Society for Promotion of Information Technology and E-Governance

Society for Promotion of Information Technology and E-Governance

RFP for procurement of Video conferencing equipments

TENDER NO. DIT-50/2007








Department of Information Technology,

Block No.24, STPIBuilding,

SDA Complex, Kasumpti. Shimla-171009




2.VC based Court Hearing/Trials

3.About HIMSWAN:

4.Proposed Solution Architecture

5.Gist Of Important General Conditions


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PROFORMA G - Technical Specifications

PROFORMA – H – Total Number of required VCs and Locations

Society for Promotion of Information Technology and e-Governance 1

RFP for procurement of Video conferencing equipments



TENDER NO. DIT-50/2007

This Invitation for Bids was published in the following newspapers on ______by way of a tender notice:

  1. The Economic Times- Delhi Edition
  2. The Tribune - Chandigarh Edition
  3. Amar Ujala- Chandigarh/ Dharamshala Edition

The detailed Tender Document contained in the following sections has been prepared to elaborate all techno-commercial conditions of this Tender. In case of any discrepancy between the Press Advertisement and detailed provisions of this Tender Document, the latter will prevail. For any further changes (if any, based on feedback/ queries from any bidder) in this document, please see its updated version on The changes may be made till three days prior to the submission of tender.

S. No. / Key Activities / Date
/ Sale of Tender / From 14.03.2012 onwards till 12.04.2012
/ Last date of receiving queries from bidders / 4:00 pm 30.03.2012
/ Pre-Bid Meeting / 31.03.2012
/ Corrigendum / 10.04.2012
/ Price of Tender Document / Rs. 5000/-
/ Earnest Money Deposit / 2% of the price quoted by bidder
/ Last date of submission of document / 12.04.2012 upto 2:00 PM
/ Opening of Bids / 12.04.2012 at 3:00 PM
/ Tender Download Site /
/ Contact Details / Member Secretary (EC), SITEG,
Department of Information Technology,
Block No.24, SDA Complex, Shimla-171009
Phone: 0177-2621325, 2626709.
Email Id:

  1. Introduction

Sealed Bids are invited by the undersigned from eligible bidders for meeting the immediate requirement of the following Video conferencing equipment for Department of Home, Government of Himachal Pradesh to fulfil following objectives.

1.1 Background - About Home Department

The Home Department, Government of Himachal Pradesh is responsible to maintain law and order situation of the State. Apart from this, the department is also responsible to ensure good working of the public servants and helps to give justice. The department also looks about civil defence and fire fighting measures of the State. Prison Department, which forms the last of the three components of the criminal justice administration - the police, the judiciary and the prisons - played a vital role not only in keeping the prisoners in safe custody but also creating a safe environment for the prisoners, meeting their basic requirements and educating them in such a way that the objective of prison administration transcends beyond keeping the prisoners within the four walls.

At present there are 14 jails and 3 lockups in Himachal Pradesh with total number of 1663 prisoners (1610 males and 53 females) as on date. The family members of these prisoners have to travel to jail for meeting and that too once in a week. It involves not only time, even cost to the family members to meet their relative in the prison especially women inmates. Department of Home has envisaged the project “e-Mulakat” by way of introducing Video Conference facility in all the jails using which the relatives of prisoners, especially with women inmates, can interact without coming to jail through LokmitraKendras (CSCs). This would not only reduce the traveling time, the cost of traveling would also get reduced.

Moreover, out of 1663 prisoners, 757 prisoners (almost 45 %) are under trial. Lot of government machinery and risk is involved while moving these prisoners from jail to court and back during court hearings. Hence, it is proposed that Video conference setup in all the courts of Himachal Pradesh be introduced and trial/ hearing of prisoners in the cases would be done away by way of introducing Video Conference facility in courts & jails and is termed as “e-Peshi”. This system will provide significant help to reduce cost and efforts of the State Government.

Department of Home, Government of Himachal Pradesh has proposed to implement the projects “e-Mulakat” and “e-Peshi” in consultation with Department of Information Technology, Government of Himachal Pradesh.

Moreover, this facility is also envisaged for rehabilitation purposes by way of arranging interaction with social workers and crime experts using Video Conference.

1.2 Need of Project:

Hassles in meeting process with prisoners

Cost incurred in traveling

Per capita income in Himachal Pradesh is Rs. 44538* per year or Rs. 3711/- per month.Considering this situation if a person have to manage travel for meeting with their loved ones who are in jail twice a month they have to spend at least Rs. 600/- (Rs. 150/- per trip one way) per person. If two persons are traveling then this expenditure will be Rs. 1200/- approx. which is approx 33% of their total income. Hence, it is very costly for a lower class family to afford travel for meeting with their loved one.


