SHS College Planning to DO LIST for JUNIORS

SHS College Planning to DO LIST for JUNIORS

SHS College and Career Planning “TO DO LIST” for JUNIORS

  1. Sign up for and take the SAT and/or ACT during second semester:

- It is beneficial for many students to enter the senior year with two sets of test scores for the SAT and/or ACT before we begin the college application process during the first week of September. Counselors will work with each student to help determine his/her best plan for testing.

- Go online to for SAT and to sign up for the tests. Watch registration deadlines and sign up early to get a seat at our SHS test site if you prefer to test at SHS.

- If you have an IEP or 504 and want to apply to the testing companies for accommodations, see your counselor early in the fall for the forms.

- If you intend to apply to highly-selective colleges, check college websites to find out if you need to register for SATII Subject Tests.

TEST DATES FOR 2016-2017 School Year


Test Date Register by:Test Date Register by:

September 10*August 5October 1*September 1

October 22*September 16November 5October 7 December 10* November 4 December 3 November 3

February 11*January 13January 21December 21

April 8*March 3March 11*February 10

June 10*May 5May 6April 7

June 3*May 9

*tests offered at SHSNote: No SAT II Subject Tests offered in March

The PSAT is Wednesday, October 19, 2016. Students will receive information about the test and how to register through all English classes in September.

  1. Begin to research your college choices.

- Use the “Website Resources” section of and your account on to do college searches based on your interests/profile.

- Use the “Downloadable Resources” section on the guidance website for college planning info.

- Use Naviance to find information on college representative visits to SHS and to register to attend presentations in the fall of your junior & senior years. Print your registration confirmation from Naviance, and ask to have it signed by the teacher of the class period you will miss. Bring that signed registration page to attend the presentation.

- During Junior Jump-Start in December, and in your scheduling appointment early in the second semester, your counselor will discuss with you your college planning process and provide guidance/suggestions.

- Visit college campuses: Spring break of the junior year is a good time to visit colleges. Go on the college websites to register for tours and information sessions at the colleges.

- Use/update your account on Naviance, our college counseling website, to keep track of resume information, do college searches, and receive emails about college opportunities from our office. Remind your parents to set up their account on Naviance too, so they will receive email updates.

  1. Continue to strive for your academic best.

- College admissions initially look for three main factors: GPA, curriculum and ACT/SAT scores.

- Be sure to earn solid grades in the junior year and take a rigorous course load in the senior year. Colleges may request mid-year grades in the senior year, and will review your final transcript include all final grades.

  1. Meet individually with your counselor in the spring to review your college planning.

- Your counselor will schedule an individual appointment with you in second semester to discuss your course selections for the senior year, your ACT/SAT testing, career/college planning, etc.

- Submit to Guidance the student/parent questionnaires and signed transcript release form after winter break, and your resume after creating it in English 11 in the spring. This info helps us help you!

  1. In the summer between 11th and 12th:

- Visit college campuses, do more college searches online, and in August start to view the college applications online. Begin to write college application essays.

- The counselors will present Senior College Night during the first week of school for students and parents, and meet with all seniors through English 12 classes in August for Senior App Start to set up Naviance for the senior year and provide information about the application process.

- Your counselor will call you in for a senior meeting in September to discuss your specific future goals.