Please return this form no later than March 15, 2017.

Margaret E. Nanda, Chair

or 19580 Bainter Way, Los Gatos, CA 95030

Should you have questions, please call me at 408.892.9943 (cell).

Past Pat Gustke Award Winners

1988 Ann Danner, Pat Gustke, Char McAulay

1989 Emily Dorr, Carol Peters, Jan Willoughby

1990 Sue Giannini, Marita Trobough, Molly Swenson

1991 Joanne Moore, Alice Orth, Julie Rinehart, Andrea Thomas

1992 Clink Anderson, Susan Geist, Gladie Rabitz

1993 Carolyn Letween, Carol Hutchinson, Dale Boyle

1994 Annie Cavallaro, Gayle Jones, Judy Peckler

1995 Nora Manchester, Gay Crawford, Joan Bose

1996 Marion Lyon, Masel Sheehan, Ann Whyte

1997 Barbara Bocks, Kathie Fox, Joanne Rodgers

1998 Joanne Benjamin, Barbara Campisi

1999 Susan Hammer

2000 Carolyn McCoid, Cynthia Ruby

2001 Vickie Cupples, Judy Levin

2002 Judy Nadler, Dianne Van Voorhis, Sue Wuerflein

2003 Joselle Kryder, Linda Rossen, Lynne Seay

2004 Sherrill Kenny, Cindy Summers

2005 Donna Butcher

2006 Louise Pahl

2007 Molly Fezell, Tina Pidwell, Charlene Raisch

2008 Mary Kay Marvin, Vilma Pallette

2009 Leslie Chamberlin, Liz Crites

2010 Linda Graham, Martha Lazarakis

2011 Margaret Nanda

2012 Jennifer Packard, Kristi Saso

2013 Karyn Gramling, Lola Cox

2014 Mary Danna, Barbara Hansen, Marcia Riedel

2015 Karen McKay, Kathleen Muller, Leah Schoor

2016 Diana Gilbert, Stephanie Bielanski-Fehr