Savage City Hall, 6000 Mccoll Dr, Savage, MN 55378

Savage City Hall, 6000 Mccoll Dr, Savage, MN 55378


The CAP Agency assists and empowers people to achieve social and economic well-being by providing services in partnership with our communities.

Board of Directors Meeting

November 30, 2016

5:00 – 6:00 pm

Savage City Hall, 6000 McColl Dr, Savage, MN 55378

Meeting Minutes

  1. Preamble

A. Call to Order – 5:15pm
B. Welcome and Introductions
C. Determination of a Quorum
Board Members Present – Nate Bostrom, Gayle Degler, Perry Mulcrone, Gino Businaro, Mary
Korthour, Bill Rudnicki, Rhonda Nau, Bev, Higdem, Mike Mayer, Liz Carlson
Board Members Absent – Mike Beard, Ron Ceminsky, Chris Hansen, Tanya Velishek
Staff Present – Joseph Vaughan, Gary Johnson, Eric Gentry, Jeremy Casper, Christie Rossow,
Jennifer Baker (minutes)
D. Amendments to Agenda
E. Public Comment

2. Consent Agenda

Board Action Requested: To review and approve Consent Agenda Items
Gino moved to extend Liz’s Board term until a replacement is appointed. Seconded by Bill. Motion carried.
Moved by Gayle, seconded by Liz. Motion carried. / Item #
A. Board Meeting Agenda – Nov 30, 2016 / 2A
B. Board Meeting Minutes – Oct 11, 2016 / 2B
C. Financial Reports
1. Cash Flow – Sept 2016
2. Financial Summary by Fund – Sept 2016
3. VISA Card Summaries – Head Start, Agency, CEO –Nov 2016
4. Head Start Financials – August and Sept 2016 / 2C1
D. Head Start
1. October Prenatal-Five Monthly Report
2. Policy Council Minutes – September 2016
3. 2016 Head Start PIR Report / 2D1

3. Action Items

4. Head Start Self-Assessment4

Joe informed the Board that the Head Start items are part of an annual approval that needs to be done by the Board. The Board reviewed the documents associated. Moved by Mary, seconded by Rhonda. Motion carried.

5. Head Start School Readiness Goals 5

Joe informed the Board that this goal includes a language change to incorporate early head start. Moved by Gino, seconded by Mary. Motion carried.

6. Updates and Discussion

A. Head Start – Laura Gilkey
Joe informed the Board that after the Board meeting adjourns, the Board members will go into the joint meeting with the Policy Council. Joe encouraged the Board to introduce themselves and welcome the Policy Council members and thank them for volunteering. This year, 2/3 of the policy council members are brand new. There are only four returning members.
B. Strategic Plan
Scott Morell facilitated a discussion by the Board about the ongoing process of creating the strategic plan. The release of the strategic plan has been moved to 2017 so as to incorporate changes in ROMA language into the plan. The Board has been asked to review the draft of the strategic plan and submit edits to Jennifer by Dec 29th. Jennifer will send out a digital copy of the strategic plan to all Board members with response instructions.
C. Board Committee Updates
1. Executive Committee – Nate Bostrom – Minutes from 10/11 and 11/14 attached
2. Finance Committee – Bill Rudnicki
3. Governance Committee – Gayle Degler
4. Program Committee – Bev Higdem
5. Technology Committee – Gino Businaro / 6C1
C. President/CEO Report - Joe Vaughan
Reminder that the CAP Holiday party is December 16th. Board members are highly encouraged to attend. A purchase agreement has been signed with People Incorporated for the Aldrich property. There will be more information on this at the December Board meeting. Thank you to all of the Board members who attended the Give Where You Live banquet.
D. Board Chair Report – Nate Bostrom
Thank you and congratulations to Jennifer for planning the Give Where You Live banquet, it was a very smooth and well done event.
E. Other Business
F. Adjournment 6:17pm

Note: Next Board meeting will be held Tuesday, Dec 13th from 6:30-8:00pm at the Shakopee office