Sending Marriage Certificate & Marriage Photos

Sending Marriage Certificate & Marriage Photos


My Name : / Totakura Pushpalatha
Address : / 10138 Douglas oaks cir, Apt 204 Tampa,FL 33610 USA, Tampa, FL, United States
Address in India: / Tulip Residency Flat No: 302 Deepthisree Nagar, Hafeezpet village, Serilingampally mandal, Hyderabad. , Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
Date of Birth: / 13/Aug/1983
Passport No.: / K0840155/E7365333
E-mail : /
Contact No.: / 8136356450(USA)
Name : (Husband) / Guduru Surya Narayana Murthy
Address in India: / Tulip Residency Flat No: 302 Deepthisree Nagar, Hafeezpet village, Serilingampally mandal, Hyderabad., Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
Address(when He was in USA) : / Logic Soft, Inc. 5900 Sawmill Road, Suite 200 Dublin, OH 43017, Dublin, OHio, United States
Passport No.: / J2823249
E-mail : /
Contact No.: / I Don’t have his India contact no. now
Contact No. in USA / 614 805 9310/614-884-5544(USA)

Marriage Date: 31-Oct – 2009, Vijayawada.

Sending marriage certificate & marriage photos.

Murthy Parents:
Father: Guduru Venkateswara Rao; Cell: 9948054834
Mother: Guduru Nirmala; Cell: 9963604709
Door Number: 1-1-C
Chattanna Varam village
Alluru post
Veerulapadu mandal
Krishna Dt, AP - 521181
Murthy Brother:
Rajesh Guduru; Cell: 9676333468
Tulip Residency
Flat No: 302
Deepthisree Nagar, Hafeezpet village, Serilingampally mandal, Hyderabad.

Murthy friend: Deepthi – Phone Number: 8019957776

Working as lecturer in EEE Dept. VMTW college, Ghatkesar Vignan's Institute of Management & Technology for Women (VMTW) Ghatkesar, Hyderabad, Ranga Reddy Dististrict

- He always used to talk to her for Hours and hours on phone. Attached call history from USA phone.


Details of the Case:

- During my marriage they demanded for 5lac rupees money, for them to make arrangements to their house and marriage preparation etc. Also they have asked for dowry of 50 lac, so my parents told that they will give 1 acre land in my village ,near Vijayawada. Which is on my parents name only.we didn’t transfer to them.

After Marriage in Hyderabad

- my MotherInLaw (Nirmala guduru) used to scold me and my parents, in the wedding also she fought with my parents.
- my husband (Murthy Guduru) also didn't show any interest on me either physically or emotionally or personally. He is not interested to have sex with me also.
- he didn't talk to me much; he always talks to his friend (Deepthi) on phone.Dont know what is the relation, but when we were in Hyderabad also, he always used to talk on phone and sms and meeting on weekends.
- he only talks to me only when they need my salary every month
- he used to beat me for the salary. He took my Internet banking userid/password and my debit card.
- both MotherInLaw (Nirmala) and FatherInLaw (venkateswara Rao Guduru) used to ask me for the salary
- when I told my inlaws about he is not having sex with me, they told they have a dreams of buying new home, earn more money, buy car, and fly to USA. Because all his cousin brothers and sisters are settled in USA, he wants to go to USA.

-With all my money, we bought a 2Bed room flat at Tulip Residency
Flat No: 302
Deepthisree Nagar, Hafeezpet village, Serilingampally mandal, Hyderabad

--Purchased a 2 Bed room apartment, worth 36 lac rupees , applied Home loan in SBI, Ameenpur for 18lacs.

--Flat is registered on bot of our names and loan is also on both of our names.

-- attached sale deed, bank loan statement.

After coming to USA
- I came to US on work visa (H1B). And my husband Murthy came on dependent visa (H4).
- in USA also, he beated me and took money in both US Dollars and Indian Rupees.
- in USA we applied for his work visa (H1B) with my money. I have paid all his expenses for his travel and Visa.
-After he got his H1 visa application, He told that he is not interested with me.

- after that he again beated me and took all my money, and then he told me that he wanted to live separately and so he and his parents forced me to apply for the divorce on mutual agreement.
- I told him that we will go to India to get divorce. But he doesn't want to come back to India in Spetemebr 2013.

-he thought he will get his work visa from Oct 2013 and went and stayed his employer's guest house in USA.
- I told to my parents and his parents (both parents are in India).

--When my parents are trying to go to their house to talk to them, they are stopping them in the middle of the way and not allowing them to enter into their village

--they are saying, if we go to their village , they will file a paruvu nastam daava case

-His parents told that, ok you both live separately and apply for divorce there. And we will give all your money back to your parents. Total amount, transferred from my Citi bank account to his Citi bank account was 19 lac rupees.

--attached Bank transfer transactions.

Divorce in USA – approved on Jan 21st 2014

-Now I applied for divorce is USA and he also agreed for that. On Jan 21st 2014, divorce is approved in the court. I spent 4,000$ for this. They didn’t pay for this also.

-But till now, his parents didn’t give money, they told we will give money after the divorce is approved or after 2-3 months like that. All these discussions happened in Septemeber 2013 and till now they didn’t even pay me a single rupee.
- His parents blackmailing me that if I come to India, they will take my passports and file case on me, my brother and parents.
- Actually we bought an apartment in Hyderabad. they don't want to give share in that to me.

Murthy in India now
---Now Murthy is in Hyderabad and working there

---They are not paying the EMIs for the house loan and he went and told the Bank manager, that, She is not transferring the flat, so we will not pay the EMIS

--But the fact is From septemeber, my parents are discussing with his parents and they accepted to pay 13lacs to me to transfer the flat to them.

--as his parents, showed that as property of his younger son and took dowry from younger daughter in law,so murthy’s brother and his wife are living in that apartment and they are not paying any rent, and they are not ready to vacate this or not ready to transfer that to me.

--But his parents are not giving the money ,my parents went and informed in Vijayawada police station about this.

---The police called his father and asked , then they accepted the same and they have written the same on a white paper and both parties have signed.

Before marriage

He doesn’t have a passport and lost all his marksheets before marriage and they never told me that. and after marriage he again got all duplicate mark sheets and passport, just to come to USA with my dependent visa

He and his parents knew that he had a problem scientifically or he had some love failure, till today they are not giving a proper answer for these things.

They all knew everything and they acted smartly and took all my salary and did cheating.

Now after divorce also they are not paying money and cheating.

I have already sent the GPA documents for the apartment. Gave GPA to my father.