Difficult terrain

Travelling is not only a costly affair but also involves a lot of problems. This problem will get increased many times for the families having women and children only. Also it is quite difficult for the senior citizens who are not able travel because of health problems. Hence, the intervention of technology is very important at this stage to provide smile on the family members of prisoners.

Harassment of Women Family Members and prisoners

Though there are significant decrease in the criminal cases against women it was still approx 10% of the total registered cases. Women are the easy victim of crime and harassment. This can be at anywhere whether they are prisoners going for trial or the family members visiting to jail.

Long wait for justice

“Justice will lose its relevance if it comes after long time”. As of now there are almost 50% of the population in jails are under trial. This trial period of the person is keep on increasing because of change and extension of dates due to various reasons. Also movement of one prisoner to court also carries cost and effort. If there is an extension of dates the prisoner again have to be present in next date also. This delays the process and makes an impact on the cost over government for keeping the prisoner in jail and expenditure involved in the movement of prisoner. Technology can change the entire scenario a lot. Using video conferencing at jails and courts is a win – win situation for both government and citizens in terms of cost and efforts.

Transparency in the judicial process

There are several occasions where prisoner is not able to present in the court proceedings. Using video conferencing at jails and courts prisoners can be the part of each proceedings which provide him to have a good faith in Judicial process.

1.3 Project Features:

This project is of the utmost requirement of the state to provide:

  • Provide interface for prisoners and their family members for meeting
  • Track and monitor the details of meetings and persons involved in the meeting
  • Provide real time interface between court room and jail for court proceedings
  • Citizen can access this system by visiting nearest Common Service Centre (3366) across the state
  • Provide huge cost saving by reduction of the security personnel required for taking prisoner from jail to court for case hearing/ trail
  • Provide cost benefit option to the families of prisoners
  • Provide interface to run rehabilitation programs for the betterment of the prisoners and help them to get back to main stream of society

1.4 Project Objectives

The primary project objectives are:

  • “e-Mulakat” – Provide interface for prisoners to interact with their families through video conference solution
  • “e-Peshi” – Provide interface for courts to interact with prisoners during their trial process through video conference solution

To meet the above objective and remove the constraints mentioned in the previously , the State Government decided to use VC facility using Himachal Pradesh State Wide Area Network (HIMSWAN).

1.5 Benefits of the new System:

S. No. / Issue / Benefits
1) / Difficult terrain to travel for family members (especially low income group) of prisoners / “e-Mulakat” can be accessed by Common Service Centers across state (3366 at gram panchayat level). This will provide the huge cost benefits for families of prisoners especially for economic weak sections
2) / Harassment of prisoners during movement between court and jail / “e-Mulakat” will avoid such kind of harassment to the prisoners especially female prisoners
3) / Harassment of family members of prisoners / “e-Mulakat” will avoid such kind of harassment to the family members of prisoners especially female family members. This will also help prisoners to have a good faith in government and administration
4) / Involvement of a lot of government machinery during the process of trial / “e-Peshi” will enable the convenient mode of interaction of judge sitting in court with the prisoner and hence reduce significant amount of saving in terms of manpower and cost incurred
5) / Huge risk involved during the process of trial / “e-Peshi” will reduce the risk related to maintenance of law and order. This also include the causalities (police and civilian) happen to maintain the law and order situation
6) / Faster process of trials / “e-Peshi” will enable a comparatively fast process for trail. This will decrease the turnaround time of trail process significantly.
7) / Running Rehabilitation Programs / Also help in providing expert advisory to the prisoners as part of rehabilitation program so that they could lead better life in future
8) / Running educational and training programs / Also help to prisoners in gaining education and various training within the premises. This will increase their level of confidence as well as their possibility of earning their livelihood with pride.
9) / Additional revenue to the CSC owners / The prisoners can interact with their relatives by paying nominal amount (Rs. 10 per hour) to CSC vendors
10) / Indirect benefits to families of prisoners / If prisoners are able to get back in the main stream of society this will reduce the probability of their family members to get into crime
11) / Increase of bonding with family / With the help of video conferencing solution the frequency of meetings of prisoners with their family members will get increased hence this will also increase the bonding with their family members and with the help of various opportunities they can get back to the main stream of society
  1. VC based Court Hearing/Trials

A videoconference is a live connection between people in separate locations for the purpose of communication, usually involving audio and text as well as video. At its simplest, videoconferencing provides transmission of static images and text between two locations. At its most sophisticated, it provides transmission of full-motion video images and high-quality audio between multiple locations. Videoconferencing provides a complete simulation of a normal meeting environment, enabling both parties to see, hear and present material, just as if they were in the same room. The tangible benefits need to be taken into account include greatly improved communication between remote sites both court and Jail, reduced pressure, stress and fatigue from travel, reduced time of trial, immediacy of contact between concerned Person, rapid face to face resolution of urgent situations, ability to seize opportunities within narrow time frames, faster and better decision making, increased executive productivity and broadcast of key messages.

