Subject: Blackboard S 2018 Global Conference

Subject: Blackboard S 2018 Global Conference

Subject: Blackboard’s 2018 global conference

Dear Supervisor’s Name,

I’m writing to request approval to attend Blackboard’s annual global user and developer conference, BbWorld 2018, July 16-19, 2018, in Orlando, Florida.

In these times when we’re focused on getting the most out of what we have, I think it’s critical for us to learn from other successful institutions and apply their experiences to our own operations. Here are several projects where we would benefit from my attendance:

  • [add project or initiative]
  • [add project or initiative]
  • [add project or initiative]

Between the content presented in the sessions and meeting with colleagues, I plan to continue to strengthen my skills, and walk away having learned:

  • [add skill]
  • [add skill]
  • [add skill]

By way of background, the 2017 sessions were attended by over 2,000 attendees representing 1,000 institutions from 42 countries. Here’s an overview of the ways that attending this conference will enable me to be even more successful in my role:

  • Hands-on workshops where I can build new skills, bring them back to name of institution, and share with my colleagues.
  • Open learning where I can join other like-minded technology professionals to share and discuss open learning topics and developments, such as Moodle, open content, open source software, etc.
  • Knowledge Bar where I can meet 1:1 with Blackboard’s product architects and managers, learn with peers, and get quick tutorials.
  • Tailored conference sessions specific to my IT interests and concerns, which are led by Blackboard clients, partners, and technology experts.
  • DevCon 2018 is a pre-conference event on July 16-17 specifically for developers, system administrators, and the technology-focused. Participants will share how they’ve enhanced Blackboard solutions to enable unique experiences for students, faculty, and administrators.
  • Keynotes delivered by thought leaders and innovative thinkers from around the world to help inspire creative thinking and imaginative approaches toward student success.

Here’s an approximate breakdown of conference costs:

Airfare: / $
Taxi transportation: / $
Hotel: (xx nights at $xx) / $
Meals: (xx days at $xx) / $
Registration fee: / $
Total estimated cost: / $

I’m currently working on ways to reduce expenses, including Early Bird registration which runs through April 18, 2018, hotel discounts, ride sharing, and meals with vendors. To make the best use of our department’s budget, I’d like to register before the rates go up.

I’ll be sure to submit a post-conference report that will include an executive summary, major takeaways, tips, and a set of recommendations to maximize the return on our current investment in Blackboard solutions. I can also share relevant information with our IT staff and key personnel throughout our institution.

Thank you for considering this request. I look forward to your reply.


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