Sally Pellow Section Name Online Enrolment

Sally Pellow Section Name Online Enrolment




Data required

Log in to e:Vision

Loading student data into e:Vision

After data has been uploaded

Student documentation

Student ID Cards

Useful Contacts

This document should be read in conjunction with the following separate appendices:







Every student of Anglia Ruskin University is required to register at the start of their course and then re-register on the anniversary of their start date or after any break in study. Registration is the formal process of becoming a student of AngliaRuskinUniversity. The information gathered in the registration process provides a record of their registration on to an AngliaRuskinUniversity validated course of study and their entitlement to access certain facilities of AngliaRuskinUniversity.

During the registration process they confirm or correct their personal and academic details. The process also asks them to confirm compliance with the appropriate University regulations. We hold this information on our central student database, called SITS, and they complete the registration process online using our e:Vision Web student portal.

As a partner of AngliaRuskinUniversity, you are required to ensure that all your students studying with us register via e:Vision as soon as possible. We will send you regular reports of unregistered students to help you identify those that have not registered or re-registered.

Please be aware that unregistered students will not have access to all the University facilities.

Students can register from anywhere in the world, from any PC with internet access.


e:Vision is the name of our web-based student records system and is the system that the students will use to register with us. They will use e:Vision throughout their life with Anglia Ruskin, to access information such as their module results, and through the system they can maintain the contact details we hold for them, amending their address or telephone numbers whenever appropriate.

It is also the system that staffuse to view the data relating to their students. Please refer to the document ‘’Student Management on e:Vision’’ (author: JaneTinkler, Business Relationship Manager (Student Data)) for details on how to view your student data.

Please Note: Staff at a partner institution cannot view any student data unless their institution has signed the ‘Confidentiality and Data Sharing Agreement’ and they, as an individual, have been authorised for access. Please contact AngliaRuskinUniversity’s Office of the Secretary & Clerk for further information. ()

Our records system needs to hold some key data for your students before we can create an online registration task. You will provide this data by uploading .xls spreadsheets on to e:Vision.

Data should not be sent to us unless you have obtained the consent (and explicit consent in respect of Sensitive Personal Data*) from the students for you to send this personal data to AngliaRuskinUniversity. Please ensure that this is in place.

For further information please refer to our Data Protection Policy at

*as defined in section 2 of the Data Protection Act 1998

Data required

Before we can create a registration task for your students we need to receive some key data from yourselves.

This data must only be sent once the student has passed all your admissions criteria. You will send this data to us on a spreadsheet – please see Appendix 1 for the sample spreadsheet.Please do not add or delete any columns or change the headings. The spreadsheet has to match the template in our system.

The data that we require is:

Field Name / Explanation
PartnerInstitution / Each Institution will have a separate 2 character code.
MASCourseCode / See Appendix 2‘MAS Course codes’ list for codes
EntryYear / This is the academic year i.e 2011/2
EntryMonth / This is the month the course starts in
i.e. September = 09
CourseBlock / This is the year of the course the student is entering, most would be 1 but if a student is entering directly into year 2 of the course you would enter 2.
CourseOccurrence / You may have a course where you have more than one intake in a year this is called an occurrence.
See Appendix 2 ‘MAS Course codes’ list to see the occurrences that have been set up for each of your courses.
Surname / The field has a maximum of 40 characters
Forename1 / The field has a maximum of 30 characters
Forename2 / The field has a maximum of 30 characters
Forename3 / The field has a maximum of 30 characters
Initials / The first character from the 3 Forename fields above.
In the order of Forename1, Forename2, Forname3
(Surname is not included)
Home Address1 / The field has a maximum of 50 characters
Home Address2 / The field has a maximum of 50 characters
Home Address3 / The field has a maximum of 50 characters
Enter the town
HomeCountry / For UK address enter the County i.e. Essex
For Overseas Address enter Country i.e. Trinidad
HomePostcode / Leave blank if the address is not in the UK
DOB / Format should be dd/mm/yyyy
Gender / Male = M
Female = F
Domicile / Country of student’s permanent residence.
Please see Appendix 3 ‘Domicile codes’ list for codes
ResidentialCategory / Please see Appendix 4‘Residential Category’ list for appropriate codes
This is to show if the students Residential category is UK or EU or Overseas
For students who have not had permanent residency in the UK/EU for the last 3 years the code will be 9
HighestQual / Please see Appendix 5 ‘Highest Qualification codes’ list for codes
This should show the highest qualification that the student has on entry to Anglia Ruskin. This may be a higher qualification than that required for the Anglia Ruskin course, but the highest qualification held is the one which should be recorded.
Please note: students who studied an Anglia Ruskin University Higher Education degree course outside the UK should not be coded as 12 as this code indicates that the degree was studied within the UK. It will cause a validation error if during the registration task the student states that they have not studied a course within the UK.
ELQStatus / UK/EU students – if during your admission process the student has been assessed as ELQ on a course which is not exempt, and therefore no HEFCE funding will be received, you need to enter Y in this field.
For all other students leave blank

Loginto e:Vision

Open a web browser, for example Internet Explorer

In the address bar enter the address

This will take you to the e:Vision log in screen

Enter your Anglia Ruskin User name and password details

(If your Institution has signed the ‘Confidentiality and Data Sharing Agreement’document and you as an individual have been authorised for access you will have been sent your User Name and password details by our ISMS (Information Systems and Media Services) department.)

Click the Log-in button

 If an error occurs at the log-in stage, a red warning message will appear. If the warning message indicates a problem with the username and password you have entered, try entering these details again in case the details were entered incorrectly. If the error occurs again please contact ISMS Customer Support at:

 or by telephoning 0845 196 4357, to report the problem. You will not be able to proceed until you are able to log in to e-Vision.