Thus Videoconferencing has been selected useful tool to achieve objectives of the current project and to be quite useful in present scenario.

  1. About HIMSWAN:

HIMSWAN (Himachal State Wide Area Network) is a three tier IP based Network to provide connectivity among Government offices at State HQ, District HQ, Sub-Division, Block and Tehsil HQs with the objective of making information easily accessible across the various Departments and to the people across the State. Total 132 PoPs (Points of Presence) have been created across State. Out of 132 PoPs, 130 are functional as f now. Remaining 2PoPs are TNF from BSNL end and will be made operational soon. HIMSWAN is based on leased line network. Keeping in view the recurring cost of leased line network and the availability of leased lines in rural areas, wireless network also has been created to provide HIMSWAN connectivity to various horizontal offices using wireless link. Wireless would offer a better total cost of ownership than a wired solution because recurring monthly costs of multiple T-1 and E-1 lines could be avoided and is at a much lower cost and will help in providing multi-megabit broadband services to rural underserved people at distances of up to few kilometres.

HIMSWAN has been designed in three tier architecture. HIMSWAN Network Operating Centre (NOC) is at State Headquarter (SHQ). All district Headquarters (DHQs) are connected to SHQ using 20 – 6 Mbps MLLN links from BSNL (as per requirement) and the same will be upgraded further to cater to the requirement of VC setup at all the Block offices. Similarly, all Tehsils/ Sub Divisions/ Blocks (THQs) are further connected to their respective District Headquarters (DHQs) using 2 Mbps MLLN links from BSNL. Last mile connectivity at SHQ and DHQ level PoPs is given on Fibre and terminated in STM1 port of Routers. However, at THQ level PoPs, last mile connectivity is on copper media and terminated on E1 port of Router.

Three tier architecture of HIMSWAN has been depicted in Figure 1 below:

Figure-I: Three Tier Architecture

Essential Features:

  • 6-20 Mbps Managed Lease Line connectivity down to District level. The same has been upgraded based on the VC requirement.
  • 2 Mbps Managed Lease Line connectivity down to Tehsil level. The same will be upgraded based on the VC requirement.
  • Triple play facility (voice, video & data) down to tehsil level
  • MLLN down to tehsil / sub-tehsil and block level
  • RAS at 6 SSAs for alternative connectivity
  • Wireless connectivity to offices &Panchayats from POPs after rigorous field level testing
  • The equipment procured under HIMSWAN can cater to the needs of up to 17 Years (Core Router under STM1 155 x 4 Mbps; 1 x 8 Gbps under MPLS against initial utilisation of only 24 Mbps during the year 2008). As per Moore’s law, computing power doubles every 1.5 years but software packages become correspondingly bulkier & slower (Gate’s Law / Software Bloat) – making network bandwidth hungry (double every 2 years)

User Agencies: HIMSWAN has been setup and is being used to connect various Government Departments/ Boards/ Corporations/ Educational Institutes/ Universities throughout the State to proliferate e-Governance activities.

Application Areas: HIMSWAN is being used in Government Sector exclusively. It has got the facility to cater voice, video and data simultaneously. Use of HIMSWAN is mainly to run State-wide e-Governance Applications which can have the convergence with the following applications already hosted on web and are being accessed using HIMSWAN:

  • Online HRTC Bus Reservation
  • Integrated web interface for Transport services (Vahan&Sarathi)
  • e-Registration for Electoral,
  • SUGAM (Integrated Community Service Centre) bills payment,
  • Weekly prices of essential commodities - Economics & Statistics department
  • HP Public Service Commission – Online registration for HP Judicial Services Examination
  • Court Case Monitoring Software for Divisional Commissioner office
  • Factory database for Labour& employment
  • Statistical Data of Colleges
  • CCMS (Computer Call Monitoring System)
  • Besides this, VC and IP Phone facility has been setup at 124 PoP locations as of now which is an added feature.

  1. Proposed Solution Architecture

The solution architecture, as detailed in this section, is aimed at providing an overall picture of the entire project, which would aid Department of Home in identifying various technology components that need to be put in place.

The following factors were considered while designing the proposed solution:

  • Consultation with stakeholders
  • Objectives of the Project,
  • Processes and services identified for e-enablement

The recommended Solution Architecture is envisaged is as follows:

Solution Architecture