Step 1: Type the Following URL Into Your Address Bar

Macintosh HD Users ashrenee1228 Desktop Screen shot 2013 04 23 at 6 54 26 PM pngUsing the Magnolia Database

Step 1: Type the following URL into your address bar

If you are doing research at home, you will have to log in to the Magnolia Database.

Username: magn0897

Password: magnolia

Macintosh HD Users ashrenee1228 Desktop Screen shot 2013 04 23 at 6 59 14 PM png

Step 2: After logging in, your screen should look like this on. Scroll down until you find Ebsco

Step 4: After clicking on Ebsco, you will be taken to a screen that look like this one. Select Academic Search Premier.

Step 5: After selecting Academic Search Premier, you will be shown a window that has the search bar shown below. In the search bar, you must type in what you plan to research.

·  It may take a couple of different tries in phrasing to find what you are looking for

·  Do not make your search too specific or you will not find any articles

·  Start with your research topic first (i.e. The Roaring Twenties, Henry Ford, Founding of NAACP, Invention of radio, etc.)

·  From there, you may choose to search for supporting topic to gather more specific information

Step 6: After entering your research topic, click search. A window similar to the one below should pop up. In order to ensure that you will be able to access the information, you will need to adjust a two of your search preferences (circled below in right-hand menu).


Step 7: In the Refine your results section, check the box that says full text and click update.

Step 8: In the Sources Type section, check the following boxes: magazines, trade publications, and academic journals. Then click update.

Step 9: If you find an article that you would like to use, be sure to click on either PDF Full Text or HTML full text.

Step 10: From here, you may print, save, and cite the article. All articles that you use must be turned in with your paper. Be sure to get your citation for the article at the same time that you access the article to ensure that you can cite everything.

Step 11: If you click on the print button in the tool bar on the right-hand side of the window the following window will pop up. In the “Include when printing: you will be able to print your citation information. The first drop down menu, you should select detailed citation and abstract. In the second drop-down menu, you should select MLA (Modern Language Association). After ensuring that these two settings have been selected, you may print .

Step 12: From this point, you may return to your search for more articles.