Supplies:(Please Obtain by Monday August 8 )

Supplies:(Please Obtain by Monday August 8 )

Supplies:(please obtain by Monday August 8 )

One-inch, hard cover, three ring binder

5 section dividers for the binder

Packet of graph paper

Loose leaf paper with lines

Graphing calculator (see letter)

Pencils (All homework, tests and quizzes must be done in pencil)

Expectations: RESPECT

Be prepared for class (textbook, binder, pencil, etc)

Keep cell phones from being a distraction from learning

Keep the classroom clean by not bringing in food or drinks unless it is water in a bottle

Stay engaged until class is over. Many times this means staying at your seat.


Manage your passing period time in order to be ready for class. Being on time is an important life skill. It is a sign of responsibility and respect. Consequences for not being on time are outlined in student handbook.


Regular attendance is very important to help you succeed in this class. When a student is absent, it is that student’s responsibility to check It’s Learning and then come to me to get the missed assignment. The student will be responsible for the notes that were given that day (talk to someone you trust for accurate notes). If you have a preplanned absence talk to me before you are going to be gone.

It’s Learning:

I will post assignments on It’s Learning on the Bulletin Board. Please refer to this when absent.


Grades are weighted as follows: Assignments 20%, Quizzes 35%, Tests 45%.

The grading scale is

98% +A+ 78-79%C+






59% and below F

Mathematics Binder

Divider Sections

Warm up / Weekly Review Problems: This section will include warm up problem sheet. Every chapter test will include a previously discussed warm up problem.

Study Guides: This section should have study guides from each chapter that we do in class.

Homework: This section is for completed homework assignments and assignments done in class. Each problem should also be labeled with the problem number. Problem solutions should include any work you do to solve the problem and complete sentences when you are asked to explain your solution. You should also keep some blank paper in this section.

Quizzes: When you get back a quiz, you should put it in this section.

Tests: When you get back a test, you should put this in this section. You will be allowed to retake one test per quarter after completing corrections. You will have one week after you are handed the test back to retake the test. This will be done outside of class time.