Sexing-Up the Case for Fluoride

Sexing-Up the Case for Fluoride

Sexing-up the case for fluoride:

The dentists’ dodgy dossier

How MPs and the public have been misled in order to win support for an attack on human rights and medical ethics

Green Party press office briefing

7 September 2003

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I1 MPs are about to vote on legislation that could open the floodgates to widespread fluoridation of the water supply – potentially of the whole country. And they have been misled by a systematic propaganda campaign by government and pro-fluoridation bodies including a sexed-up briefing sent to all MPs by the British Dental Association and its allies. The propaganda effort has included the following:

  1. The main pro-fluoridation bodies – the British Dental Association, the British Medical Association, the National Alliance for Equity in Dental Health and the British Fluoridation Society – have all issued misleading statements about the findings of the government’s review (according to the chair of the government’s review).
  1. Ministers have misled parliament about the findings of the government’s review on water fluoridation.
  1. Ministers have wilfully ignored the European Convention on Human Rights and Medicine, the European Charter of Fundamental Rights, the EU Pharmaceuticals Directive and the Poisons Act 1972 in arguing for mass-medication with an unregistered, unlicensed toxic waste product that was given a British Standard number without ever having been safety-tested for human consumption.
  1. Water companies and pro-fluoridation bodies have been spreading the misleading information that it is politicians or health authorities who have the right to medicate people, when human rights agreements explicitly recognise the individual’s right.
  1. Public bodies have suppressed important information that challenges their assertion that fluoridation is “safe and effective”.

I2 The Green Party asserts that the government’s scientific advisors and the pro-fluoridation bodies have behaved in a manner that is neither scientific nor professional in their misrepresentation of the issue. Indeed, the chair of the government’s own review of water fluoridation, Professor Trevor Sheldon MScDSc FMedSci, has accused the BDA and its allies of misleading the public about the issue. He has said: "It is particularly worrying … that statements which mislead the public about the review's findings have been made in press releases and briefings by the British Dental Association, British Medical Association, the National Alliance for Equity in Dental Health and the British Fluoridation Society". [ 1]

1. The dentists’dodgy dossier

1.1 A briefing has been sent to all MPs by the British Dental Association, British Medical Association, Faculty of Public HealthMedicine and the British Fluoridation Society. [ 2] This briefing is part of what the BDA has described as “a strong campaign, spearheaded by the British Dental Association, to win the hearts and minds of politicians and the public alike” [ 3]

1.2 The Green Party sees this briefing as a “dodgy dossier” because it is intentionally misleading. It has “sexed-up” the case for fluoridation by exaggerated claims intended to distract attention from conflicting medical and dental evidence and from the fact that the individual’s right to choose whether or not to be medicated is enshrined in legally-binding European Conventions.

2. Is fluoridation safe?

2.1 The dodgy dossier says: “All major reviews of the evidence, including the York and MRC reviews, found noevidence to support claims that it causes cancer, bone disease, kidney disease or birth defects.”The British Fluoridation Society says of the York Review's findings: “the report is unequivocal: water fluoridation is EFFECTIVE and SAFE. [4]But Professor Sheldon, chair of the York Review, has said: “The review did not show water fluoridation to be safe.”

2.2The British Dental Association has repeatedly said “Water fluoridation is safe.” [ 5] But the chair of the York Review, Professor Sheldon, in contradicting this, has explained: “The quality of theresearch was too poor to establish with confidence whether or not there arepotentially important adverse effects in addition to the high levels offluorosis."He added: “Until high quality studies are undertaken providingmore definite evidence, there will continue to be legitimate scientificcontroversy over the likely effects and costs of water fluoridation.[ 6] Yet the pro-fluoridation lobby continually states unequivocally that fluoridation is safe, as though this was an established and universally acknowledged fact instead of the subject of heated controversy. [7]

2.3The dodgy dossier describes dental fluorosis as “a cosmetic defect of the enamel ranging from mild speckling tomore noticeable marking.”And the British Fluoridation Society has said of the York Review’s findings: “The review recognises dental fluorosis as a cosmetic issue, not a health problem”. But the chair of the York Review has said: “The review found water fluoridation to be significantly associated withhigh levels of dental fluorosis which was not characterised as ‘just acosmetic issue’.”Dental fluorosis is, of course, the first symptom of fluoride poisoning.

