Servisair Ice Breaker

Servisair Ice Breaker

Servisair Ice breaker

Servisair run a training course for check-in staff and one section entitled ‘Seating methods’ deals with the different rules for the safe seating of passengers with different needs on an aircraft.

This course will bring customer service to life for students. It offers support to teachers in giving students real sector knowledge and understanding related to customer service.

Specifically, this course could help with the following criteria.


1.3.2 a range of different customers and how their needs vary


2.3.5how to identify and respond to a range of different customer types and their diverse needs

2.3.7how product knowledge impacts on customer service delivery

2.3.9the skills and techniques necessary to provide excellent customer service in a range of customer service situations including dealing with difficult customers and challenging customer service situations


3.1.16.the cost of good and poor customer service including their impacts on profitability to meet the diverse needs and expectations of customers.1.

This course has been designed for in-house training of Servisair’s own staff. The full training session is for learners to:

Understand the safety implications when seating passengers

List the three methods of seating

Know the seven members of the PINCODE group

Select and allocate seats

Practitioners/consortia can purchase the training for this course to be delivered to their students/across their consortia by contacting Servisair.

Dave Rogers

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Servisair UK Ltd

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Ice breaker activity

1. Give each table of delegates cards that identify different customer types.

Ask them to discuss the needs of these customers.

Customer types:

  • Mr and Mrs Dublin together who have asked for leg room
  • Mr and Mrs Greece with their four children
  • A school party of 32 from Havana Academy
  • Mr and Mrs Seoul who have not ordered a meal
  • Mr and Mrs Adelaide who have an infant
  • Mr Williamsberg who is in a wheelchair and travelling with his wife who is deaf
  • Miss Susan France who is 8 years old, travelling as an unaccompanied minor
  • Mr Aswan travelling with 2 infants and his wife
  • Mrs Malawi travelling with her mother who is 80yrs and needs assistance
  • A group of 10 males going on a stag weekend to Hamburg

2. Display the slide showing the members of the PINCODE group. Ask the group to discuss these and their ineligibility to be seated in exit rows (red on the seat plan example)

3. Show the slide of the aircraft cabin.

Using this plan of the aircraft ask them to discuss where they would seat their clients and allocate seat numbers.

4. Ask each group to share their allocated seat numberswith the rest of the group, giving their reasons why.

5. What does the aircraft seating plan look like? Lead a discussion entitled ’How can this support learners in understanding customer service’?

NB: It is essential that you collect in the cards and this activity and the plan as this is a commercial activity and all rights are reserved.

We have had special permission from Servisair to use this as an icebreaker.

Seating Methods Exercise

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