Round 13 Results 28/7/12

Round 13 Results 28/7/12

Round 13 Results – 28/7/12

Today we had the last round of the Net Set Go 1st Year and 2nd Year. The first year teams were full of excitement as they played their last game for the season. The second year teams look forward to going into the Saturday Morning Competition where they have the chance to play finals. The players were presented with Participation Certificates and a McDonald’s Voucher. There was a party held at the end of the formalities with the kids enjoying a great feed supplied by the parents of players. Thanks to all the parents and families who brought the kids every week so they could enjoy playing and learning a great sport with their friends. We look forward to seeing you all next year.

Saturday had a few upsets with teams once again trying to hold onto their spots in the final four. With only one game to go this week it’s the final chance for teams to play off in finals.

In Section 1 Empink proved why they’re still on top of the ladder with a strong win against Emanon 55-8. PYT’s win against Blitz put them on the same points with only percentage keeping them from swapping spots. Intensity second, defeated Greta Guns third on the ladder 21-14. Brioney Croals teamed together with Tess Cazaly with some great play down the court. Tayla Campbell was shooting beautifully for Greta.

Vogue caused an upset defeating fourth on the ladder Sadida 24-23. The Callahan sisters Brooke and Georgia had their share of intercepts and Billie Shanley kept the defenders busy in goals. Gemma Enever was a strong option down the court and in defence with Annie Jordan stopping plenty of balls.

Section Two – Des and Troy cemented second spot winning 34-8 over Tenecious. With four teams fighting for the last two positions in the final four Flourescent defeated Fireworks and sit above them on percentage. Gambenaj had a big upset giving Babes in Blue their first loss for the season. Bambenaj are one game out of the four. North Wang Hawks are in fourth by percentage after defeating Allsorts 28-5. This section will go down to the last game and how big the winning margin is as to whether you stay in the four.

Section 3 – Chunkadunk are cemented on top after winning 40-4 against Red Ribbons. Sparkflies needed a win to get a game clear in the top four. They defeated Flouros 20-1. Mystyx are set on third spot after a strong win 34-15 against Reebasci. Exterminators on second have also kept their second spot beating Mighty Demons 28-11.

Section 4 – Starburst took top spot on the ladder after a strong show against Pheonix. Olivia Annett was strong down the court and goals backed up by Lauren Torpey chasing any loose balls. Pheonix came back after a slow start with plenty of great play down the court but couldn’t make up the difference. Peppermints and M&M’s were unsplitable coming 12-12. Maddie O’Keefe was in every play down the court for M&M’s with Gracie Bishop putting in a strong performance in GK for Peppermints.

Survivors defeated Kelly Gang 13-8 which has secured them fourth spot on the ladder. Benchwarmers defeated Caution 6 which has them sitting third for this week.

Section 5 – This section has been close all season and will go down the the final game next week as to who’s playing in finals. Top played bottom Bubblegum Shakers 33 to Dominators 3 which has given them a great percentage boost. Smurfs had the bye but still remain second on percentage. Shamrocks played Slicky Stickers defeating them 15-11. Shamrocks are sitting third by 3% against Moyhu Madness. Blaze lost to Moyhu Madness 15-24.

Section 6 – 6 teams can still make the finals in another tight section. Milawa/Oxley kept top spot defeating Banana Splits who are second on the ladder 17-9. Cool Crocs also secured third spot defeating Starstruck 15-5. Netty Betties are one game clear but have a low percentage. They are just holding onto fourth spot after beating 13-1 against Wicked Wildcats. However they need to win next week to keep their spot. Kit Kat and Sugar Balls are both fighting for fourth spot. They played each other with Kit Kat coming out winners 17-10. Kit Kat have a big percentage and if they win next week and Netty Betties lose they will take over fourth spot.

It’s great to see so many teams still fighting to keep their spots on the ladder. We look forward to some very competitive games this week as teams need to win or have a big percentage to get into or keep their finals hopes alive.

To those who haven’t made it it’s been great to see how much everyone has improved and how some of the upsets have thrown the ladders into disarray. We thank you and your parents and families for bringing you down every week and your coaches for giving up their time to coach you and improve your skills. We look forward to seeing you all next year.