RPOA Owners Association

RPOA Owners Association

RPOA Owners Association

Annual Meeting

Animas Grange Hall

CR 203 Durango

June 3, 2012

2:00 p.m.


[Draft, for approval June 2, 2013]

Call to Order: Welcome by RPOA President, Paul Cahill

Board Members: Paul Cahill, Brad Gray, Carol Lewin, Barbara Lynch, Betsy Petersen, Gay Robson and Scott Voss

1. Announce Quorum

18 homeowners signed in and the secretary received 36 proxies for a total of 54 votes which constituted a


2. Introductions – Paul Cahill introduced the board members.

3. Approval of Minutes from June 5, 2012 - Carol Lewin.

* Myriam Palmer moved and Jill Ward seconded that minutes for June 5, 2011 annual meeting be

approved as submitted and the motion carried unanimously.

4. Treasurer’s Report – Betsy Petersen

Betsy distributed copies of the Year-End Financial Statement in a letter to the homeowners.

* Betsy thanked her committee, Paul Cahill and Bob Strumpf for assisting her with the Finance Committee.

* Betsy reviewed the report with the homeowners (See attached).

* Liz Cahill moved and Bob Strumpf seconded that the Treasurer’s Report be approved as presented and

the motion carried unanimously.

* Betsy thanked outstanding heroes among the homeowners who have saved the Ranch money: Paul

Cahill, Myriam Palmer, Brad Gray, Kent Short, Bob Strumpf, Jerry Zelenka, Ed Heath, and Sue Whitfield.

Betsy reported that Kent Short, Bob Strumpf and Ed Heath served on the committee to review and revise

the DCCR’s saving the Ranch over $5,000.

Larry Konz asked about improving the RPOA entrance. Betsy responded that this would be a capital expense and is not included in the budget at this time. There was further discussion regarding this issue but no action was taken.

5. Committee Reports

a. Architectural – Scott Voss

Scott reported there are no active architectural projects at this time.

He also reported that the RPOA architecturally approved materials are becoming outdated.

He stated that the RPOA architectural rules are not in line with La Plata County’s requirements.

Scott and Paul Cahill researched the County’s records, but the project of reconciling the RPOA

Architectural Rules with those of the County was not completed..

b. Maintenance – Paul Cahill

Paul reported the following:

* Major Projects:

1) Replaced the pump behind 197 Cottonwood Creek Road (Walchak residence)

2) Replaced the pump between Zelenka’s and Cahill’s residence and rebuilt the building with a

removable roof for easier access

3) Rebuilt the bridge across drainage slough in the cottonwoods nature area

4) Repaired the tennis court to make it useable

5) Repaired two major irrigation line breaks –

* Behind 79 Latigo

* Behind 482/484 Cottonwood Creek Road

6) Removed cattails, tules, and sedge from the various ponds and water outlets.

Efforts will continue to keep the waterways and ponds clear of unwanted growth. This will be done by

spraying and hand digging unwanted plants.

Paul thanked the following people: Ron Davis, Ted Robson, George Widmeyer, Jerry Zelenka for their help on the Maintenance Committee.

Jerry Zelenka reported that 250 fish were put in all of the ponds with the majority of the fish being put in Fawn Lake and Bear Lake.

Jerry also reported on the RV lot with the following information: There are 35 sites, with 24 occupied and two allotted to Howard Herrera. Jerry also reported that some RV license registrations have expired and he asked the board to help him deal with these expirations.Jerry Zelenka asked that the RV lot be sprayed for thistle.

John Taber talked about the prairie dog problem on the ranchettes and that they are rapidly approaching other Ranch properties. He mentioned that Arno Burnier had some success with flooding the fields in trying to rid the area of the rodents.

c. Social – Gay Robson

Gay acknowledged volunteers who made Ranch social events possible in 2011. Volunteers included: Liz Cahill provided refreshments for the 2011 Annual Meeting; Mary Ann Hiller coordinated the Garage Sale; Betsy Petersen and Linda Olmstead organized the Labor Day Picnic; Connie Voss, Ann Simms and Linda Curtiss hosted the Fall Coffee; Myriam Palmer hosted the Christmas Party with assistance from Barbara and Jerry Zelenka; and Barbara Zelenka and Karen Miranda sent cards or flowers to members experiencing illness or loss.

Gay asked for volunteers to host social events in 2012 and for a volunteer to chair the Social Committee. She passed around a sign-up sheet to solicit volunteers. All volunteer positions were filled with the exception of Social Committee Chair and a host for the Christmas Party. Gay stated that there will be a sign-up sheet posted on the Ranch bulletin board to fill the remaining positions. (See attached responsibilities for Social Chair and Committee.)

d. Directory – Carol Lewin

Carol reported the following:

* The directory listing is continually updated as new information is received.

* The RPOA secretary is in regular contact with AREM through phone calls, visits to the office and

emails advising them of contact information changes. AREM also sends RPOA new information as

they received it.

* The 2012-2013 directory has been updated and will be printed in July to be ready for distribution at

the Labor Day picnic in August.

* Carol thanked Myriam Palmer for her diligent work on the RPOA website.

  1. AREM Property Management – Sandra Tischaefer thanked RPOA members for continuing to contract with AREM for property management services.

7. President’s Report – Paul Cahill

Paul reported that during the year, the By-Laws Committee completed work revising the DCCR’s to comply with Colorado Law. The revision was submitted to the Board, passed, and forwarded to the homeowners for a vote. Two-thirds of the homeowners passed this revision and it was recorded with La Plata County January 16, 2012 #1040918.

An oversight was discovered after this process was completed. This oversight involved Article III 3.01H The original wording needed to be reinserted in the document replacing the new wording with the original wording. This revision was mailed to the homeowners for a vote and passed with the required 2/3’s vote. This revision has been recorded with the La Plata County Clerk’s office on May 16, 2012 number 1046981. Members attending the annual meeting received copies of the revised section 3.01H. The remaining members will receive copies of this revision with the mailing of the Ranch Directory.

8. Old Business

None to report.

9. New Business

a. Nominating Committee Report - Barbara Lynch

The following people resigned from the board: Carl Curtiss and Ron Davis. Their terms to be filled are for one year. Paul Cahill and Betsy Petersen completed the final year of their 3-year term.


3-year Term: Sherry Taber and George Widmeyer

1-year Term: Brad Gray and Gay Robson

Each of the above nominees stated why they wanted to serve on the board.

There were no nominations from the floor.

Ted Robson moved and Paul Cahill seconded that the nominations be closed.

Election of Board Members: Liz Cahill and Gail Stern tallied the votes. All four nominees were elected unanimously .

10. Announcement

* Myriam Palmer and Libby Heath were thanked for providing a beautiful

table full of wonderful refreshments.

* Thank you to board members Brad Gray, Gay Robson and Scott Voss for arriving early to help set up

the room.

* Next Annual Meeting is Sunday, June 2, 2013 at 2:00 pm at the Animas Grange

11. Adjournment

Betsy Petersen moved and Bob Strumpf seconded that the annual meeting be adjourned at 3:25 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Carol Lewin, RPOA Secretary

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