Stuff You Need to Know About Classroom Procedures and Rules

Stuff You Need to Know About Classroom Procedures and Rules


General classroom rules and expectations in addition to school policies. V.9/2016

  1. Sit at your assigned table or desk. Return chairs under table after use.
  1. Keep a class folder with all handouts, returned and graded work, assignments, rubrics, etc. in the classroom folder crate. Folders are color coded by class. Do not take this folder home. Put your name, date and period, in ink, on all work!!!
  1. Students working with (a) partner(s) should communicate if one of the partners will not be in class. Students have received poor evaluations on projects on due dates, because one of the partners has the work at home or in their locker when they are absent. Make sure partners have digital work set up to be shared, if allowed. Save assignments to your student number and back up to a flash drive.
  1. Store projects in teacher assigned areas. Label with name and period. Place in a plastic bag and label the bag if needed. Store your tools, glasses, etc. in your personal box in cabinet #1 in the lab. Return supplies and materials when clean up is called. Throw all trash in waste cans. Clean up floor and area. Points deducted for problems.
  1. Do not pull, swing, hang, spin, climb, karate chop, kick, hit or in any manner damage, bend, paint, vandalize or mutilate the vertical power poles.
  1. Please watch for electrical floor outlets when walking in the lab. Some of them are a tripping hazard. Do not use floor outlets for power connections.
  1. Do not head toward door, stand in doorway, do a “countdown”, go into hall, etc., before the bell rings. Work from bell to clean up time. Wait at your table or desk until dismissed. Do not use door at bottom of steps in the lab. Do not use fire doors between classrooms.
  1. If tardy to first period, go to the attendance office and sign in, excused or unexcused.

All other periods, 2-7, tardies will be recorded by the teacher. 3 tardies is a referral.

  1. No headphones, cell phones, music, hats, saggy pants, profanity, food or drink, or just plain bad attitudes allowed.
  2. Do not play games on the pc. Use your assigned computer only. No outside software or flash drives allowed.
  1. Permission to use the computer and/or to print is required. Non-school related material or other class assignments cannot be printed.
  1. Place assignments that are due, in the designated area. Do not put it in your folder, it will not be graded and later, you will try to turn it in late. I rarely accept late work.

Student Print name______

Sign name______period______date____

Return to teacher when signed.