3. The “evidence that fluoridated water is beneficial”

3.1 The dodgy dossier says: “The York review in 2000 confirmedthat fluoride helps to reduce tooth decay”. What it omits to say is that the York Review said fluoridation would only reduce tooth decay by 0.4 of a tooth per child on average, or that mass studies in other countries have found no appreciable difference between fluoridated and non-fluoridated areas. Indeed, when Basel-Stadt became the last Swiss canton to cease fluoridation in 2003 after 31 years, one of the reasons given was that fluoridation was ineffective.

3.2 New Labourhealth minister Yvette Cooper has told parliament: "The report of the [York] review will help ensure that local decisions are based on an authoritative, readily accessible summary of research into the safety and efficacy of water fluoridation."[8] She did not point out that this “evidence” included “little evidence” that fluoridation would reduce dental health inequalities, and that fluoridation would reduce tooth decay by less than half a tooth per child.The British Dental Association has said: “Water fluoridation is a simple measure that dramatically improves dental health by reducing tooth decay.” [ 9] This was clearly not the finding of the York Review.

3.3 The dodgy dossier calls fluoridation “the most effective public health measure” for reducing tooth decay. The Green Party calls this spin. Most European countries have managed to reduce levels of tooth decay in recent years, in almost all cases without fluoridation. [ 10] Dentists in America have reported that: “Current evidence strongly suggests that fluorides work primarily by topical means through direct action on the teeth and dental plaque. Thus ingestion of fluoride is not essential for caries prevention.” [ 11] The chair of the York Review has said that “The review could come to no conclusion as to the cost-effectiveness ofwater fluoridation”.

4. Dental health inequalities

4.1 The dodgy dossier says: “Water fluoridation is the most effective public health measure … for tackling oral health inequalities.” The British Fluoridation Society has said of the York Review: “Importantly, the review also confirms that water fluoridation reduces inequalities in dental health.”[12]But the chair of the government’s review of water fluoridation has said: “There was little evidence to show that water fluoridation has reducedsocial inequalities in dental health.”

5. A “naturally occurring mineral”–

or toxic waste added to drinking water

5.1 The dodgy dossier says “Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral which can protect teeth in a number of ways.” In fact the main fluoridation chemical is hexafluorosilic acid(H2SiF6). The chemical added to drinking water, far from being “naturally occurring”, is derived from the pollution scrubber liquor used to clean the factory chimneys of the phosphate fertiliser industry. [ 13 ]

5.2 An editorial in the pro-fluoridation British Dental Journalsaid of the York Review that “they found no difference between naturally and artificially fluoridated water." [ 14] But the chair of the York Review has said: “The review could come to no conclusion as to the cost-effectiveness ofwater fluoridation or whether there are different effects between natural orartificial fluoridation.”

6. Safety testing of fluoridation chemicals – or not

6.1 The dodgy dossier says “The chemicals used forwater fluoridation are specifically manufactured to very high quality standards, andmust meet Department of Environment purity specifications.” But these chemicals have never been safety-tested for human consumption. [ 15] And fluorosilicates are Part II poisons under the Poisons Act 1972. It is illegal to prescribe them. [ 16]Water fluoridation breaches the EU Pharmaceuticals Directive, which says that all medicinal substances must be registered as such, and must be subjected to full clinical testing for safety. Fluorosilicates have not been so registered nor tested for safety. [17]

7. Ignoring the European Convention on Human Rights and the European Charter of Fundamental Rights

7.1 The dodgy dossier says “Drinking fluoride-free water is not a basic human right but a question of individualpreference.” But the European Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine distinctly states that individuals have the right not to be medicated without their consent. [ 18]And the European Charter of Fundamental Rights says the same. [ 19]

7.2 The water industry has colluded with government in return for indemnity against any civil or criminal liability. The water companies have reinforced the erroneous view that it’s politicians or communities that have the right to decide who to medicate, rather than individuals themselves: “We just want it recognised that it’s a decision for health authorities to take after consultation with consumer bodies.” [20]

7.3 The BDA has also been spreading the propaganda that it’s up to “local communities” to decide who should be medicated. [ 21]

8. Conclusion

8.1 The pro-fluoridation bodies appear to have ignored conflicting evidence as though it simply didn’t exist; misrepresented the findings of the government’s review; and attempted to convince MPs and the public that decisions whether or not to medicate are rightly the province of majorities - when in fact legally-binding international human rights conventions recognise the right of the individual to decide.


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