Senior Design II General Meeting Attendance s3

Senior Design II General Meeting Attendance

By department regulations attendance to general meetings is mandatory

In case of absence provide valid proof of reasons to you mentor

Project Title: Student Companion System
Team #: 12 / Team Leader: Ehren Sixon
Team name: SCS / Team Member: Jason Janik
Mentor: Faisal Kaleem / Team Member: Howard Harris
Team Members in yellow did not attend the meeting / Team Member: Ricardo Dimas
Team Member: Javier Oramas

Please write a paragraph detailing: Project status.

Currently, we have created the mobile application of our system. Quiz system and GPS locator is complete in the application. The third floor of the engineering center has been digitized and implemented into the mobile application. The mobile application was created using MIT App Inventor. EAM Worldwide Solutions has sponsored and provided us the Alien RFID reader to be implemented into our system. A simple database has been built to be used as a guide in linking to our mobile applications.

Please write a paragraph detailing: Expectation of project completion by the demonstration date.

We are confident that our proof-of-concept demonstration will be completed by the demonstration date. Dr. Kaleem has assigned us to finish our system by April 10. Still in the development stage, we are working diligently and resourcefully to have everything in order. We have collaborated with Dr. Kaleem to provide us with the necessary information and resources to perform our demonstration. We will be able to perform the features of our system during demonstration date.

Please write a paragraph detailing: What are your main worries at this time?

There are three main worries at this time. We need to implement a database. We have researched that we need a web service to link our database with our application. We are in the process of finding a web service that would best suit our project. The RFID reader can read only 5 tags every five seconds in a short range of less than 12 inches. Our goal is to have the reader read more tags in a range of 10 to 15 feet. The mobile application still needs to implement more features such as information of professors and payment system interface.

Team Members Participation

·  Ehren Sixon – created the mobile application using MIT App Inventor. Quiz and GPS system is working in the mobile application; designed graphics for the application; writing progress report. (20 hours)

·  Jason Janik – met with our sponsor to test RFID hardware and analyzed how to implement its features to work with our system; researched. (14 hours)

·  Howard Harris – currently working on integrating the NFC reader with the micro controller board so that we can use NFC enabled phones to make payments. (14 hours)

·  Ricardo Dimas – learned how to use databases; built a simple database in MySQL using tables; researched web services to link database to the mobile application. (19 hours)

  • Javier Oramas – installed and connected ALR-9900+ Alien RFID reader which interfaces with a host software computer; tested RFID tags to find the proper range and quantity the reader can read. (16 hours)