St. John Lutheran Council Meeting Minutes

St. John Lutheran Council Meeting Minutes

Date: 10/12/14




Various Issues and Objectives

§  Dennis Steinke called the meeting to order at 7:20 p.m.

§  Ryan Burt read devotion followed with prayer. Elders will read devotions next meeting.

§  Motion approved the reading of the minutes from previous month by Tom Mick and seconded by Ryan Burt.

§  Financial report beginning balance of $35, 004.77, deposited $14,693.38, withdraw $16,095.69 ending balance of


§  Motion to approve financial report by Dave Jaessing and second by Jeanne Willson. Motion carried.

§  Deacon’s report: Jason Luke and Ryan Burt

o  Updated Sunday’s service attendance in August.

§  Early

·  Month 93

o  Average 24

§  Late

·  Month 382

o  Average 96

o  Worked one wedding.

o  Set up tables and made coffee for meeting.

§  Pastor report

o  Services:

§  Eight Sunday services

§  Four sermons

§  One Wedding

o  Visitations:

§  Eight homes, nursing home, and hospital

§  Two office or elsewhere

o  Meetings:

§  Eleven

o  other events attended:

§  Thirteen

o  Classes taught:

§  Six

o  Other:

§  Other media: telephone, emails, Facebook

§  Elders Report: Jeanne Willson, Joan Becker, Susie Mick, Merlin Wright and Pastor Paul

o  Schedule set for Holy Communion and assisting elders.

§  10/26 Merlin Wright and Joan Becker

§  11/2 Amy Eriksen

§  10/23 Susie Mick and Joan Becker

o  Advent Services: 12/3, 10, and 17th at 7:30 p.m.

o  Additional “Welcome Visitors” cards will be printed.

o  The “Welcome Friends” bookmarks and pens have been ordered for the new Member Packets.

o  Discussed names to send “Looking forward to see you again” postcards.

o  Discussed the transfer of the Sapp and Grime families.

o  Pastor will be on vacation Oct. 17 – 24. Pastor Richard Blank will be the contact while Pastor is gone. Pastor will also be gone on Dec. 28th.

o  Discussed and will support the Christian rock group “Atta Boy” to present an assembly at school and a concert in the evening on Nov. 19th.

§  Parish Ed: Julie Carlson and Sharon Deetz

o  Joy Gruetter will direct youth Christmas program. Program will be Sun. Dec. 21st.

o  Reformation party Date switched to Nov. 2 because of conflict with leaders.

o  Look for Advent Calendars for Sunday School Students.

§  Trustee report: Carol Eriksen, Pastor Paul, Dave Jaessing, Dennis Steinke, Ed Kidston, Amy Eriksen, Tom Mick, Wanda Henry, and Chase Henry

o  Paid and unpaid bills reviewed and approved, Motion by Tom Mick seconded by Dave Jaessing, motion passed.

o  Old business

§  Wedding policy is being revised.

§  Lights replaced at west exit, very pleased with results.

§  Correction: The following has been moved to council section of old business, in last month’s minutes.

·  Trustees presented to council to vote on hiring Chase Henry for new Treasurer. Motion by Amy Eriksen seconded by Chris Whitis, all in favor, motion passed.

o  New Business

§  Jean wise $75.00 compensation for 10/19/14 from supply pastor expense category.

§  Bid from Buffie Beck for snow removal of parking lots. Motion by Tom Mick seconded by Dave Jaessing, motion passed.

§  Heat pump motor needed attention again. Motor may be replaced.

§  Bid for sidewalk snow removal received from Dave Jaessing.

§  Lights for flags not working presently will be repaired.

§  Old business

o  Dave Jaessing announced the Mission Trip participants going to Birmingham Alabama.

o  Dehumidifier on sanctuary piano is partially installed – will be finished soon.

o  Harvest Festival offering donation has been decided. The money collected will be divided between the youth program and the orphanage in Tanzania East Africa.

§  Grace Lutheran church in Jackson Ctr., OH built an orphanage in Tanzania East Africa.

§  Motion made by Ed Kidston seconded by Merlin Wright, motion passed.

o  Ryan Burt presented info on revamping the front sign so it says NALC. Two options were presented. Motion made by Ryan Burt seconded by Susie Mick, motion passed. To replace symbol w/NALC only.

o  Deacons volunteered to clean out the front sign.

§  New business

o  It was presented to the council to accept transfer of Sapp and Grime families. Motion by Jeanne Willson seconded by Amy Eriksen, motion passed.

o  Discussion of Pastor Paul’s retreat in Orlando, FL. during Feb. 10th thru the 12th has been tabled until Nov. meeting when the cost is known.

o  Council members still needed for election.

o  Elders presented to council authorizing the spending of $100.00 and the balance of a $700.00 fee not covered by the other churches, to support the “Atta Boy” group at Montpelier school on Nov. 19th. Motion made by Elders seconded by Ed Kidston, motion passed.

§  Money will be taken from Saneholtz memorial.

o  Budget proposal Motion made by Ed Kidston seconded by Amy Eriksen, motion to amend budget and accept proposal to include Capital Reserve Fund with $5000.00.

§  Next council meeting November 9, 2014.

§  Ed Kidston moved to adjourn and second by Tom Mick, ended with Lord Prayer.