Study Guide Colonization Test

Study Guide Colonization Test

Study Guide—Colonization Test

  1. With the permission of Queen Elizabeth, _Sir Walter Raleigh____ raised money to establish a colony, and in 1585 a small group of men sailed for the Americas.
  1. _Roger Williams___ is to Rhode Island as William Penn was to Pennsylvania.
  1. When Raleigh returned to the Lost Colony of Roanoke in 1589 he found:
  2. The colony had grown from 60 to 110 colonists
  3. The colonists trading with nearby Natives
  4. The people were starving
  5. The people had vanished
  1. Which of the following was NOT a motive for settling in the New World?
  2. Spread Christianity
  3. Find a short-cut to Asia
  4. Better job opportunities
  5. Hunt wild game

Based on the image above, what type of geographical feature best describes the colony of Jamestown? Peninsula

  1. The Virginia Company of Plymouth and the Virginia Company of London are what types of companies? joint-stock company
  1. Who was put in charge of the Jamestown colony, and told the colonists, “he that will not work, shall not eat? John Smith
  1. Jamestown colony’s economy prospered by growing _tobacco_.
  1. Which term best describes different countries that have traits in common?
  2. County
  3. Continent
  4. Community
  5. Culture region
  1. The first form of a representative government in America was House of Burgesses.
  1. Before the Pilgrims came to America, they moved to
  2. Netherlands
  3. Germany
  4. Portugal
  5. Sweden
  1. The Puritans came to America
  2. For religious freedom
  3. Searching for better farmland
  4. To claim Maryland for the king of England
  5. To convert the Native Americans to Christianity
  1. Landowners of large Dutch estates were _patroons__.
  1. The Jamestown settlers came to America for
  2. Gold and adventure
  3. Religious freedom
  4. Political freedom
  5. Fur and minerals
  1. Anne Hutchinson spoke boldly that a more powerful place in society should be given to _women___.
  1. What was the first permanent English settlement in America? Jamestown
  1. Thomas Hooker moved his congregation from Massachusetts to Connecticut in search of
  2. Religious freedom
  3. Better farmland
  4. Gold
  5. The fountain of youth
  1. The Dutch settlement of New Netherlands was claimed for the English by
  2. James, Duke of York
  3. Charles I
  4. Henry VIII
  5. Georgia was established as
  6. A safe haven for Jews.
  7. An alternative to debtors’ prison
  8. A colony where Catholics could enjoy religious freedom
  9. A reservation for Native Americans
  1. When the first settlers came to America, how did they get the supplies they needed?

They traded with the Native Americans.

  1. List three things that helped save Jamestown.

- Women

- Tobacco

- John Smith being appointed leader

  1. A joint-stock company would closely resemble what today in the United States?
  2. U.S. Government
  3. Parliament
  4. Wall St. and Stock Market
  5. Royal Colony
  1. The New Netherlands was set up as what type of colony?
  2. Private
  3. Royal
  4. Proprietary
  5. Open door
  1. Who taught early settlers how to farm, hunt, and fish? Native Americans
  1. The region described in the passage is _New England__.

Dense forest covered much of North America’s eastern coastline in the 1600s. Although settlers relied on wood from these forests in every colony, this area’s geography, particularly in Maine and New Hampshire, provided the conditions necessary for the development of a lumber industry.

  1. Who helped find Pennsylvania and was also the leader of the Quakers? William Penn
  1. A legal document that gave colonists permission to settle in a certain area was a _charter_.
  1. The Carolinas were set up for the sole purpose of
  2. Starting a new type of government
  3. Grow tobacco or produce naval supplies
  4. A place for Jews
  5. Settlement for the Dutch
  1. A large farming estate is a _plantation_.
  1. A person that would work for 3 to 7 years in order to rid themselves of debt and for free passage to the Americas was an
  2. Slave
  3. Woman
  4. Patroon
  5. Indentured Servant
  1. The period of time when thousands of English people moved to New England was known as the __Great Migration__.
  1. A written plan of government is called a _constitution__.
  1. A place where a group of people settle from a distance, but are still ruled by their home country is called a colony.
  1. Features of a place such a religion, ideas, languages, and history are
  2. Physical features
  3. Cultural Features
  1. Giving the exact location of a place, using either an address or longitude and latitude is _absolute__.
  1. Which of the following was not a motive for settling in the New World?
  2. Spread Christianity
  3. Find better job opportunities
  4. Better farmland for growing cash crops
  5. Discovering a passage to the Pacific Ocean
  1. Areas that have something in common are _region__.
  1. List the 5 themes of geography. Region, Place, Movement, Human Environment Interaction, Location
  1. Pocahontas helped Jamestown to survive by

a. bringing peace between the colonists and her people.

b. showing the colonists how to raise tobacco.

c. telling the colonists that those who didn't work wouldn't eat.

d. teaching the colonists how to hunt and fish for food.

  1. The Mayflower Compact, the Fundamental Orders, and town meetings all showed the determination of colonists to
  2. build societies based on religious freedom.
  3. stop indentured servants from coming to America.
  4. govern themselves and solve their own problems.
  5. solve conflicts with Native Americans peacefully.
  6. List the three reasons that sum up the founding of the English colonies.

Gold, God and Glory