Seeking to Be Appointed a Notary Public

Seeking to Be Appointed a Notary Public




IN THE MATTER OF insert applicant’s name

Seeking to be appointed a Notary Public



To the Honourable Chief Justice of Ireland


The humble Petition of insert nameof insert address (where petitioner ordinarily resides)in the County of insert Countyshoweth;

1)The Petitioner is insert ageyears of age and was admitted in the term of insert yearto practise as a Solicitor

2)insert history of practice as solicitor and any other relevant information/qualifications

3)The Petitioner has a good spoken and written knowledge of the Irish language (or as appropriate) and has (e.g. elementary French)

4)The Petitioner has obtained a certificate of competency from the Faculty of Notaries Public in Ireland in compliance with Order 127 of the Rules of the Superior Courts

5)The Petitioner is familiar with the requirements of the law and the practice in regard to the administration of Oaths, Affirmations and Declarations.

6)The Petitioner by virtue of the foregoing qualifications and experience has a good understanding of the law and practice in regard to bills of exchange, promissory notes, bills of lading, banking, transport carriage of goods, shipping and generally with contracts and documents of a mercantile and commercial nature in relation to which the services of a Notary Public are from time to time required.

7)The Petitioner respectfully submits that should he/she be appointed a Notary Public, such appointment will be a convenience and an advantage for the professional Banking and Commercial community in and near the said area and in support thereof refers to the Certificates filed herewith signed by Solicitors and other business interests

8)Your Petitioner undertakes that if appointed a Notary Public, he/she will observe the Code of Conduct for Notariesadopted by the Faculty of Notaries Public in Ireland on 21 November 1986 and such other rules, regulations and by-laws governing the professional practice and procedure of notaries in Ireland and the standards to be observed by them as shall from time to time bemade and published by the Faculty of Notaries Public in Ireland.

9)Your Petitioner has available to him/her at all hours a public office at insert address, wherein Notarial business may be conducted.

10)Your Petitioner therefore respectfully requests that he/she be appointed a Notary Public for the City and County of insert place name

Signed ______

Solicitor insert name

of insert address