Soldat Iosif Ion, Bucharest

Soldat Iosif Ion, Bucharest

Dragusinoiu, Horia

Soldat Iosif Ion, Bucharest


January, 04 2010

Statement of purpose

Dear Sirs,

Because I am currently enrolled in the Geopolitics and International Relations master programin the second and last year I think I can be a would be a suitable employer of your impressive company.

I have graduated International Business and Economics in 2008 at The Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies with a bachelor degree in Geopolitics with the specialization in: Ex-Yugoslavia Area: Geopolitics and Economic Aspects with the highest mark.

I really think I could contribute with knowledge and information in what regards the Balkans and Eastern Europe regions and for a future collaboration after the program ends as I am studying and living in Bucharest, Romania.

As I have a background in international economics and geopolitics and a strong interest in developing my career in this field, I am confident that I would make a good impression at STRATFORbecause in my opinion is the best opportunity that a student in Geopolitics can have to develop his future career.

STRATFOR Global Intelligence is in my opinion one of the best opportunity that a student in Geopolitics and Economic Sciences can have to enhance his overall knowledge in economics, politics and international affairs. Thischance of living in a foreign well developed country, interacting with people from different countries and nationalities, as well as being an active part inside the company while learning from professionals will allow me a great perspective in developing my future activities.

Regarding the extracurricular activities I have dedicated time in volunteering and traveling abroad. I had been an active volunteer in ASER,an NGO founded by students inside our university and at The Black Sea University Foundation. My most appreciated activities were in organizing international projects for the students such as: training courses, seminaries and youth exchanges financed by The European Commission with the Youth IN Action Program, which gave me the possibility to interact and work with foreigners in a multi-cultural environment. I have also participated at the Work & Travel USA in Ocean City, Maryland in the summer of 2007 were I have improved my English skills and also acquired knowledge about the north American culture with a unique life experience.

My multi-cultural activities, international projects and academic knowledge can be a great advantage for working as an employee at your company and also for my future in foreign affaires.

I welcome this offered opportunity and I will appreciate any decision that you make, after viewing my enclosed resume which reflects my experiences and accomplishments.

Sincerely yours,

Horia Dragusinoiu