RV Trip Planning Tools: 7 Routing Resources

RV Trip Planning Tools: 7 Routing Resources

RV Trip Planning Tools: 7 Routing Resources

It’s a fantastic time to be an RV adventurer! Technology has given us so many great options for mapping out routes, pinpointing fun things to do along the way, and finding and reserving campsites. FMCA makes RV trip planning a breeze!

There’s no better time than now to plan your next road trip. FMCA has gathered a few ideas to help you get started:

RV Trip Planing Resource #1: RV Trip Wizard

Many RVers turn to RV Trip Wizard for their RV trip planning needs. With 17,000 campgrounds and 57,000 points of interest in its database, RV Trip Wizard provides plenty of options along your chosen route. This web-based platform can be used on a desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet. Users pay $39 per year for access to the program.

Other RV Trip Wizard features include a visual trip planner that allows you to see the route you are taking; trip cost estimations, including fuel and campground fees; and the ability to set driving times and distances. Trips can be exported to Google Maps or to your GPS. With RV Park Reviews as a partner, RV Trip Wizard provides users access to feedback from fellow RVers about campgrounds.

#2: Roadtrippers

Roadtrippers.com offers a fun way to plan a trip and locate interesting places along the way. The web-based program is free, but the Roadtrippers Pro version, which offers even more features and options, as well as an ad-free experience, is due to launch in May 2018 and will cost $79 per year. At this writing, though, a special offer of $29 was available on the website.

While planning an excursion via Roadtrippers.com, RVers can search for camping and RV parks; attractions; food and drink; outdoors and recreation opportunities; services such as fuel stops; shopping; sports; entertainment/nightlife; and more.

#3: FMCA Roadside Rescue®

A trip routing service comes with FMCA’s Roadside Rescue® plan. Of course, the key component of this program — offered to FMCA members for just $74 per year — is roadside assistance. The trip routing benefit is icing on the RV cake!

#4: Campground Connection

When exploring campground options, don’t forget about the FMCA Campground Connection, which leads you to FMCA commercial member campgrounds. Many of these campgrounds offer discounts to FMCA families.

#5: Go Camping America

Another campground resource is GoCampingAmerica. This site lists all campgrounds affiliated with ARVC (the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds).

#6: Reserve America

Another option for finding and reserving campgrounds, private and public, is ReserveAmerica.com. The website provides access to 290,000 campsites and also offers a camping guide with destination suggestions, tips, recipes, and more.

#7: Recreation.gov

At Recreation.gov, RVers can make reservations at 2,500 federal facilities, including U.S. national parks and national forests. Not only that, but the site offers a wealth of information about RV trip planning ideas, destinations, and activities across the United States, and it includes a trip builder feature.

And all of that’s just the beginning. It seems that sometimes, planning a trip is half the fun!

And we leave you with the wise words of American novelist and poet Jack Kerouac: “There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keeping rolling under the stars.”

Planning a big RV trip? Use FMCA’s checklist to ensure your rig is ready to hit the road.