Risk Assessment & Entry Permit

Risk Assessment & Entry Permit

/ CONFINED SPACE ENTRY PERMIT / Issue Date; 01/07/16
Review Date 01/07/18

This permit is valid for the time specified on the permit and must be

  • Completed by the person performing the work prior to commencement of entering a confined space
  • Used in conjunction with a Risk Assessment and SWMS
  • Checked by the GPNSW Representative prior to work commencing
  • Carried and provided when requested
  • Provided to the GPNSW Representative on completion of work for sign off

Part A Work Details
Name of permit requestor / Business name
Contact Number / Date of work
Permit validation period / From Date: / / Time:____am/pm / To Date: / /Time:____am/pm
GPNSW Authorised Representative / Name / Permit Number
(from objective)
Reason for entry:
Work activity description:
Nature of work to be undertaken:
Name of Participants
Requested by
Confined space to be entered: / Date
Area / Location:
Potential hazards:
(Detail the hazards from Confined
Hot work permit also required? If yes permit number
Category (1, 2 or 3) or Unknown: / (which shows below, which Minimum Standard Entry Controls will be needed)
Minimum Standard Entry Controls:
(tick appropriate) /  Category 1 /
  • a pre-entry / initial entry atmospheric test

 Category 2 /
  • pre-entry venting / opening to ensure a safe atmosphere
  • a pre-entry / initial entry atmospheric test
  • a stand-by person to be in constant communication at all times personnel are within the space

 Category 3 /
  • pre-entry venting and continuous extraction / purging to ensure a safe atmosphere
  • a pre-entry atmospheric test and continuous atmospheric monitoring at all times personnel are within the space
  • a stand-by person to be in constant communication at all times personnel are within the space
  • provision of retrieval / rescue equipment at the immediate confined space location

Part B – Entry Permit
Space needs to be isolated from: / Yes / No / Must Provide Details Regarding Isolation Points & Isolation Method to be Used:
Water / Gas / Steam / Chemicals
Mechanical / Electrical drives
Hydraulic / Electric / Gas / Power
Sludge / Deposits / Wastes
Auto fire extinguishing systems
Locks &/or tags will be affixed to isolation points
Purging, Ventilation & Atmospheric Monitoring Controls:
Space requires the following: / Yes / No / Must Provide Details Regarding Atmospheric Controls to be Used:
Opening / venting
Continuous purging / extraction
Atmospheric testing required for:
 O2 CO H2S
 LEL CO2 NH3
 Other: / Type of testing / monitoring required:
 Initial only – Prior to entry and each subsequent day
 Continuous for atmospheric contaminants
 Continuous for flammable contaminants
Communication & Stand-by Controls:
Minimum requirements will include: / Yes / No / Provide Clarifying Details as Required:
One stand-by person
Two/more stand-by personnel
Rescue team
Communication via voice / direct sight
Communication via radio
Communication via hand signals / other means
Rescue / Retrieval Considerations:
Minimum provisions required: / Yes / No / Provide Additional Clarifying Details – Specifically for Complex Scenarios:
Stand-by person to individually handle
Safety harness/rescue kit in vicinity with competent user(s)
Specific access platforms/scaffolding erected
Specific fire fighting provisions
First aid kit in vicinity
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Requirements & Other Precautions
Minimum PPE / other items required: / Yes / No / Provide Clarifying Details as Required:
Supplied air breathing apparatus
Air purifying respirator
Particulate mask
Safety harness and lanyard / lifeline
Head protection
Face shield / goggles / safety glasses
Ear muffs / plugs
Warning notices / barricades required
Specific lighting provisions required
Specific hot work controls required
Attachments (other documents/plans prepared)
Permit Request:
This acknowledgement signifies a formal request to commence confined space entry / works. As the person requesting this permit, I hereby certify that:
  • I am competent to coordinate this confined space entry / work in accordance with the previous Risk Assessment & Entry Permit details;
  • I shall undertake to implement all planned and necessary controls to ensure safe entry / work; and
  • I shall monitor confined space hazards and control methods throughout the entry / work.

Name: / Signature: / Date: / Time:
GPNSW Authorisation:
This Authorisation signifies that the planning component of the Risk Assessment & Entry Permit has been completed and that confined space entry / work is authorised to commence in accordance with the Permit Request.
Name: / Signature: / Date: / Time:
Part C – Implementation
Atmospheric Testing / Monitoring Guide:
Atmospheric Issue / Safe Level / Caution (Entry during Emergency Response / With Additional Controls Only)
Oxygen / > 19.5 % and up to 23.5% / < 19.5% need positive pressure supplied air breathing apparatus.
Other / < 30 ppm
< 10 ppm
< 5000 ppm
< 25 ppm
As per specific exposure standards / Generally, positive pressure supplied air breathing apparatus may be worn at levels approaching and slightly over the exposure standard as determined as part of Risk Assessment and control measure implementation.
LEL / < 5% / > 5% and up to 10 %
Entry permitted in emergency response. However, if during work the level rises to above 5% and up to 10%, personnel are to evacuate, unless a suitably calibrated combustible substance detector is used at all times while personnel are in the space.
For other contaminants not listed, specific monitoring devices and pre-work planning will be required to ensure safe entry / work.
Atmospheric Test Results:
When / Atmospheric Test Results / Verification
Date / Time / O2 / CO / H2S / LEL / Meter Number / Entry Permitted
(Yes / No) / Name
The atmosphere in the space is safe to enter:
 Without respiratory protection /  With an air purifying device /  With a supplied-air device
Entry Authorisation (Work Coordinator in Direct Control):
The procedures, control measures and precautions appropriate for the safe entry &/or execution of work in this confined space have been implemented and the persons required to work in the confined space have been advised of and understand the requirements of the Risk Assessment & Entry Permit.
Name: / Signature: / Date: / Time:
Constraints: / This Entry Authorisation is valid until the following occurs, or the date and time shown:
Date: / Time:
Personnel Entry
I the undersigned hereby acknowledge that I understand the procedures, control measures and precautions to be observed with the entry &/or work and exit involved with this confined space. I will to comply with these requirements at all times and report any new/unforeseen hazard that presents a risk to safety.
Sign on / Sign Off
Print Name (First & Last) / Date / Time / Signature / Date / Time / Signature
Withdrawal of Entry Authorisation (Work Coordinator in Direct Control):
All persons and equipment have been accounted for and the equipment and confined space have been restored correctly and safely. This plant is fit/not fit to return to service (cross out what does not apply)
Name: / Signature: / Date: / Time:
Hazards or Faults noticed Yes/ No Please complete incident/hazard report for any faults or hazards noted

Custodian: WHS Manager ©GPNSW

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