Stantonbury Parish Council

Stantonbury Parish Council

Stantonbury Parish Council

Stantonbury Parish Office, 126 Kingsfold

Bradville, Milton Keynes, MK13 7DX

Telephone: 01908 227201



Stantonbury Parish Neighbourhood Plan Meeting

Thursday 19th May 2016 at 6.30pm in

Stantonbury Parish Offices

Meeting 6


Richard Wilde – Cllr Chair

Ivy Wilson

Michael McHugh

Peter Kirkham – Cllr

Linda Morgan – Cllr

Pauline Barnes – email address required

Gordon Lewis

Sara Agintas – Cllr

John Evans (arrived 7.30pm)


Lewis McCann

Kathleen McCann

David Outram – Cllr

Lizzie Bailes

Margaret Burke

Bob Lark – Cllr

John Mountford

Doctors not yet confirmed for Tuesday 31st May 2016
Questions for Doctors by email before next meeting.
  1. What contingency plan have they got for the extra residents adjoining area i.e. regeneration
  2. What is the interest the Doctors have in the NH Plan - email this question
  3. Will the people from Willen go back to Willen Practice when they open – email
  4. Future - what car parking would they like to see
  5. Have they got a 5 year plan
  6. What issues cause health problems
All questions to be emailed to Doctors by Wednesday of next week (25/5) / Action
Schools – 7th June
NB Stantonbury has now become an Academy. Any confirmation from schools yet received
  1. 5 year plan for the amount of pupils they forecast for the school They will need to explore what the NH Plan is about
  2. What plans have they got for after schools activities, are they going to lose any of them
Questions to be emailed to them / Action
Businesses - Tuesday 14th June 2016
All H/As to be contacted and all businesses – TBC
Talk about our aims
Richard asked if everyone understood the bar-chart and asked if we understood what the solution meant
Solution in the home
Solution traffic
What is their view about the new recycling plant bringing in more traffic – contracts obtained for Beds and Northants as well as MK
RW asked GP to check what landfill is expected at the recycling plant
  1. Can we improve in our comments on the build to a good standard – Gov. Standard
  2. Exteriors to be commented on to our design standard
  3. We should always put into our plan Heritage and ART
  4. Would there be a chance of another questionnaire

Linford - has plans for 900 car parking spaces
What do we like about on estates
Bradwell - decent size houses and gardens, greenery
Bradville – as above, green parks, play areas – should they all be fenced on estates
Stantonbury – variety of houses, open spaces, planting along grid roads and Redways
Property built to standard and not maintained
To be placed on the NH Plan about Eco friendly , animal areas, RSPB
Where people want to help with overgrown areas – Serco will supply small equipment , will they take away the rubbish
Bancroft/Bancroft Park & Blue B – open space, landscaping, variety of designs, large and small houses mixed, park area
Housing - Bar chart
Date and time of next meeting Tuesday 31st May 2016 @ 6.30pm
Attachments when emailed to Committee they cannot be opened / Office