Spoken by Crystal

Spoken by Crystal

“We are here today to witness an exchange between Mistress Bella and nuddy, he will
yield up a portion of his freedom. She will accept responsibility for his welfare. Today, they will cease to be two independent persons, and will enter into a new relationship as Dominant and submissive and partners in life as Wife n husband.

Spoken by Crystal:

The Ceremony Of The Roses symbolizes their gift to each other. The White rose, still not in bloom, symbolizes the slave’s submission.

The white rose represents the purity of his gift, while the still slightly closed petals show that his submission had not come to full bloom. It never will. Submission is ever deepening; ever growing and the submissive will never reach a place where he cannot open a bit more for his Dominant Mistress Bella

The Red Rose, almost fully open, signifies Dominance. The red represents her passion and his desire to possess and protect her at all cost; though it may require him to spill his blood to do so. The rose is almost in full bloom to symbolize that he is ready to accept the responsibilities required of him.

The Significance Of The Blood:

Pricking the finger of the submissive is symbolic of taking his virginity. He has shed blood to give himself completely to her. The drops on the white rose also speak of the same thing. In pricking her own finger, the Dominant, Mistress Bella shows her willingness to shed her blood to protect and defend his by virtue of her ownership.

The drops of her rose show that vividly: the drop that falls on her blood covers it and blends with it, thus indicating their union. Pressing the wounds from the thorns together allows their blood to mix, and joining them as strongly as their own family blood-lines. They are now of the same flesh and blood.

The Significance Of The Petals:

The mixture of the petals signifies the mixing and blending of their lives.

The 2 witnesses(sandy & Gary) will hand over the roses to Crystal, and she will give the white rose to Mistress Bella.


‘Mistress Bella’, with this thorn on the stem please prick slave’s middle finger and let two drops of blood fall on the white petals of his rose. Slave, now give ‘Mistress Bella’ your rose and please prick ‘Mistress Bella’s’ middle finger and let only one drop fall about the white rose. Now press your two fingers together and make your vows to be joined by blood.


A collaring is the intimate sharing of two lives, yet this sharing should not diminish, but rather enhance the individuality of each partner. The collar is a reminder of the day-to-day companionship, the pleasure in doing things together, or in doing things separately in delight of the exchange to follow. The collaring ceremony is just a start in an continuous process of sharing the love that two people may give to each other. The collaring is a symbol of ownership and commitments between two souls.

Who has the collar that will be placed around the slave’s neck?

I do. (opens the box and hands the collar to Mistress Bella.)


You may place the collar on the slave’s neck.
Collar is placed on slaves neck


Now you will feel no cold, for each of your will be warmth to the other. Now there will be no more loneliness, now, there are two lives, but there is only one life before you. We now celebrate with feast and share in your joy and love. Everyone, I present to you: Mistress Bella and nuddy.


“At a glance, the beauty of the rose inspires
Lovers, poets, and artists.
For its fragrance attracts all, near or far.
As its beauty mesmerizes the eye.
But through the long lifeline of this beauty flows pain and fear
Fear of all man, all animals, and all things.
For beauty as soft this is often crushed
This life that has branched into so many paths of curiosity
On its search for the path to transcendence.
Growing from the root, through all the thorns of pain,
to all the branches of choice
This long beauty has found the way to bloom
And to blossom into something beautiful
Something that brings envy, awe, and inspiration.
But remember this beauty’s stem,
All full of thorns and branches.
As all lives are filled with pain and choices.

But in the end all will blossom
into something that brings
envy, awe, and inspiration to others.
All will blossom as the rose.”