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December 1, 2004


The following is a brief summary of the new and revised paragraphs in the Standard for The Standard For Motor-Operated Household Food Preparing Machines, UL 982, which have a future Effective Date of April 6, 2006 and the action that may be required to determine compliance.

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30.4.3, 44, 70.2(h) / Blenders with openings on the perimeter of the cover for pouring must be subjected to the Blender Cover Splash Test in Section 44. In addition, the instructions for a blender with more than one opening in the cover must include the statement in 70.2(h)
50, 51, 70.17(d)1 / Centrifugal juicers must be subjected to the Cut Strainer Test (Section 50), if the strainer rim is polymeric, and the Operational Tests Following Environmental Conditioning (Section 51). In addition, the instructions must include the statement in 70.17(d)
60.4.1, Exception / The exception was revised to clarify the requirement. If the Running Burnout Test was not conducted on a product employing thermoplastic motor insulation, we must confirm the exception was applied as intended. If the Running Burnout Test was not conducted when the Abnormal Test of 60.3 was terminated by the operation of a protective device within the product or branch circuit, the Running Burnout Test must now be conducted.

1 The July 14, 2004 bulletin proposed the Fifth Edition of UL 982. Included in the proposal was a revision to add item d) to clause 70.17. However, the reference to 70.17 d) was inadvertently not included with the impact and effective date information in Appendix C. Please note that item d) of paragraph 70.17 will become effective April 6, 2006. Revision pages will be issued to reflect that clause 70.17 d) has an effective date of April 6, 2006.