Once you have logged into e-vision you will arrive at the Home screen.

Once you have logged in successfully for the first time, you should ensure that you change your password by going to

Loading student data into e:Vision

Once the student has passed all your admissions criteriayou need to send us the data by loading the spreadsheet, with all the fields completed, on to e:Vision.

You must not add additional students on to the end of a spreadsheet already uploaded . A new spreadsheet must be competed each time.

Additionally if any changes are to be made to data already sent please do not change on the original spreadsheet and re upload. Instead please email the changes to ..

Once you have logged into e:Vision click on the

Partner Data page

Please note:

your e:Vision account may not show all the page choices that are shown here.

Then click on the link ‘ Partner Data Upload (by Ins)

You will then see a screen with various information that we hold regarding your Institution. Please keep the fields that are not greyed out up to date. If you make any changes please click on the Store button.

Please click on button Upload Data

You are now in the screen where you will upload the data

Click on Add new DOC button

An additional section will appear at the bottom of the screen

In Document Type enter:PARTNER_STUS then click on Upload file button

Select the .xls spreadsheet from your system by using the Browse button

Give your file a Name and a description – this can be whatever you choose

Then click on Upload file button

The Related Records screen will come back up with a message that your file has been successfully uploaded

The screen now shows the Name and Description and the link to the file. The link name is the name you gave the .xls spreadsheet. Please make sure that the spreadsheets do have slightly different names.

For example:

Trinidad 10-11 no.1 07/12/10

Trinidad 10-11 no.2 10/12/10

You have now finished the upload process. If you have another spreadsheet to upload just press the Add new DOC button again and repeat the process.

Please then send an email to informing us that you have uploaded a file and the file name.

After data has been uploaded

We will pick up the file and load it into our student record system (SITS).

Once we have loaded the file:

1. You will be able to see your students on e:Vision

A view will be available that will give you the following information:

  • The students unique Anglia Ruskin Student Identification number (SID)
  • Students name
  • Course Code ( This code is not the same as the code you entered on the

spreadsheet which was an admissions course code)

  • Block
  • Occurance
  • Mode of Attendance
  • Registration status
  • P = Pending (student has not yet registered)
  • C = Current (student has registered)

Other statuses that may appear later on a student’s record:

  • PR = Pending rolled forward (the students record has been rolled forward ready for the student to re-register on to their course i.e for the 2nd year)
  • W = Withdrawn
  • I = Intermitting

To view the students SID and registration status click on ‘View/Manage Student Details’

Add criteria or to call up all students leave all fields except for academic year blank.

Click on the Search button

All the students who meet the criteria you selected will show

To get the list that will show the course code and registration status select SCE– Enrolment from ‘Show results by entity’ list

Once you have selected SCE– Enrolment the list will come up

You can export this list (in the exported list the full forenames will appear)

First select the students you want to export by ticking the box on the left of the SID. To select all the students on the list tick the box on the left of the ‘SCJ Code’ header

Then select the SRL: PRTNR_SCE_EX (PRTNR_SCE_EXPOR) then click on the Run button

Select a Notification method to have the list sent as a file to either your email address or put in your e-vision In Tray which is found on your Home page

Click Ok

Click Ok

The file will appear in either your email box or e-vision In Tray depending on your Notification selection

2. An online registration task will appear on the students e:Vision account.

Instructions on how the students complete the online registration task is contained in

the document Online registration Student Guide - Partner vNov2010

Student documentation

For a new student to be able to log into e:Vision you will need to inform them of their:

User name = as shown on the export report

(this should now be used instead of their Anglia Ruskin Student Identification number (SID) although it will still accept the SID for initial login)

Initial password = date of birth (in the format DDMMYY)

To obtain your students User name please click on ‘Export My Student Details’

This will bring up a list of your students and their User Name which can be exported. If you saveit as an Excel spreadsheet you can filter etc.

The User name is the last set of characters


0123456|TEST|ALICIA|||BAUGGEBUFTR3|1|A|BA (Hons) General Business|01|P|AT110

You will also need to make sure you provide them with instructions on how complete the online registration task.

We have provided you with 2 documents:

1. Online Registration Instructions which tells the student how to access e:Vision and where to find the registration task.

2. Online Registration Guidewhich takes the student through the registration task screen by screen.

Student ID Cards

The Student Identification card (SID card) is produced by the iCentre and has the students photograph and Student ID number (SID) on the front. This is a credit card sized card and the SID number is unique to the student.

Not only is it identification and proof that the student is registered for an award at Anglia Ruskin, it is also required for your students to obtain access to the on-line library.

It is therefore very important that your students are encouraged to look after this card. If they do lose it, a duplicate must be obtained from the iCentre for which the student will have to pay a replacement charge of £5.00.

How do I request an SID card for my students?

You need to submit a passport photograph (head/shoulder photograph) via email to:


  1. A list of student details and the essential student ID numbers will be available on e-Vision.
  1. The electronic photograph file should be saved as the surname and student ID number (i.e. FRANKLIN-0765099) and then uploaded to an email as an attachment and email to:
  1. Please state in the subject line:

Campus of study/Course subject (i.e. Trinidad/Business)

  1. Upon students registering on e:Vision and becoming a current student the ID cards will be posted to a designated staff member at your Institution.
  1. Any problems please contact Donna Franklin (iCentre Manager, Chelmsford Campus) or telephone 0845 196 3832

Useful Contacts

  • Problems getting into e:Vision



Phone: 0845 196 4357


Complete the On line query form on the e:Vision log on page


Phone:0845 186 600/6601

  • Queries with the Registration task



Phone: 0845 186 5988/4444



Phone: 0845 186 5954

  • Queries regarding Student Cards



Phone:0845 196 3832


Should contact their Institution who will make the inquiry on their behalf