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Sporting Event Summary

Scout Day at the “K” Featuring the Royal Gathering of Eagles

Date: Sunday, April 22, 2012

Location: Kauffman Stadium (Kansas City Royals)

Attendance: 9,000 (previous 3,500)

Audience: All Scouts, Scout Leaders & Scout Families

Overview: The 3rd annual Scout Day at the “K” featuring the Royal Gathering of Eagles was held Sunday, April 22 at Kauffman Stadium. The day was promoted as not just a baseball game, rather the largest gathering of Scouts in Kansas City this year.

Scout Day at the K participation was open to all Scouts, leaders, and family members. Tickets cost $6 which included the official 2012 Scout Day patch. All Scout day participants were also encouraged to attend the “Scout Event Area” outside the stadium. The event area featured displays which included a patch pick-up tent, fire and police department vehicles and personnel and a Sprint MMV game station.

The Royal Gathering of Eagles was open to all Eagle Scouts and family members. Admission to the Royal Gathering of Eagles was free to all Eagle Scouts and also included a free game ticket. Family members of Eagle Scouts could attend the gathering for $5 and the game for $6. The Royal Gathering of Eagles was staged in a separate group tent which included food and beverage as well as the official Royal Gathering cap for Eagle Scouts. Additionally, the Royal Gathering featured the presentation of the 2012 Ewing M. Kauffman Distinguished Eagle Scout Awards. Ewing M. Kauffman was the founder of the Kansas City Royals and was also an Eagle Scout. Awards are presented annually in conjunction with the Royal Gathering of Eagles to adult Eagle Scouts who have provided a lifetime of exemplary service to the Kansas City community.

The event also featured an incentive for Scouts through the Popcorn Fill-it Up Program. Scouts who qualified received 2 free tickets to the event including the official Scout Day Patch.

Partnerships: Event sponsors were identified to help financially support the event. Final Event Sponsors included: (see attached sponsorship package)

Sprint-Scout Day at the K

Waddell & Reed and Commerce Bank – Royal Gathering of Eagles

In addition to our event partnership with the Kansas City Royals, a secondary partnership was formed with Harvesters Food Bank. All attendees, Scout and non-Scout, were asked to bring a canned food item to the game. All those who brought an item were given a ticket voucher to a future Royals game. TOTAL FOOD COLLECTED = 4,000 LBS.

Scout Day and Royal Gathering Features

A number of on-field and pre-game opportunities were made available through our event and included:

Scout Parade – Before Game

Included 500-plus Scouts, Leaders – All with Unit Flags

Selected by registrations

Scout 1st Pitch and Catch

Scouts selected to throw out first pitch and catch

Selected by Committee

Scouting Singing National Anthem

Selected by Committee

All Scout Color Guard

Selected by Committee

Scout Interviews

On-field before Game on bigscreen

Captain’s Club

*Royals’ Recognition at all games

Presented to 1st HOAC Eagle Scout of 2012

Description G Finance Marketing and PR Photos 2012 Scout Day Photos Sleezer Photos ScoutDayAtK 0652 SP 4 22 12 JFS jpg

2012 Distinguished Eagle Class

Presented on-field and prior to game

Buck O’Neil Legacy Seat

*Royals Recognition at all games

Presented to 2 HOAC heroism award recipients

Commemorative Items: (see attached)

Promotional items included official Scout Day Patch, Royal Gathering Cap and Rally Towels

Directional Signage

Coordinated by the logistics chairman, directional signage was placed throughout Kauffman stadium to offer a helpful and welcoming atmosphere.

Signage included 2 16ft towers with event logo and balloons. Also included banners featuring other attractions including SCOUT PARADE, PATCH PICK UP, TICKETS, etc.


All tickets were handled internally through the council office. Tickets were purchased online through the council website. Tickets could be picked up at Roundtable, the Council office, or at the game. All who purchased a Scout Day ticket also received a voucher to a future Royals game. Additional “event tickets” were also placed in materials (below)


Marketing plans all developed around 1 singular logo and kept consistent.

Marketing structure:

Event Flyer

Social Media promotion + ticket giveaways

Targeted bi-weekly emails

30 sec. Commercial (web and YouTube)

Roundtable Giveaways (Royals Hats/Jerseys)

Media – TV and Newspaper

Ads/info. in council newsletter

*Additionally, buy in from district activity chairmen was key. All who made their goal were given tickets to the dugout suite at the game.

Committee Structure

The Scout Day Committee was made up of a number of volunteers and professionals. Job duties and assignments included the following.

Honorary Chairman – Served as host of Scout Day and Royal Gathering of Eagles

Duties included on-field presentations

Operating Chairman – Served as overall lead of Event

Professional Staff Advisor – Served as Overall lead of event

Sponsorship Chairman – Secured sponsorships and suites for VIPS

Logistics – Coordinated all logistics including Scout Event Area

Program – Coordinated all program aspects including on-field presentations and activities

Program- Food Drive – Coordinated food drive with Harvesters and volunteer needs at turn-in

Program- Parade – Coordinated parade participants

Marketing – Council Marketing Director – all event promotions

Ticketing – Handled by council support staff

Sporting Kansas City Scout Night

Date: Friday, September 14, 2012

Location: Livestrong Stadium (Sporting Kansas City)

Attendance Goal: 3,000

Audience: All Scouts, Scout Leaders & Scout Families

Overview: The inaugural Scout Night at Sporting KC will be held Friday, September 14 at Livestrong Stadium. A total of 3,000 tickets will be for sale. Tickets only available through the council website at


Cost: Ticket $15 (normal $28) includes Scout Night Patch

*Add-on Scout scarf can be purchased additionally for $20

Event Planning (in development)

Pre-game activities: Scout event area inside stadium (displays, booths, etc.)

Scout announcement on PA

Scout Video on bigscreen

Scout color guard

Event Marketing (in development)

Sporting Mascot/representatives at Roundtables (May/June)

General Flyer

Email blasts & social media

Sporting KC Promo video (30 sec, with Seth Sinovic – player and Eagle Scout)

Ads in Council newsletter

*check out more at